So this is the first of several short chapters from Lupin's point of view that will span from his fifth year of school to around the time of his death. Like I said, this story will stick to JKR's version of events cause that's how it's supposed to be, no offense to people who write stuff that is far out, I think you're brave to do that but I like to stick to JKR's story. Anyway, this story will have all kinds of things in it, that we hear about and not throughout the Harry Potter books that we want to hear more about like Lily finally becoming friends with the marauders and falling in love with James, also what happened to Lupin after he lost James, Lily, Peter and Sirius all in one day, he lost everything and how he and Tonks finally ended up getting together, and those are just some examples. I hope you keep reading, there will be updates regularly. I also love reviews.

So this first chapter takes place the day before Lily, Snape and the marauders get on the Hogwarts express for their fifth year.

He might not have recognized her if it hadn't been for the long, silky red hair. He had always known she was pretty but this was the first time that he had ever seen her wearing muggle clothes, or anything other than Hogwart's robes, at least the first time since they had been too young to pay attention to that kind of thing.

She swung through the door of the leaky cauldron wearing jeans, a t-shirt, high top converse sneakers identical to those he had seen in a muggle shop and a wide smile on her face, despite the person that came through the door on her heel.

Severus glanced around the dark room and seemed to shrink deeper into his oversized sweater, staring into every corner through his long sheet of greasy hair, as if hoping not to be recognized by anyone important.

He couldn't like Severus no matter how hard he tried, and he had tried. He knew exactly what it was like to be judged unfairly, to be seen as something evil when he was not, to be hated when he was guilty of no crime and so he could usually relate to others like himself, and maybe even like Severus Snape but this was a different case all together and for some reason he could not stop himself from hating the Slytherin, though he sometimes wondered in the back of his mind whether he had really given the other boy a chance or if he had just allowed his friends prejudices to pollute his own beliefs.

Lily's parents appeared in the doorway a moment later, looking just as bewildered as he was sure they had been five years before on their first foray into another world. He watched them curiously for a minute as they approached their daughter and her friend who took a step back as if they were contaminated, though the others didn't notice this action. He wondered if Severus had made the trip up with them and if so, how he had managed to keep as far away as possible from Lily's muggle parents. Her mother gave her a hand full of bills that was clearly muggle money, she pocketed it, then the couple embraced their daughter and retreated from the place.

Lily turned to watch her parents go and caught sight of him across the dark room. Her face lit up once again into a bright smile that was just for him and she said a few words to Severus before making her way in his direction. Her friend made to stop her, but was too late, his hand falling though empty air. Finally, Snape turned and settled himself low in a chair at one of the tables.

"Hey" Lily said brightly as she reached his end of the bar and he returned her greeting. " How was your summer?" he asked, thoughts on his own.

Lily grimaced and glanced back at Snape. " Not too bad I guess. But I'm awfully glad to be going back to school. You?"

He knew exactly what she meant. Personally his summer had been as horrible as usual, separated from his friends, forced to spend two long, awkward months with his over protective mother and the father that he hardly knew.

" I guess I cant complain" he told her, leaning back against the bar. Then he noticed the look on her face, that she was just making small talk to be polite and she would be quite content to get right to the point. He decided to help her out. " So you got it too didn't you?" he asked her. Lily's grin widened and she reached into the back pocket of her jeans and came up with the shining new prefects badge that was identical to the one that was stored up the stairs in his trunk.

"I thought it would be you" Lily told him, "But I didn't think I would be Dumbledore's first choice, thats for sure. So what are you up to?" she asked.

It was the question that he didn't want to answer, that would most likely have her off and running in a second. "I'm waiting" he told her simply, taking a deep swallow from the drink that he had briefly forgotten.

Lily's eyes narrowed and she pulled her hair around and over one shoulder, a habit that he had noticed a while back, when she was annoyed. "I should have known who you were waiting for" she said. "I don't know how you put up with them" she added, more of a question than a statement, honest curiosity as to how one of the quietest, most friendly boys in the year had ended up befriending troublemakers like James and Sirius. She hadn't been the first to ask. He felt a reminiscent smile cross his face and found that Lily was still waiting for an answer. "They were the first people who ever accepted me for who I really am" he replied lightly, honestly.

Lily had only one long moment to look surprised, eyebrows coming together as she considered his answer. Then the sound of at least two people pounding down the staircase next to which they were standing announced the arrival of James and Sirius, and probably Peter as well. Remus knocked back the last of his butterbeer and when he looked at Lily again he saw that her emerald eyes had gone flat, her face expressionless. She glanced around and he followed her gaze to Snape, who had moved to the door that led into the alley and was waiting for her there. Mary Macdonald was also there, obviously waiting for Lily, not wanting to interrupt her and clearly, as she offered Snape a sideways glance, not wanting to get to close to Lily's other friend. "So I guess I'll see you in the prefects compartment on the train tomorrow" Lily said, offering him a last weak smile.

She looked slightly trapped as he said goodbye and she made to exit before she had to see his friends, crossing the floor too quickly and nearly knocking over a pile of plates that was floating in the air in front of her, making it's way to the kitchen. She just managed to step out of the way when she saw the dishes coming at her, but she was still too late to make her escape unseen. Remus saw his friends appear at the bottom of the stairs and James' eyes locked onto Lily as they always did.

"Hey, Evans" James called, waving an arm in the air to get her attention. Lily looked back briefly at the wrong moment, causing her to trip over a broom that was sweeping the floor. She caught herself on the back of a chair and straightened up, crimson rising in her cheeks that was visible even through the dark, smoggy bar.

"Hey Evans, You have a good holiday?" James tried again. Lily didn't look back as she raised a hand over her head and waved away his question as if he was an irritating insect, then she disappeared out the door in pursuit of her friends.

"Tough luck mate" Sirius said for what Remus was sure was the hundredth time. He was just glad that the other's had been too focused on Lily to see her greasy, hook-nosed Slytherin friend hovering behind her.

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