Hey! Wow, 2 chapters in one day..... I think I'm going to end this in awhile. This is one of my suckier poems, so don't say it's worse than your other ones, because I know it, you don't have to tell me. Try to guess what this is about... *sarcasm, cause it's really obvious*

She Is Beautiful

She is beautiful, undeniably so.

But why ruin such beauty? Is the question I ask.

Why does she let him do that?

Let him hurt her or strike her?

It's not fair surely.

He goes on ruthlessly, mercilessly

Only with the pleads of his children, he stops

He spits at her, asking her questions with no real answers.

Why are you so poor? Why are you so beautiful? Do you make yourself look like that, because you're off to meet some boyfriend of yours?

Why did you get money from her, when you know it makes us look poor?

She stutters and tries to answer, too afraid to speak clearly.

I was born poor, and at least we have a home and food here. I don't know why I'm beautiful, I don't think I am. I don't have a boyfriend! I'm faithful to you!

I got money from her because of the children, because they need it!

He scoffs and turns around, too angry to glare at her.

He turns back with fire in his eyes, and when he speaks, it's a voice of a devil.

The children, he mimics. What about me?

She whimpers and he hits her harder than before.

She is beautiful, but he doesn't appreciate it,

So one day, she's not going to be there to be appreciated,

His coldness drove her away,

Her beauty made him stay.

She is beautiful, he whispers

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