Chapter 73: J vs. Sylar

J remained still as he waited for the person he'd been chased by for all these years. This time would be different. This time, Sylar would find himself going from hunter to hunted as his prey would turn around and attack.

A doorway of darkness appeared and Sylar stepped out, looking at J with a smirk on his face.

"No friends to do the fighting for you?" Sylar asked, looking around, "Or is that game addict hiding somewhere?"

"No one's here to interfere, Sylar." J stated, putting his hands into his pockets, "It's just you and me."

"You know you can't kill me, Jason." Sylar said, holding his hands out.

"I can try." J growled, glaring at the man who hunted him and destroyed his past and his present with a burning hatred. He shifted into a wolf and lunged at Sylar, who caught him with telekinesis and tossed him aside.

"Forgot about that already?" Sylar asked. However, J seemed to have vanished, "What the-?"

He heard a buzzing noise and saw a simple housefly fluttering nearby. A second later, the fly became a boa constrictor that snapped at the serial killer. Sylar knocked the snake aside before it changed into an elephant and charged. Sylar sent out a blast of radiation, but the elephant changed into a cockroach. Sylar walked over and raised his foot. Unfortunately, the roach changed into a kangaroo, which kicked Sylar in the gut, splitting his stomach open.

Sylar staggered back as his wound healed.

"You learned some new tricks, I see." Sylar said, "You can now change from animal to animal without changing back. Guess that'll be something I'd have to learn when I get it."

The kangaroo changed back to J, who said, "You won't live that long."

J changed into a dragonfly and evaded another burst of radiation before turning into a gorilla. He let out a fierce roar as he drove his fist down. Sylar caught him and slammed the ape into the ground.

"I wonder if your brain's still human..." Sylar said, holding up his finger.

He didn't find out as J changed into a mouse and broke Sylar's concentration. He skittered away before changing into a Utahraptor. He lunged at Sylar, slashing and biting at him. All the wounds healed over as Sylar sent a blast of ice at the dinosaur. J changed into a polar bear and began swiping at the serial killer superhuman. The blow knocked Sylar aside, but his wounds healed again.

"You never learn, do you?" Sylar asked, sounding rather agitated now. He grabbed J with telekinesis and dragged him close, "Now, your powers are mine..."

J shifted back into his human form and, with great difficulty, reached into his pocket and pulled out the serum he got from Petross.

"No. In fact, you'll be lucky to have any powers left." J snarled, moving his arm free and jamming the serringe into Sylar's neck.

Sylar let out a yell as his telekinesis faltered. J fell to the ground and walked right up to him. Sylar made a gripping motion with his hand, but nothing happened.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" he shouted.

"That serum took your powers from you." J answered, "It only lasts for five minutes, but..."

J punched Sylar in the face, knocking him back.

"Five minutes is more than enough time." He stated, grabbing Sylar by the neck and slapping him twice before slamming him on the ground, "How does it feel to be helpless? To be dealing with someone you can't fight back against? It's terrifying, isn't it? It's what I've had to deal with for most of my life. You won't enjoy this, but I'll end it quickly." J delivered another punch to Sylar's face, "THAT'S for Thomas." He delivered another punch, "THAT'S for Maria! And THIS is for my life!"

J yelled as he began changing into something he hadn't used for a year now. His face greatly expanded as his arms shrank. His teeth became like steak-knives as his legs became more muscular and a large tail extended from his spine. He had become a Tyrannosaurus Rex again as he lunged at Sylar, grabbing him in his jaws and shaking him from side-to-side until the serial killer was torn in half. He opened his mouth and deposited the top half before changing back.

"His healing factor will kick in soon." J murmured, grabbing Sylar's upper half, "I'll have to deal with his remains before he can recover."

J then proceeded to burn Sylar's upper half underground, leaving his lower half to be disposed of. Without a brain to continue the healing factor, he wouldn't be able to regenerate. The lower part of Sylar was of no threat.

J watched as the skin was burned away and a sudden realization came over him. This threat was no more. He had no past and present, but the death of Sylar had given him a great gift—a future. His destiny was his own now. He wouldn't be living in the fear of being discovered by Sylar anymore.

But there was a small, nagging sensation in the back of his head—Ohryx said that he had two people. He said that he had the one who hunted him and the one he sought. The hunter was obvious, Sylar. But who was...?

He suddenly realized who Ohryx was talking about. And he just stayed out of the best way of finding the one who had her.