Yes! Have you been waiting for this moment? The sequel of Ruby is now OUT!!! Yippee! Sorry I couldn't get this on earlier, but FF had a problem and couldn't let me add this is Doc Manager. == Anyhuuuu! This is Blaze, starring the life of Ruby's mate! Included in here: an introduction to his life, his journey, and the reunion in his point of view! How exciting is that? ENJOY!

Chapter One

In which Blaze learns of life and death


Blaze cocked his head as he pressed his tongue against the frosty-white liquid inside the small blue bowl, and began licking. He thought it had a sweet flavor, and it smelt so good! What was it? His mother padded to him and gave him a lick on the head. She was a beautiful dappled golden tabby she-cat with deep forest-green eyes. Her name was Dapple, and Blaze loved her so much. Dapple was a gentle, loving mother who always took care of him and his sister Belle carefully. "That is milk," she explained softly. "It is quite delicious, isn't it?" Nodding his ginger head, he meowed, "I like the taste. It's so sweet." He looked up happily as he heard his mother purr. His sister, Belle bounced to them happily and mewed, "Yeah! Milk is so yummy!" She licked her paws with delicate strokes. Belle was a pale golden tabby she-cat with dark yellow eyes and a white-tipped tail and chest. She looked different from Blaze, who was a handsome ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt. His amber eyes gleamed as Dapple purred, "Why don't you go out and play with Ripple and Jasmine?"

"Sure!" Belle exclaimed delightfully. Blaze rolled his eyes. He liked Ripple, but Jasmine was too full of herself and being with her was all about grooming fur and saying how pretty her dark green eyes were. Belle's yellow eyes are prettier than Jasmine's, he groaned. His sister and he were best friends. The siblings slipped out from the small red door of their housefolk's house. They reached the yard, and Blaze took a deep breath of the outside air. He loved it outside; it always held a fresh scent. A long-furred silver tom-kit grinned as a light brown tabby she-kit padded behind him. "Hey, Blaze!" Ripple laughed in his low-pitched voice. Jasmine rolled her eyes and greeted them arrogantly.

Ripple brought them near the forest behind the fence. "Mother says it's really dangerous in the forest," he told them in a very low voice. Quivering, Belle asked, "Really? What is it like? Has your mother told you about tales about the forest?" Yawning, Jasmine commented rudely, "It's just stupid tales. Don't be a chicken, Belle. I wouldn't be scared of such things." Glaring at the crude she-kit, Blaze retorted, "You don't know if it's real or not! Don't be mean to Belle!" The long-furred silver tomcat beside him sniffed and murmured, "Sorry, she's always like that." Looking offended, Jasmine growled, "Well, I bet we can go into the forest and play there for so long, and nothing would happen!" Angrily, Blaze challenged, "Sure, let's do that!" He and Jasmine held gazes for a long moment. Finally, the she-cat snarled, "Yes, we'll do that." There was an edge of fear in her voice, and Blaze grinned smugly.

They treaded into the forest, and Blaze sniffed at the new scents. He could smell the fragrance of prey and scents of other cats. Grass prickled his pads as he stepped onto the forest floor. The thick undergrowth was hard under his paws. Pine trees shaded the kits from the sun. Croaks of frogs and toads sounded as lizards crawled through the ground. Looking at Jasmine, he noticed that she was trembling. Proudly, he asked, "You scared?" Jasmine shook her head stubbornly and scoffed, "No, not the least bit!" Blaze chuckled, and the four kits trotted into the forest. A mysterious scent he couldn't recognize appeared and slithered through his nose sharply. Suddenly, a huge cat was in front of the small kits.

The large tom was a dark brown tabby tom, with a tail bent in the middle like a broken branch. The kits backed away, staring at the fearless-looking tom with fear. "H-hi," Belle choked out. Jasmine shot her a sharp look, until suddenly, her dark green eyes widened. She let out a screech, and Blaze's crazed amber eyes balanced down onto the small kit's neck. A dark scarlet liquid flowed out of her neck, and a crimson color appeared on the fangs of the enormous tom. "Stupid kittypets," the wild cat snapped furiously. "How dare you trespass ShadowClan territory!" Blaze let out a squeaky snarl, and all the kits screamed and ran away as life flowed out of Jasmine. The light brown tabby she-kit was never seen again. After telling Dapple their story, Blaze learned that Jasmine was dead. It was horrible.

He never knew much about life or death until that day. Dapple had mewed to him softly, "Dear Blaze, I am afraid your friend Jasmine has been slaughtered by the wild forest cats," and after she finished speaking her last word, her beautiful, deep leaf-green eyes were lifeless. Her tongue had been rasping over Blaze's head, but it suddenly stopped, and the warm pulse of Dapple's body disappeared. Right after Blaze learned that bossy, narcissist Jasmine was dead, he learned that his kind, loving mother went as well. That was a memory this young tomcat remembered vaguely. Death. He couldn't bear to think deeper about it, and how much he missed his mother. Sometimes death is a torture to oneself. Blaze wasn't sad when Jasmine was slain, but when his mother was, he fell into depressions.

After that day he thought so much about life and death. He thought about himself, if he would want to die. But he didn't want to. He wanted to live a full life, full of tragedies, happiness, and love— yes, love. But he never knew what love would bring him into; what love would turn him into. Still, as he sat silently on the ledge of the house, he thought more and more about love. Would he ever find a she-cat for himself, like Dapple was to his father? He hoped so; but would it be good, or bad? Blaze often imagined the image of a certain beautiful she-cat that he thought might be perfect for him. Most likely a pretty gray cat, as he imagined. Love… he thought curiously. What is it like?

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