Chapter 75: Time vs. Mimicry

Mark had gotten away from the group just after they entered. He could feel a rather dark presence in the house and decided to investigate. It was enough to get him to put away his game.

He looked through the mansion, using Ryan's superspeed to look through every room. Eventually, he found what looked like a laboratory on the second floor. He saw a short person with dark hair working on something and a young girl with black hair frozen in time next to him.

"Hi." Mark greeted, cheerily.

Ohryx turned to see the intruder, "Who are you?"

"My name's Mark. Mark Damon." Mark answered, walking in further and observing the room, "Y'know, you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their sense of feng shui. My immediate impression—not good."

"I'm bored now, please leave." Ohryx stated, waving his hand.

"Why go to all this trouble over Jason?" Mark asked, looking at the girl. Now that he was close enough, he saw blue eyes and something about her face that reminded him of a certain shapeshifter, "I know this girl. She's Jason's little sister, Karen Kayde."

"Because he is the Prince of Heart." Ohryx replied, "The Treasure is of little concern to me. If I can obtain his cooperation, I would be unstoppable."

"And, by obtaining his cooperation, you seem to mean 'needlessly torment'." Mark stated, "There seems to be a flaw with your plan..."

"I have his sister." Ohryx stated, "If I revealed her to him, it would be an excellent source of leverage to make sure he would do what I want."

"And what about Sylar?" Mark asked, "By the way, knowing Jason, that guy's pretty much done by this point."

"I had intended to use him as a threat, but I found that particular plan would not be useful much longer." Ohryx replied, "So, I simply set him loose."

"Your planning's a little off. Sylar could have killed him, easily." Mark asked.

"That' why I arranged your timely reappearance." Ohryx stated, "How do you think you got the alert early on?"

Mark's brows furrowed. He had been given a message that Sylar would be appearing in the square along with Jason, Scott, and April later that day. He hadn't really questioned how he received it because he was more concerned with finding out whether it was a prank or not. Turned out it wasn't.

"One last question—why're you so interested in our friend, Jason Kayde?" Mark asked.

"He has the power to energize the Pure Hearts." Ohryx replied, "Once I had his services, I would go across the worlds, collecting them and obtaining power over the entire universe."

"And how do you know his real name?" Mark asked, "Consider this a bonus question."

"That is a story for another day." Ohryx answered, "Now I have a question for you, Mr. Damon—why are you so interested in my motives?"

"Well, I need to tell Jason something after I've done away with you." Mark replied, using an oddly cheery voice again, as if commenting on the weather.

Ohryx let out a laugh at that, "You plan to kill ME? I have power over time itself!"

"Well, I have the ability to mimic any powers I'm around for one." Mark replied.

Ohryx summoned his blades and held them up, causing a freeze in space and time. Mark snapped his fingers just before that happened and caused a flux in time, making everything except him freeze.

"I see." Ohryx stated.

"Yeah, I'm not that easy." Mark answered, jumping at Ohryx and delivering a series of kicks. Ohryx blocked each strike with his blades before sending him away. He then jumped at the superhuman and began slashing, Mark dodging the slashes, "Well, you're good...though I'm wondering whether or not I can work my game here."

Mark then held up his hand and sent a burst of solar energy at Ohryx, sending the Time Bender back.

"Does Kurix know about your plan?" Mark asked, casually grabbing Ohryx and pulling him to his feet.

"Your would be surprised what Kurix doesn't know." Ohryx scoffed, slashing at Mark, sending him back with a burst of blood, "He's more obsessed with obtaining a heart to contain the darkness eating away at his body."

"So, operating your own agenda?" Mark asked, his wounds healing over because of Ryan's powers, "You've been playing a very dangerous game. Unfortunately, you won't have to deal with the consequences by Kurix's hand. It'll be MINE instead."

Mark pulled a set of swords out of his shoulder blades and spinning them around. Ohryx lunged at the superhuman and began slashing his swords. Mark kept blocking the blades with his own.

"Now, how about you answer more of MY questions." Ohryx said, continuing the attack, "Like what your story is."

"Oh, that's pretty simple." Mark smiled as the two continued exchanging strikes, "I used to work for this company that gathered up superhumans for testing. I thought we were doing it to keep the dangerous ones safe while we looked for a cure. I was later disillusioned through a rather complicated tale that I'd rather not get into. I then went travelling with Jason and the guys for a while, teaching them how to use their powers safely while accessing their full potential. Eventually, we got separated because I wanted the next handheld system, but they couldn't keep PATIENT!"

With the last word, Mark blocked a strike and cut off Ohryx's hand. Ohryx snarled as he thrust his blade out, trying to impale Mark. Mark side-stepped and tossed his other blade away.

"Have to be fair!" Mark said as the two resumed sending their strikes at each other.

"Your attitude is starting to annoy me." Ohryx growled.

"If your enemy has an irritation, best to continue agitating it." Mark said, "It's a simple combat strategy."

Mark then jumped back, dodging another stab. He then thrust his hands out, sending a blast of wind at Ohryx, sending him into the wall. He then ran at Ohryx, stabbing him through the Nobody's gut.

"And THAT means I win." Mark said, pulling the blade out.

"I'm fading from existence." Ohryx snarled, darkness leaking through his wounds, "But it's a preferable fate to yours! You have a far worse fate than me! You have to live with your past, remaining trapped in your own personal Hell! That's why you went with Jason and the others, isn't it?! To try and redeem yourself! Well, how do you expect to erase all the wrongs with a simple right?!"

"Guess I'll just have to deal with that then." Mark simply shrugged, snapping his fingers and freeing himself from the timestop. Ohryx faded from existence as the frozen girl slumped forward. Mark caught her and held her up, "Won't your brother be happy to see you?"

The girl groaned as she returned to her senses. She looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and yelled, retreating back.

"WHO-WHA-WHERE?!" she yelled.

"Take it easy, Karen." Mark said, walking over, "It's me, remember."

"M-Mark?" She asked, still looking terrified, "What happened? What am I doing here? How did I get here?"

"My best guess—the Nobody, Ohryx, froze you in time and brought you here as blackmail for Jason." Mark answered.

"Jason? Where is he?" She asked.

"Knowing your brother, he's doing just fine." Mark answered. Karen smiled and nodded at that, "Now, let's see where he is."

Mark took Karen's hand and led her out of the mansion.