Inspired by Steelcrash's All's Fair.

This is set in the 2007/9 Movie-Verse but I've got the Nemesis here as a location. I figure that it's not too much of a stretch that Megatron could have had it arrive at some point.

This has an established Optimus/Ironhide relationship and deals with rape and recovery from rape. Warnings for Hard M in this chapter.

Click back without hesitation if it's simply not for your stomach.

If you're as sadistic as me, read on, dear reader.


Chapter One

Megatron had invited him with the sole stipulation that they would both come alone to negotiate the terms of peace. Though wary, Optimus couldn't let the chance slide and had arrived at the dried riverbed near to the Decepticon base having ordered the Autobots to stay behind. Ironhide specifically. They'd been sparkmates for a year now, and the specialist had been the hardest to convince to let him go alone.

Optimus was left to close the distance between them when Megatron showed no sign of moving from where he was stood, arms crossed and head tipped back proudly. The Autobot leader came to halt when there were only a few metres between them – the closest they'd ever been to each other outside of a battle. Silence dragged out and the shadows of the clouds drifted across their bodies. It was a challenge to see who would break first.

Not seeing it as a sign of weakness but rather a simple means to get started, Optimus broke the quiet. "Well Megatron? What are your terms?"

Finally Megatron moved, a slick smile easing across his features as his head cocked, arms tightening across his chassis. "Good of you to come, Prime. I've been looking forward to this for years."

Optimus frowned, not attempting to hide his confusion behind the battle mask. "Years?"

"Four of this planet's solar years, actually, since I realized that a Decepticon victory would be, ultimately, futile. Your mechs would never truly join mine if I could force you to surrender, and there have been no new survivors from Cybertron arriving meaning our numbers are likely finite and shrinking." His optics glowed hotter, narrowing with mirth and something that Optimus couldn't identify. "So what I want now, all I want now, is victory over you, Prime. Just you."

"You will agree to peace," Optimus began, scepticism overtaken by a genuine and foreboding curiosity, "if I concede my personal defeat to you?"

Megatron's body suddenly became animated, his arm slashing out in a dismissive swipe. "No, Prime, I don't want you to simply say it. I want to defeat you. I want to destroy everything that you are, see you lay yourself down as a sacrifice on the alter of peace and leave you in ruins. I want to win, Prime, and then there'll be no more lives lost on this miserable planet."

Clearly there was a very big catch somewhere, and Optimus wanted to know what it was up front. "What is it you want from me, Megatron?"

His smile thinned, turning as sharp as a blade. "I want an interface. That's all. Peace after all these years in exchange for your pride."

And dignity, a subtle voice supplied to Optimus as he felt his features slacken in horror. Megatron wanted his total humiliation, to degrade him in the worst possible way, to attack him without a battle-mist driving his blows. His fuel tank twisted, semi-processed energon swirling as his parts tightened in a spasm.

The truly sick thing was that he'd already agreed to it in his own mind. One interface, a few hours at most, and this planet they had no right to be on would no longer be war-torn. The humans would no longer be in constant danger, and the Autobots could rest as they'd long deserved to. Needed to. He was Prime: his duty was to bring unity and peace in any way he could. After several millennia of fighting, they were no closer to it, only succeeding in approaching the extinction of their species. What Megatron wanted wasn't really such a high price, and to turn the offer down would be an unspeakably selfish act. And Megatron knew it.

Dentals clamping behind the battlemask, Optimus waited for a moment until every fibre of him had resolved to his decision. Finally he straightened and gave a curt nod. "I accept your terms," he replied flatly, extending a charged hand.

Megatron's grin turned feral and he took the offered hand in a firm grip, sending a return charge back against the Autobot's. It sealed the promise into their circuits, eradicating the chance of betrayal. The Decepticon almost laughed when he saw the relief pass across the tall mech's optics, a momentary pleasure in the achievement of what had been fought towards for so long broken when he released his hand. "Come with me, Prime. My quarters."

The Nemesis was quiet, and the pair didn't encounter anyone as they traversed its intricate corridors to reach the commander's quarters. They were cavernous, dark and foreboding, a complete opposite to the Autobot's humble and sparse living space. Megatron glanced over his shoulder to the mech lingering a few paces behind him, motioning with his head to the grey slab before him. "Lie down."

The berth was wide enough for them both if they touched shoulder to shoulder. Ignoring the nauseous swirl in his fuel tank, Optimus moved to sit and finally ease himself back along one side, his hand dangling over the edge. Megatron came about the berth to grab him firmly by shoulder and hip, dragging him in one pull to the centre of the grey padded surface. When the blue optics shuttered, vents droning, he barked, "You will watch."

