I stumbled through the apartment door that was wide open nothing like security huh "honey's I'm home!" I yelled at the top of my lungs .

All of a sudden I was launched across the floor by a screaming Alice , Rosalie soon followed jumping on top of us.

We stayed on the floor hugging and giggling at each other "Oh Bella let's show you the apartment we have plenty of time for this later"and with that the little pixie jumped up pulling me with her .

"How about you help me with my stuff, which is downstairs in my car and then you can show me around, I think it's going to rain soon" I told them as I looked around the lounge that was already fully furnished and decorated "Alice did you do all of this"I gestured to the room.

She nodded at me and looked nervous "do you like it?"she asked and before I could even speak she started to babble , so Alice "I mean if you don't like it then I can go and get something else you'd like, its really no problem"

She truly looked sad and like she was going to burst into tears, I couldn't bear the thought of Alice being upset so I quickly grabbed her and hugged her as tightly as I could "Alice its amazing and I love it, how could I not" her face light up like a kids on Christmas morning and she jump up and down "and you've only been here a week and done all of this?"

Alice just nodded at me.

"Told yah!"Rosalie snickered and nudged Alice in the side.

"Right now we've established that I love the lounge and that Rosalie is right, as always"I winked at her "can we please go and get my stuff out of my car before it starts raining?"

"yes yes yes let's go" Alice said ushering us out of the apartment door and down the stairs .

Once we had successfully got all of my bags and boxes into the lounge Alice grabbed my hand and gave me a tour of the apartment, it was absolutely stunning I couldn't believe that his was my home for the next two years. Alice is a fricking genius

The last room she showed me was my bedroom, it was already decorated and she assured me that she could change it if I didn't like it.

I couldn't believe my eyes, my room looked amazing, the walls where painted two shades of blue with a bookshelf by the closet and in the middle of the far wall was a massive bed that was just calling my name.

I was so tired after my long drive my main objective once I was done unpacking was going to get a hot shower and get straight into bed.

The next morning I woke up early and decided to go for a run plus a chance to have a nose around at my new surroundings sounded like a good idea.

I grabbed my 'love new York city' t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants and made my way out of the front door while slipping on a pair of running shoes .

40 minutes later I decided that maybe I should go back, it was no good putting it of any longer today was torture day or, as Alice would call it 'girlie day' which meant pj's a bunch of junk food and gossip. and me blushing no doubt!

In all honesty I would rather spend my first day back in the park with a good book or maybe go on the hunt for a quirky little book store.

I groaned out load and slowed to a walk making my way back to the apartment building.

As I turned the corner I instantly froze, there in the middle of the pavement with another guy was Mike Newton shit shit shit I chanted in my head I didn't know what to do.

In my first year of college Mike had become my own personal Labrador puppy, he followed me everywhere and I couldn't shake him for the life of me no matter how much I tried!

Even when he saw me on a date with another guy he still didn't get the message.

I took a deep breath and braved the inevitable and walked towards my building, please let him not live here please, please, please.

"Bella'" I heard him shout me and I couldn't help but sigh, maybe it was inevitable maybe Mike was who I was meant to be with either that or god really just hated me. Hell either way he bloody hated me.

"Mike" I answered him and gave him a nod quickly making my escape through the door to my building, I didn't dare look back to see if he was following me.

Once I was showered and dressed in my NYU sweats and a plain shirt I jumped on the sofa where Alice and Rosalie where already in similar clothing.

We chatted for hours about all sorts of things while eating more than our weight in junk food.

"OMG Alice you have to tell her about your date the other night" Rosalie busted out "PRICELESS" she added with a scream.

Alice groaned "okay so I run into Angela Weber from my fashion history class, you know the one with the horrendous fashion sense god knows why she's doing fashion is beyond me!"

I couldn't help but laugh, I heard Rosalie snicker too, we where so used to Alice's little digs at Angela's fashion and to be honest it was nice for her to be doing it to someone else and not me!

