(A/N: This is based about 16 years after breaking dawn. Renesmee reached full maturity about 10 years before. Jacob and Renesmee had been dating for a few years they are totally in love.)

All in Renesmee's POV unless i get some sudden inspiration to write in another POV

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Chapter 1-Tradgedy

'Grandpa, please help my Jacob.' I sobbed over the body of my boyfriend.

I refused to believe he was going to die.

I thought back to 20 minutes ago when my would-be normal day turned chaotic.


Me and Jacob were on our way back from a hunting trip, he didn't really need to come but he knew I liked him coming with me.

We were filling our time with needless chatter when suddenly I picked up a glorious scent.

'Aargh something reeks!' he said. If I had recognised the scent I would've scolded him for saying my family reeked.

I looked out towards the bushes, and saw a too beautiful girl and a really good looking guy.

I realised they were vampires the same instant Jacob did.

'Who are you?' I asked staring at the tall blonde female and the red-headed male, who took some resemblance to a Greek God.

'You are not in the position to ask questions.' The girl replied in a trilling voice.

The male bent low into a hunting crouch, at that moment I noticed his shocking red eyes.

The girl smiled evilly and I noticed the dark circles under her eyes.

She was thirsty.

I touched Jacob cheek to let him know they clearly weren't friends of my family.

It took him about 3 seconds to phase into his wolf form.

He growled at them.

'Leave now!' I screeched.

'I would prefer to have lunch first.' the girl said.

At that Jacob pounced.

Jacob and the blonde girl started clawing at each other. Before the male could react I locked my hands around his neck in an attempt to decapitate him.

We started wrestling and I used everything my dad had taught me about killing vampires, trying not to get myself bitten. That would suck.

He was hard to fight. He had almost bitten me when he was pushed off by a huge russet wolf. I jumped up to see bits of the girl lying around everywhere.

The red-head put his hands around Jacob and squeezed as hard as he could


The sound of Jacobs back and rib bones cracking were louder than his howls as the sound echoed across the forest.

I had a feeling my family of sensitive hearing vampires would hear and come soon.

'NO!! JACOB!!' I yelled as loud as I could before jumping at the man.

All my rage at the beautiful, yet evil, red headed man was brought out in my actions. I quickly had his arms ripped out of their sockets and I scratched out his eyes.

My bloodlust over powered me in my need to get revenge for him hurting my Jacob.

With a sickening screech I ripped off his head and threw it with all my might across the forest. It was no longer in sight.

Jacob's pain-filled howls cut through my soul and I quickly rushed to his aid.

'DADDY!!!!! MUMMA!!!!!!!' I screamed hoping with my heart they could hear me.

I cried as a looked at Jake. His expression was so pained it broke my heart. I looked at his neck and saw bite marks spilling Jacob's blood.

'No, no.' This couldn't be happening. Jacob couldn't have been bitten. If he was bitten he would die. Vampire venom was poisonous to werewolves, and dhampirs, like me, for that matter. I had to suck the venom out of his system before it was too late. But could I stop? Yes I could stop, I told myself. If dad stopped drinking mum's blood so he could get the venom out of her system then I could stop too. But what if I was different? No, I had to stop thinking like that.

I pressed my lips to Jacob's neck and began drinking his blood. He howled louder for a second then he stopped and started breathing unevenly. After I couldn't taste the venom anymore I forced myself to stop drinking the sweet sustenance that was his blood.

'Baby what's wrong?' my dad's voice came from the bushes.

'Daddy help! That son of a bitch bit Jacob!!!' I cried.

'Renesmee Carlie Cullen! Do not use that langu-wait-oh my god Jake!' my mother yelled.

I was still crying when Emmett picked me up. I sobbed into his chest. He was probably my favourite uncle. Although he was really immature sometimes, he really knew how to comfort you.

I looked over at Jake-still in his wolf form - and at my parents trying to get him to phase.

*end of flashback*

'Nessie, honey I'm doing everything I can.' Carlisle, my grandpa said.

'Please don't let him die, please don't let him die....' I said over and over.

Me, my mum, my dad, Sam and Carlisle were in Carlisle's office. Jacob was lying on a bed that resembled an operating table, under a white blanket.

Looking at Jacob - in his human form; Sam got him to phase - I felt my soul getting ripped from my body. He looked so vulnerable.

'Edward, get her out of here.' My mum said in a sad tone.

My dad and I left Carlisle's office/hospital wing and sat down in my dad's old room.

We went over to his black leather couch and he put me in his lap.

I felt like a four year old as I wrapped my arms around my dad's neck and sobbed into his chest.

'Dad, is Jacob g-going to' I sobbed. 'd-die?'

He didn't answer, he just continued rubbing my back.

'Answer me dad!' I cried.

'Baby I'm sorry.' Was all he said.

In that instant my world came crashing down. My Jacob was going to die. I'd never see him again. Never see the way he'd smile when I'd tell him I loved him, and the huskiness of his voice when he'd answer saying 'me too baby, more than you know' or something along the lines of that.

I refused to believe that he wouldn't be with me forever like he was supposed to.

Then I remembered that I drank his blood.....

'Daddy did I drink too much of his blood?'

'Why'd you drink his blood Nessie?' he asked, confused.

I touched his face and showed him the bite marks on Jacobs's neck and how I sucked back out the venom.

'No baby, you did well. If you didn't do that he would have died slowly and painfully, with the feeling of being burned alive.' My dad said.

The thought of Jake being burned alive made me shudder and cry harder.

I didn't think it was fair. How was I supposed to continue living in a world that Jacob didn't exist in?

I had the sudden urge to throw up.

I leapt up from my dad's lap and ran at inhuman speed to the bathroom.

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