That's right, he would. This was his victory, after all. Megatron's millennia-long campaign to rule was at an end, and the peace that he'd led hundreds of soldiers to die for was finally here. They'd won, and nothing Megatron could do to him now was going to change that.

Finding some unspecific point on the ceiling to stare at, Optimus ignored the sound of Megatron climbing up onto the berth by his feet, vents spilling hot air across his plates. He assessed the structure of the ceiling, finding it mercifully soundproof and without any kind of recording device. That was something, at least. The mech was just beginning to force his body into a passive limpness when a chirp from his finial caused him to stiffen, optics widening as Ironhide reached for him through their bond.

:Optimus? What's going on? What did Megahead want?:

Strong hands touched at his shin plates, fingers sliding in under the armour to stroke his sensitive protoform beneath. The claws tripped over transformation lines with uncanny skill, plucking them into electrical life. He shifted, focussed on Ironhide's voice in his processor as much as he didn't want it to be there. :Please, 'Hide, I don't want you to see this.:

:See what? What the slag is going on?:

Megatron had found the main neural lines and followed them up, navigating about his thighs to grasp his hip. There was a curdling swell of nausea alongside a faint, cold note of arousal. "Put your hands above your head, Prime, and keep them there. Retract your mask."

Despite his position, Optimus's voice still managed to convey a warning threat. "Megatron-"

"You agreed to this, Prime," Megatron broke in with a thick growl. "You gave you word. Now give me what I want."

With a groan through his vents, Optimus focussed more intently on the ceiling and obeyed. :We're negotiating a truce. Everything will be fine.: He tried to close the connection but Ironhide forced it back open, a wave of concern flooding back alongside frustration. With his sparkmate reaching for him like this, it was impossible to ignore the sensations building across his body. The reality of what was happening. :Ironhide, please…:

The hands slid to his rib struts and increased in pressure as something else was shoved between his knees, indicating for him to part his legs. A warning sound from Megatron, a wordless reminder that he had agreed to this, finally made Optimus comply, his legs slowly bending and shifting open. It was a foreign position, one he recognised from the Internet as the traditional placement for a human female in sex. His mounting uncertainty alongside everything else finally drew out the whimper that had been lurking in his vocal processor.

Ironhide heard it, felt a flow of shame, disgust and fear, and the bond filled with static for a few seconds. Finally, a whisper filtered through just loud enough for Optimus to 'hear'. :Primus, tell me he's not.:

:It's all he wants for peace: Optimus snapped back, fists tightening above his head as Megatron settled between his thighs. It was an affirmation for himself as much as for his sparkmate, words he clung to when those unwanted hands began to roam again. :He wants to feel that he's defeated me. A few joors of personal discomfort is a small price to pay.:

:Personal discomfort?: Though it was not truly spoken, the words still managed to sound spat. :Frag Optimus, what you're talking about -:

Optimus's cry cut him off, Megatron's hands having found and pulled open his interface port. Finally dragging his stare to meet the kneeling mech's, Optimus felt his systems shudder at the shadow of arousal that had spread across the crimson glow. There was no going back, though. Not now. It would be over soon, though. The mercy of having an atomic chronometer was that he didn't perceive time subjectively, and knew that no matter how it felt this wouldn't last forever. He unlocked his chassis and began to open his chest plates, reluctantly exposing his shivering spark in its chamber.

He flinched when Megatron grasped the plates, stopping them from opening any further, and Optimus met the bloody stare with optics filled with bewilderment. "No Prime. I don't simply want a spark merge." His head tipped, fangs shining. "If there's one good thing that's come out of being on this miserable planet, it's learning about organic sex. Humans know how to fuck, Prime, and I want to -fuck- you."

A hiss and something extended from the Decepticon's codpiece, a sharp protrusion of metal wrapped with interface ports and bare neural lines. Optimus only glanced at it, the sound alongside the threat enough to make his fists tremble. The open panel that covered his own exposed port was snapped off effortlessly, and he arched with a shout as an exploratory finger was thrust between the wiring. Paralysed with anxiety, dread and this new intimate pain, the mech shuttered his optics so that at least some part of him wasn't paying attention to what was going on. The finger twisted, moved in deeper. His body lurched at the foreign, excruciating contact. :'Hide, help me.:

:Where are you?: Ironhide's tone was thick and growled down the bond.

