1. Pepper spray. It don't work on those pesky vampires...

2. It's ok Jasper, you won't hurt her. (I have two words for you, Alice. New. Moon. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!)

3. Ballet studios are very 'visually dynamic'. James chose his stage well...

4. "Wolves? Like real wolves?". No, Bella. The legendary Quileute tribe is supposedly descended from IMAGINARY wolves.

5. "La Push, baby. It's...La Push." Ok, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!?

6. Angela needs Bella's opinion on prom dresses, even though all Miss Swan has worn throughout the ENTIRE movie, IS THE SAME DAMN PAIR OF JEANS! Great choice of a shopping partner, Ange.

7. "This kind of thing just doesn't exist!" Yes, climbing trees is a strange and foreign activity to Bella....

8. Bella's never given much thought to how she would die. But being tortured to death by a sadistic mythical creature seems like a good way to go...

Ze End!

Sob. Oh well, put me on your author alert because VERY SOON I will be posting "88 Things The Twilight Saga: New Moon has taught us"!!!!!!!



*sweet voice* Or I kiiiill yoooou! (And I'll refuse to put up the sequel)

*smiles evilly*