From Connecticut to Seattle

A Grey's Anatomy/Gilmore Girls fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: Elevators and Phone Calls

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The elevator doors opened to reveal Addison standing in the corner reading a newspaper. She glanced up with her bespectacled eyes to see who was coming in and, upon seeing Alex Karev on the other side of the doors, quickly returned her gaze to the morning's headlines.

"Good morning, Dr. Montgomery," Alex greeted awkwardly. He entered the elevator and planted himself right in front of the redhead.

"Good morning, Karev," she replied, never taking her eyes off her paper. The elevator doors opened once more, and suddenly Alex was pressed up against Addison as a herd of businessmen flooded in. "Karev!" she sighed exasperatedly. Her hands flung out to the side of her body to avoid getting squished by Karev's chest, but she dropped her paper in the process.

"Not my fault," he grumbled, bending down to get her paper. He was on his way up when something happened at the front of the elevator that caused the man standing nearest to the pair to step backwards, further pushing Alex into Addison's stomach and legs.

"Karev!" she said again. Her hands braced themselves on his shoulders to keep herself from falling. "What the hell are you doing?" she hissed.

Alex didn't answer. He was staring straight at Addison's stomach and noticed something. She had gained weight. Addison doesn't gain weight. Addison Forbes Montgomery does not just gain weight like mere mortals do, he thought to himself. He examined her belly closer, seeing a slight swell that barely even warranted the name.

Alex's mind flashed back to three months ago, to their one and only time together in the on-call room before he'd royally screwed it up, and he slowly stood up again.

"Are you pregnant?" Alex whispered into Addison's ear. Flush against her as he was, he heard her faint gasp, felt her chest puff out slightly as her breath caught.

"What?" she breathed out.

"Are. You. Pregnant?" he repeated slowly. Judging by her reaction, that was a yes, but he needed to hear it come from her lips.


All the muscles in Alex's chest tightened up into the Gordian knot when that one syllable escaped from Addison's mouth. "Is it mine?" he choked out.

Refusing to look him in the eye, Addison swallowed and nodded. "Yes."

The Gordian knot became even harder to untie. "Are you going to keep it?"

Addison finally raised her blue eyes to meet his brown ones. "Yes," she affirmed.

Alex wanted to ask more questions but Addison's BlackBerry started to buzz, and she jumped at the feeling in her pocket before reaching in and picking up the call.

"This is Dr. Montgomery," she greeted, trying to keep her voice professional but failing to keep it from shaking just a little. She listened to the other end of the call for a few moments. "Lorelai?"


Lorelai Gilmore was freaking out.

Sookie went into labor, and Lorelai was stuck in the maternity ward with her. It had already been four hours. Four hours of seeing pregnant women being wheeled off to the delivery room. Four hours of hearing the sounds of babies crying and parents cooing. Four hours of Lorelai Gilmore panicking.

She'd already freaked out to Rory, and that got her absolutely nowhere. Rory had finals on the brain, and Lorelai's problem was not small enough for Rory's final-mind to fully grasp the enormity of that problem. And there was no way she could talk to Sookie about it, because she obviously had her own problem—baby—to deal with.

"Damn apple," Lorelai murmured under her breath. She couldn't stand it anymore. She had to know. She had to know otherwise she was going to go insane.

Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open, dialing a number she hadn't dialed in almost a year.

"This is Dr. Montgomery," the voice drifted through the line. It was the trademark voice of one of the only good things Lorelai had growing up in Hartford, Connecticut. It was the professional, kind of shaky, voice of Lorelai's childhood best friend, Addison Forbes Montgomery.

"Addie, please tell me there is some way to tell if I'm pregnant soon than in two weeks," she pleaded.


"Lorelai?" Addison asked, thoroughly confused. She looked down at her own stomach and then at the man standing in front of her. The elevator doors opened and the many businessmen finally left the two doctors alone in the cabin again. Well, two doctors and an hysterical innkeeper.

"Yes, it's Lorelai," the brunette declared. "So is there?"

"You think you might be pregnant?" Addison clarified, trying to catch up to her friend's panic. Alex's eyes flashed down to her belly when she asked the question.

"Addison!" Alex cracked a smile when he heard the shriek that caused Addison to hold the phone away from her ear.

"No, sweetie, I'm sorry. You're just going to have to wait the two weeks to find out," she answered. Her hand alighted on her stomach and fingered the shirt covering it. "I know I did," she announced softly. Alex's eyebrows climbed upwards. It took her three months to tell him, the father, and the only reason she did was because he'd already found out. And then seconds after she drops the bomb, she tells this other woman at the drop of a hat!

Lorelai hit the pause button on her own freak out for a moment and sat down in the chair behind her. "You're pregnant?"

Addison caught Alex's eye and nodded, even though she knew Lorelai couldn't see her. "Yeah, I am."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

The hurt in Lorelai's voice made Addison want to hug her so badly, despite the fact that she was hundreds of miles away from her. "I only just told the father. Nobody else knows," she declared, hoping that would make her feel better.

"How long ago did you tell him?"

Addison checked her watch. "About a minute and a half ago."

"What?!" came through the phone so loudly that Alex actually started snickering. "How far along are you? Is he with you now? Who is he?" Lorelai demanded, ignoring the bizarre looks the man sitting beside her was giving her.

"Um, about three months. Yes he is, and it's a long story," Addison rushed to report.

"Are you talking about me?" Alex whispered, smiling to himself.

"Shut up," Addison whispered back.

"Was that him?" Lorelai inquired, completely forgetting her own dilemma. "Because I know you didn't just tell me to shut up." The man sitting beside her looked like he wished she would.

Addison could see where this was going. If she told Lorelai the truth, she would order her to give Alex the phone, and Addison wanted to avoid that for now. But Addison had never lied to Lorelai, and she didn't want to start now. "Hey, what about you?" she deflected. The doors at last opened on her floor, ending the longest elevator ride in the history of elevator rides, and Addison fled from the cabin.

"What about me?"

"Who's the guy who may have gotten you pregnant?" Addison interrogated, power-walking to her office and depositing her bag underneath her desk.

Lorelai played with the strap of her purse and shyly murmured, "Luke."

Now it was Addison's turn to shriek. "What?!"

The man sitting next to Lorelai whipped his head around in surprise at the sound coming from her phone. "Luke and I are sort of in a relationship," she admitted.

Addison plopped down in her swivel chair. "For how long?"

"Um..." Lorelai counted in her head. "About nine months?"

"And you neglected to tell me that you finally caved?" Addison had met Luke once when she was visiting her parents. She'd stopped in Stars Hollow to see Lorelai and Rory and saw the cute banter they shared. More importantly, she'd seen the looks he gave Lorelai when her back was turned.

Lorelai raised her head at the sound of a cough. Luke was standing in front of her carrying a bag of food from the diner. "I've gotta go," she told Addison. "I'll call you later."

"But--" Addison tried to say, but Lorelai snapped her phone shut and stood up to kiss her boyfriend.

"You know me so well," she smiled, reaching for the food so she could bury her desire to eat more fruit in fatty fries and red meat.

Addison stared at her phone in surprise. That had been one hell of a phone call.

"So do you mind telling me who that was?" Addison spun her chair around at the voice to see Alex leaning against the door frame, holding her paper—the stupid paper that started it all—in his hand.

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