:The Nemesis, but I don't-: The finger was abruptly replaced with that awful metal thing, a searing lance of agony feeling like it would split him in two. Instinctively Optimus bucked, brought his hands up to throw Megatron off only to have his wrists pinned back above his head. Processor foggy from the tearing, burning pain, he couldn't find the sense to fight back.

"How does it feel, Prime?" Megatron crooned into his finial, their chassis flush as he began to shift his hips. It elicited another pained shout, the strong body beneath him jerking and writhing with a helplessness that he found utterly delicious. "How is it to be laid out like a fleshling whore beneath your greatest enemy? How is it to be fucked?"

A choked sound as Optimus forced his body to still, iterating against the flashing warnings telling him that his port was destroyed, his systems were strained and energon was beginning to back up towards a purge that this nightmare would not last. Megatron would overload, recover and then either kill him and leave the Autobots and humans in peace, or watch him gather the shreds of his pride and return to the Base alive. He could live with this.

:Stay with me, Optimus.: Ironhide's voice in his mind had taken on a pleading quality, desperate with a need to protect him and helpless with the knowledge that he couldn't. :Just focus on me.:

:Stop, please.: Optimus twisted again, crying out as something finally ruptured and began leaking hot energon through his pelvis. The worst part was he knew that Megatron couldn't overload from this, and he probably knew that too. This was purely a humiliation tactic. And it was working. :It's bad enough without you here.:

:All you need to do is survive this.: It was the same tone that Ironhide used to teach on the firing range, a firm pitch that he now clung to. :Survive it, that's all. Just let him do what he wants to your body. Keep your mind with me. Focus on me.:

The thrusts were hard but slow, steady and regular as Megatron studied his face with a tight jaw and dark optics. On a whim he pressed their mouths together, sliding a fang into a cold lip to gain entry and swallowing the keening sound that came out. This imitation of sex was pleasant, particularly with the way the legendary Prime was squirming against him, but nothing like what he needed to overload. But he didn't want to overload – it had never been his intent to do so. This act was a weapon, not something intended to satisfy his own sexual desires.

Their mouths parted, stale air and burning energon swimming up to fill his senses as he looked down into Optimus's shuttered optics. "I said you were to watch." A frown but then the blue lights reappeared, face twisting into a grimace. Sitting up, he kept one hand clutching Optimus's wrists whilst the other ghosted down to his chassis, stroking the slightly parted central seam. "You're not leaving until you overload."

At those damning words underlined with a hard thrust, Optimus flexed against the crudely pistoning metal and bellowed everything that he couldn't articulate. The pain was astonishing, but that statement that it would last until he forced his body to feel enough pleasure to climax at his enemy's touch burned through his processor a thousand times worse. Ironhide pressed against the bond and his reply felt horrific to his own mind. :I have to overload for him to stop.:

Another long pause, then, :Pretend you're with me,:

With his chassis finally coaxed open to bare his spark chamber. Optimus's engine choked, jaw clenching hard enough to crack his dental plates. :'Hide, I can't.:

:Yes you can." Reassurance down the bond, forced to drown out everything else that Ironhide was feeling. :Focus on me.:

Optimus returned to a point over Megatron's right shoulder to stare at, keeping his optics open as demanded but not seeing what was being done to him. Sharp fingers descended into his chassis, tracing the lines leading towards his spark chamber beneath the Matrix. Megatron's hips continued to shift, something sawing and cutting deeper into his body with each undulation.

:Remember that night we bonded in the rain?:

Latching onto the clear memory, Optimus nodded to himself and hissed against Megatron's probing hand. :Yes.:

A soft, forced laugh sang down to him. :You shook like a petrorabbit, even when you were against me.:

:I remember.: It was one of his dearest memories, something precious to cling to right now. A rush of hot air and the fangs returned to his lips, glossa exploring his mouth before moving to his jaw, nipping at sensitive lines. Then Megatron's thumb circled the base of his spark chamber, teasing the mechanism that closed the final barrier between his bare spark and the Decepticon's claws. :Oh Primus, 'Hide, he's-:

:I know, I know.: Ironhide soothed, voice thick with emotion. :Don't think about that. Think about me. Remember how that was the first time you let me be on top? Let me hold you for once.: Optimus couldn't summon a response to that, torn between the pain, the growing charge and the overwhelming wish to offline and never wake up, so Ironhide continued. :And you just lay there looking at me, watched me run my hands on your chassis.:

A silence and then, sounding choked, Optimus managed a reply :You were smiling.:

Warmth through the bond came like a balm, though an ineffective one. "I'd never been happier than I was then, looking down at ya. Knowing we were about to tie our sparks together like that."