"anyways so she's all pumped up cause her and that Ben guy she's been obsessing over for like ever finally asked her out, next thing I know she's telling me that she wants to set me up with this guy and says she thinks we could get along really well cause were so different" she emphasized the last word.

I couldn't help but ask "different how Alice?"

"oh its coming Bella, just wait"Rosalie said and I could tell she was trying so hard not to burst in laughter "Just wait".

"right so I agree to go, god knows why , I turn up at the Ava lounge and I'm taken to this table where this like wwe wrestler is sat, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry cause he looked like he could literally flick me with his little finger and id die right there and then on that very spot'

with that Rosalie roared with laughter and Alice just rolled her eyes

"so the date was awful he looked like he didn't want to be there and was a complete kid kept making all these little jokes and remarks, if I didn't know any better I would of though I was on a date with a 15 years old, then he turned around to me and goes 'Baby I may not be Fred Flintstone baby but I can make your bedrock"

that was it I couldn't help it I was literally rolling around with tears streaming down my face

"wait I haven't finished yet!" Alice screeched.

Trying to catch my breath I managed to ask "there's more?"

"hell yes there's more!" answered Rosalie who like me had tears streaming down her face.

Alice continued "he was wearing this ridiculous cartoon t-shirt, I mean who wears that on a date?" she shrieked " it had barney rubble on it" she dry laughed

" so I pointed out that it was barney rubble on his shirt and he got all annoyed, so I threw my spaghetti over him and stormed out. I'm glad your finding this so funny girls, I haven't even finished yet" there cant seriously be more can there "so the next day I go out to put the rubbish in the trash bins out back and who the fuck do I see, Fred fucking Flintstone, I thought I was being punked or something"

"wait Fred, he lives in this building?" I asked, Alice just crossed her arms over her chest and nodded glumly.


I wondered thought the apartment looking for the source of what the hell woke me up at seven am on a Saturday, a Saturday!

I saw Emmett pounding something in the kitchen "what the hell are you doing man, have you seen the time?"I screamed at him.

"morning caption grump, don't go and wake the neighbors on your first morning back now" he said sarcastically.

I sat on the stall furthest from my dear brother to prevent me from physically hurting him.

I just grabbed the coffee cup that he had placed for me on the side

"I'm pretty sure you've woken the neighbors Em, what the hell where you doing?" He just smiled at me and mumbled something under his breath.

"I'm going on run, Caption grump, care to join me?"

"yea sure" I got up of the stall and made my way to my room to change into a pair of sweats and a shirt.

On our run Emmett was telling me about his disastrous few blind dates some girl that Ben from his law class was seeing had set him up on, I couldn't believe he used that Fred Flintstone line again , he's such a idiot sometimes!

The story just kept getting better and better she lived in our building, well this was going to be an interesting year.

"So what does she like live on her own then? I thought all the apartments in this building where three bedrooms?" I asked as we took a brake sitting on a bench that was facing our apartment building.

"I dunno dude, I haven't seen her since, no idea what floor she even lives on, not ours though so as long as I don't have to see her every morning I'm set for life!" he laughed "I mean she properly has the other two bedrooms for her clothes, seriously dude all she talked about was clothes clothes clothes, bleh so boring" he snorted "she kept making little dig's at my clothes"

It was my turn to laugh "well you do tend to dress like a 14 year old!"he just rolled his eyes and stood up.

We started to walk back to the apartment when out of know where I saw this girl in sweats and a new York t-shirt- do people really where those.

She had the most amazing colour brown hair tied up into a pony tail which looked like it would hang long down her back if she had it down.

She was just frozen in place staring towards our building, I couldn't help but stare at her, even though she was in just plain and obviously work out clothes she took my breath away.

She started to move and I still couldn't take my eyes of her or move myself.

She smiled and greeted some guy who she didn't really look to happy to see and pretty much ran in through the door,the door to my apartment building .

I think Emmett was talking to me but I just burst out "Who's she?" I turned to look at him and he was just smiling at me. Did I have something on my face.

"dunno, never seen her before! She must of just moved in!" and with that he crossed the street ,walked through the door and held it open for me.


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