New Story/ List.

This is how it's going down. 88 things Twilight the movie has taught us (not in the order they appear in the movie. Try to keep up.). I post 10 each chapter.

You review.

Or I kill you. *evil laugh*

1. The futures dead. Angela isn't allowed to bring it up again.

2. Renee's power cord ran away. Screaming.

3. It's complicated. But Edward can keep up.


5. Tyler can kiss his license goodbye.

6. Dead feet make Bella think of Edward. (How...romantic?)

7. Edward Cullen gives the best piggy-back rides EVER!

8. Laurent. French name. Jamaican vampire.

9. Guys get REALLY possessive over their home-girls.

10. Just ignore Rosalie. Edward does.

There are still 78! Review or you may never meet them....sob.