Chapter 1: Prologue

???: Who am I? Are you SURE you wanna know? The story of my life isn't for those who are faint of heart. If someone told you that I was just your average, happy-go-lucky guy without a care in the world…THEN YOU NEED TO TELL ME WHO SAID IT SO I CAN KICK HIS SORRY BUTT! Seriously, I am J. I have a reputation to keep and some moron's calling me happy-go-lucky?!…Ah, forget it. But this, like any story, is all about a girl. Wait. Wrong line. Ah, I'll just let the story speak for itself.

Music was playing and dates were dancing in a gymnasium. It was the Junior Prom at Destiny Island High School. Normally a time of love and joy…except for a certain blonde boy in his early teens at the punch bowl.

"Reload." The blonde said, slamming a punch glass on the table.

"Uh, you DO know this is the punch-bowl, right?" the soda jerk asked.

"YES!" the blonde shouted, almost spastically, "JUST RELOAD IT!"

The blonde's name was Ryan Syrus, the hyperactive superhuman who could fly, shoot energy blasts, and run super-fast when the sun was out. The soda jerk filled up Ryan's cup again, which the latter downed in a single gulp.

"Reload." Ryan said again.

A person much older, apparently nineteen, sat next to Ryan. He had shoulder-length black hair that he had spiked in the back. He was wearing garbs that he dubbed "formal", but wouldn't look out of place at a funeral: a black tux with a black button-up and tie underneath. He had black hair, a leather glove on his right hand, and a pair of sunglasses. He didn't give his real name, because it was "too dangerous", but asked people to simply call him J.

"Hitting the punch pretty hard there, kid." He said, using his friendliest term for Ryan (the others being 'Syrus' and 'pest'), "Are you sure you'll be able to get home tonight?"

"Go away." Ryan moaned, taking a sip from his punch glass.

"Y'know, if you're too punch drunk, I could…"

"I said 'go away'." Ryan growled.

J stayed silent before asking, "What's wrong?"

"It's just I couldn't get a date to the prom." Ryan admitted, "I mean, some of them even hung up before I could ask! I EVEN ASKED KAIRI TO GO WITH ME AS A FRIEND!"

"A desperate man's move." J said to himself. A thought popped into his head as he asked, "Where is she anyway?"

"She's with Sora on the dance floor." Ryan answered, slamming his head on the table and seeming very interested in the tablecloth.

A thought occurred to J and he asked, "You didn't ask APRIL, did you?"

"Nah. She's been a bit clingy with Scott." Ryan replied, his voice muffled. Scott and April were two other superhumans who were involved with the death of a universal threat known as Diamond. Scott was Australian and could change his anatomical structure at will and April could fly without wings or any form of powered flight. Ryan then continued, "I caught 'em making out once…" he shuddered at the thought, "That's gonna traumatize me for life, I just know it."

A teenager around J's age sat down to join the two. It was starting to become the bachelor's table. The boy had shoulder-length, silver hair and aqua green eyes that peeked out from under his bangs. THIS was one of the Key-wielders known as Riku. The others were Sora and Kairi.

"Hey, guys." Riku said, taking a seat next to Ryan. He also sighed as he supported his head on a hand, his elbow on the table.

"Don't tell me YOU couldn't get anyone, Mr. Chick-Magnet." Ryan groaned, finally looking up from the table.

"Oh no." Riku replied, "Girls were virtually BEGGING me to go out with them and I just didn't like any of them." Riku perked up as he spotted a girl walking towards J. She had black hair tied up in a bun with chopsticks going through it, bangs that covered her right eye, and a black dress that revealed quite a bit of her bust. "J, heads' up." Riku warned.

J sighed out of slight irritation; this girl had been bugging him since he arrived on the island. He kept his back turned as the girl, who he knew as Lulu, arrived. Wakka always had an eye for Lulu, but he could never pluck up the courage to ask her, because she looked a little picky. Tidus poked fun at this whenever he could.

"Hey, J." Lulu said, her voice actually sounding a little hopeful, "No one's interesting here, do you wanna…"

J knew what was coming and cut Lulu off in mid-sentence, "No."