Megatron's hand had opened his spark chamber and now a thumb teased over the crackling energy, summoning arcs of light. :'Hide… Can you feel what's happening?:

A low sound. :I can feel your fear. Your arousal.:

Optimus shuttered his optics with a groan, his spark tearing at itself. :Primus…:

:No, that's good,: Ironhide assured quickly, feeling far calmer than he would have expected. But it was nearly over now. :It's what he wants. It'll be over quicker if you just let it happen. Focus. Think about us bonding.:

The charge was building across his body, extremities turning hot and tingling. It took a lot of thought to wrestle back the maelstrom of feelings enough to reply. :It was raining so hard I couldn't always make you out against the sky.:

A purr of agreement, so different to the sensations he was feeling. :The water gathered in your neck when you tipped your head back. Let me kiss you. Bite you. Please you.:

Optimus arched, momentarily forgetting himself to the memory. :You always please me.:

:You'd never let yourself go like that before.' Ironhide almost added that until then Optimus had never put himself at his mercy, but the words died in his processor. Optimus had turned out to be a submissive partner, passionate but finding great freedom in the one place where he didn't have to lead, and it was not something he needed reminding about now. :I remember your spark was like a nova, or a dying star, reaching out for mine.:

His vents cycled up to full capacity, trying to drag down his core temperature despite the coolant he was loosing. Optimus turned his head away when Megatron went to bite his mouth again, offering the far less intimate side of his neck instead. :I needed you. I need you." A pinched neural line sent a jolt of heat straight through him. 'Hide…:

Ironhide spoke determined to sound as if he wasn't listening to a rape. :The first thing you said across our bond was that you loved me. I think about it every time I see you.:

A whimper, and Optimus cringed at the chuckle it provoked from Megatron. :Will you love me after this?:

:Of course I will,: Ironhide rumbled back. :This is the bravest, most selfless and stupidest thing you've ever done.:

The myriad of hot and cold sensations finally overwhelmed the Autobot beyond the ability to reply, Megatron's claws dipping into his spark eliciting a razor-edged pleasure. He'd stopped rocking his hips, allowing the tingle building up and spreading outwards from his spark to come to the forefront of his mind. His system felt warm and swollen, hovering between ecstasy and bitter hatred.


Ironhide replied softly to that quietly panicked plea. :You're close. Let it happen. Imagine it's my hands on your plates, my spark against your spark, my mouth on your mouth. Let go.:

At the gentle, coaxing instruction, Optimus surrendered himself to the electrical charge threatening to run riot throughout his systems. It was a bittersweet overload, the physical relief the only pleasure to be found in the rough, hard rush of power that stiffened his frame, pulled back his head and left him roaring.

Ironhide waited for him to ride it out and come back to himself before sending a pulse of reassurance and love down the bond. :That's it. It's over. You can come back to me.:

Megatron sat back slowly, his hands resting idle on Optimus's thighs as he watched the mighty chassis close with a series of clicks and whines. His own spark hummed, further stimulated by the neural lines detecting leaking fluids from where their bodies were melded. "That was fittingly spectacular, Prime. You've kept your word, and I shall keep mine." A fast series of clicks to jerk the savage phallus back and then the Decepticon slid back off the bottom of the berth, watching the prone mech for a moment before heading towards the door. "You're free to go. I trust you can see yourself out."

Bringing a shaking hand to his face, Optimus squeezed across his optics and jaw in turn as his aching chassis finished resealing. He wanted to purge across Megatron's berth but didn't, resolved to get out of here as soon as possible. Moving disturbed the shredded elements in his pelvis, issuing more energon and coolant leaks from the split tubes. He froze at the fresh wash of pain and shame now that the tingle of overload had fully passed.

Through the bond came a flood of warmth and reassurance. :Come back to me, love.:

Vents heaving, Optimus wrapped his mind around his sparkmate's words and forced himself to sit up, shifting his legs over the side of the berth. He took a second to brace himself before sliding off onto his feet, mouth opening in a silent scream. There was no choice but to walk, to get outside the base. Then he could transform and drive the rest of the way home. Failing that, he could summon Ironhide and Ratchet and have some help getting back. Then they could all rest, safe in the knowledge of having peace at last. Despite the pain, Optimus found his mouth pulled with the ghost of a smile.

:Meet me halfway. I'm coming.: