From Connecticut to Seattle

A Grey's Anatomy/Gilmore Girls fic by Gigi

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Chapter 5: The Menfolk

A/N: I have no idea why I decided to title this chapter "Menfolk". It kind of just made me happy. Anyway, here's kind of a shortie, but it's necessary. It's the first of hopefully a string of updates thanks to my winter break! Enjoy!

As Lorelai went to the bathroom after the sonogram revealed no problems with her two-week-old fetus, Addison silently observed her best friend's flannel-wearing boyfriend while putting away the sonogram machine.

"How do you feel about all this, Luke?" the redhead gave voice to the question that she'd wanted to ask since his arrival.

"About Lorelai being pregnant?" Luke looked up to see her affirmative nod. "It's sooner than I expected, to be sure, but I think I always thought about Lorelai and me having kids one day."

"Kids?" This time, Luke nodded, and a bright smile bloomed on Addison's face. "So you're happy about this."

"Over the moon," Luke confirmed, a genuine grin breaking onto his face.

"I'm so glad," Addison expressed earnestly. As she finished stowing away the sonogram machine, she hesitated before turning around and asking one last question: "Does Lorelai know that?"

Uncertainty flashed in Luke's blue eyes. "She should."

Addison quickly became serious. "But you haven't actually told her." He shook his head slowly. "You need to say those exact words, Luke. When I met you, you hated kids. Lorelai's probably freaking out because she still thinks you don't want children."

Realization finally dawned on Luke, to be quickly followed by a look of horror. "I never thought of it like that."

Shooting him a sympathetic smile, Addison rubbed hand sanitizer into her palms. "Don't worry too much about it. Just tell her—soon."

"Tell who what?" Lorelai asked as she walked into the room, having overheard Addison's last sentence.

"I'll give you two a minute," Addison excused herself. "I need to talk to Dr. Karev about something."

As soon as Addison left, Lorelai turned back around to face her boyfriend. "What's going on?"

Luke reached out and gathered Lorelai in his arms for a sweet, tender kiss. "Have I told you how happy I am?"

A look of wonder stole across the brunette's face. "No, you haven't," she answered softly.

Luke's soft blue eyes twinkled as he smiled joyfully. "I'm pretty sure not even Taylor could annoy me right now."

Unable to keep the laughter from her voice, Lorelai asked, "Will you build an ice-skating rink for me and little no-name when they're old enough?"

Chuckling, Luke nodded. "Every year."


Addison made her way over to the nurses' station after leaving Lorelai and Luke alone. Alex looked up from his chart at the sound of her footsteps—apparently, he knew the pattern of her gait, since she still hadn't changed out of her scrubs and tennis shoes. "Hey, how's everything with them?" he asked when she stopped in front of him.

"They're fine, just talking. I thought I'd give them some time," she answered with an unsure smile. He noticed.

"What's up?"

Suddenly apprehensive, Addison quickly looked in either direction before walking to the nearby linen closet and covertly gesturing for him to follow. Curious, Alex obliged. "Seriously, Addison. What's going on?"

Releasing her bottom lip from the hold her teeth had on it, Addison took a deep breath before beginning. "Are you happy, Alex?" she finally asked. "About the baby, I mean."

Confusion clouded the intern's face. "Of course, I am."

"Are you sure?" Addison pushed nervously. "Because I understand if you're not. It's unexpected, and fatherhood definitely your residency. You're already working 80-hour shifts and—"

Alex cut Addison's rambling off with a kiss. Pulling back, he smirked. "Can I talk now?" She nodded dumbly. "Yes, it was unexpected, and yes, he or she will be a lot of work, especially since I'm still an intern. But I'm not going to be an intern forever, only for one more month. I'll deal with residency, and I'm going to be the best damn father in the world to that kid."

Addison's bright blue eyes shone with unshed tears at his words. She'd blame the mood swings for that later. "But are you happy?" she repeated in a small voice.

"Happier than you'd ever believe," he responded honestly. "I'm scared as hell, though."

Addison laughed. "Well, that makes two of us."


Rory left her English lecture feeling more frustrated than ever. Marty hadn't shown up again. That or he hid in one of the other 500 seats in the lecture hall. She hadn't seen him ever since the Marx Brothers marathon at her place and subsequent Chinese food excursion at Logan's invite. Her brow furrowed as she thought back to his confession three months ago. She could have handled that better; he really was a great friend. She missed him.

Her phone buzzed, interrupting any further musing on the topic. Rory reached into her bag and flipped her phone open to see she had a new voicemail. It was from her mom.

"Hey, hon," Lorelai's nervous voice sounded through the cell. "Listen, you remember a couple weeks ago, when Martha was born, I was panicking about being pregnant? Well, um, I'm kind of in Seattle right now with Addison, who says hi, by the way. Sweetie, um, I actually am pregnant. Please don't freak out. I tried to get a hold of you before I left so I could tell you right away, but your phone was off or dead or something. Anyway, it's a healthy…peanut-shaped thing, and Addie's pregnant, too! But she won't tell me who the father is yet, not while we're still in the hospital…" Lorelai continued to ramble on for another minute and a half, but Rory stopped hearing her after learning she was going to be a big sister…again.

Her mother was in Seattle.

And she was pregnant.

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