Lulu seemed a bit shocked and snapped, "I didn't even say any…"


"So, you know what I'm think…"


"Well, what number am I…"

"Six." J looked around, then spotted Wakka at another table and an idea crossed his mind. "Look, I'm not your type, Lulu." He said, in what could have been an apology, "But if you want my opinion, I'd try that guy over there." J gestured at Wakka, "He's a little shy, but once you get to know him, he's a nice guy."

Lulu looked between the two, then shrugged and walked over to Wakka. Ryan stared in disbelief and asked, "Incidentally, J, how did you…"

J was quick to answer Ryan's question. "Some people are incredibly predictable."

Ryan stammered before demanding, "ARE YOU SAYING THAT I'M…"


Ryan simply banged his cup on the table before saying, "Reload."

"Look, Ryan, I can't tell you when the person you love will come." J said, "But I CAN tell you that you will find her sooner or later."

J then picked up a punch glass. Riku got one, too, and held it out.

"To a hopeful future?" Riku asked.

Ryan and J tapped their glasses to his in a toast before downing their cups.

On their latest adventure, Sora and co. will visit 19 worlds. Three from the KH series, twelve based off Disney Movies, three from non-Disney movies, and one of my own creation.


The mysterious, shapeshifting outcast. He's been sulky, dark, anti-social, and short-tempered for many years, starting when a man broke into his house, killed his mother and father, injured him, and leveled his house. His sister went missing soon after. Through unexplained events, he wound up with Scott and Ryan. When the three were shipped off to Camp Greenlake, J escaped…leaving Scott and Ryan, because Scott needed a better grip on when and when not to use his powers. J later returned and joined the group. While travelling with the group, J steadily revealed his past to Sora and Kairi (not directly to each other) and gave them prods in the right direction for their love to get a good start. He admits to having a small hand in their relationship. He defeated the Crystalli, Peridot, and helped hold off an entire army of Crystalli. He has the ability to change into the physical form of any animal or person he touches, save two things—crimson eyes and his same voice. It's hard not to feel some sort of pity for him. His entire life, he's thought that the people he loved would one day let him down or die on him. He even lost the love of his life, Maria Walker, and their unborn child. He sulked into the picture in Prince of Heart.

Ryan Syrus

The solar-powered hyperfreak. He can fly, run at half the speed of sound, shoot beams of semi-pure sunlight, and fly at similar speeds…but it's only when he's in sunlight. He's hyperactive, fun loving, and a bit of a clown. Still, he's an extremely loyal friend to Scott Highflier (who views him as a little brother) and April Goodeve. J, not so much, seeing as the anti-hero insults his intelligence and punches him. Despite his somewhat comical nature, Ryan was the person who defeated the Crystalli, Ruby. Ryan was shipped to Camp Greenlake with Scott and J and was left with Scott when J took off. He moved to Destiny Island after the defeat of Diamond. He ran in at Prince of Heart.


The Key Wielder of Darkness. He originally opened the door to darkness, which swallowed his entire world. He walked, foolhardily, into the door to darkness and was quickly recruited by Maleficent. He was then possessed by Xehanort's Heartless and used as a puppet to fight Sora. Riku managed to break free and help close Kingdom Hearts and prevented a massive invasion of Heartless. He then fought through Castle Oblivion, defeating his demons and the Organization XIII members Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion alike. He fought Sora's Nobody, Roxas, and lost. He returned in the form of Xehanort to defeat Roxas and keep an eye on him. He was returned to his original form when Ansem the Wise's machine malfunctioned and exploded, killing the scientist. He helped Sora defeat Xemnas before being returned to Destiny Islands. During the early part of Diamond's war, his entire right hand, Keyblade and all, was turned into solid crystal. He soon found that it was spreading to his entire body, but it was stopped due to five Pure Hearts. He defeated the Crystalli, Sapphire, and helped fight off an army of Crystalli. He made his first appearance in Kingdom Hearts.


A resident of Destiny Island High, Lulu is the island's resident Goth. Wearing black whenever she can, she has an annoying habit of showing a lot of her bust and often carries around a Moogle doll. She tried asking J on a date only to get the big N-O, but she seems to be doing fine with Wakka. She first appeared in Final Fantasy X.