I had never been so thankful to get on a plane in my entire life as I had been this morning.

Landing back in New York made me smile more than ever before because I knew that I would be seeing not only my best friends who I had missed more than normal but I would also get to see a special curtain someone else too.

Don't get me wrong I loved spending sometime with Renee and Phil but I wanted to spend every single second I could with him, plus the chances of food poisoning where dramatically reduced.

Well as long as Emmett was at a safe distance anyway.

I shuddered remembering that time he had given us food positioning.

When I got back to the apartment I found it empty.

Alice who had gotten back from Forks yesterday was with Edward and Emmett at the club training some staff and doing some last minute things for the grand opening in a few days.

I was really excited for the club to open and get to see what has happened to our once favourite hang out and the place Alice and Rose used to meet guys every single time we went.

Rosalie wasn't back from her parents yet so I took the opportunity to get a couple of hours sleep while I had the chance and sunk into my comfy bed with a sigh.

"I have never been so thankful for under nine degree weather in all my life!" Rosalie said throwing down her carryon bag by her feet while some poor tiny Chinese cab driver dragged in the rest of her luggage. "So how was Christmas? Renee kill anyone or burn anything?"

I smiled and looked down at my wrist "Yea Christmas was good" I looked back up at one of my best friends and added "But how about next year we just have it here?"

"Yea it kind of sucked not having the guys around didn't it" she said rummaging through her purse while the cab driver stood waiting to be paid and looked extremely bored and kind of like he wanted to go to sleep.

I simply nodded while playing with the heart pendant on the bracelet that Edward had given me for Christmas.

I loved it and was so touched he had given it to me but of course when Renee point out that it was a real diamond and to keep a hold of that one I freaked out, just a tiny bit.

I rang him straight away giving him what for about spending money on me.

Of course I instantly felt bad when he told he that his Grandmother, Elizabeth had left it to him when she died for him to give to someone special to him.

This of course made me feel even worse for what I had given him, he said that he loved it so I didn't argue but made a silent promise to get him something extra special to make up for it soon.

Both Rose and Alice gushed over the bracelet and then proceeded to moan about their own gifts. Jasper had bought Alice a Barney's voucher and Emmett got Rose a whole load of kinky stuff I didn't need or want to know the specifics of.

"Hey Kinky boy" I said winking at Emmett as I made myself and Edward, who was still passed out in bed some waffles and coffee.

"Hi Stripella" he shout back in a sing song voice normally used by Alice.

My whole body froze as he started to laugh.

"What's going on in here?" Edwards sleepy voice drifted through the room as me and Emmett just simply stared at each other. Well I stared and he just grinned and winked at me.

Did he just say Stripella? How in the hell would he know about that… hell… he couldn't… could he? I am going to kill Rose! Fuck my life!

"Oh nothing much bro" Emmett said still not taking his eyes off of mine "Bella here is just making us some breakfast isn't that right Bella?" I just nodded and made some kind of agreeing sound while Edward stood behind me wrapping his arms a round my waist and leaning his chin on my shoulder.

The next day was a blur. Rosalie had been really off and distant keeping herself locked away in her room since last night while Emmett was at the club getting it ready for tomorrow.

By the time the boys came around me and Alice had managed to get Rose out of her room and to somewhat communicate, mainly in grunts and sighs.

As soon as Emmett walked through the front door though she ran straight into his arms.

Something was definitely going on, that was for sure.

Alice and I exchange knowing glances but didn't say anything, there was one thing we knew since living with Rose for the last year or so was that if she wanted you to know something she would tell you.

We all fell into easy conversation and every now and then I would catch Emmett and Rosalie whisper to each other.

Jasper however managed to get them more involved by telling us about this old Italian woman that assaulted him with a bag of spaghetti in the super market when he was home for Christmas.

Alice who had gone to the bathroom a few moments ago stormed down the hallway causing everyone's laughter to stop, instantly just from the look on her face.

I noticed her clutching something in her hand before glancing back up to see her looking at every single person in the room before her eyes shot to Rosalie who was looking down at her lap clutching Emmett's hand in both of hers.

"Your pregnant?" she shouted throwing what she had previously been clutching in her hand onto the coffee table in the middle of the room.

"ahh Pixie be careful that's got pee on it!" Emmett shouted as my eyes focused on the pregnancy test.

"Oh please" Rosalie muttered "You microwave your own underwear in any microwave and people cook food in them which you eat too so shut up"

"Yea well Jasper boils his in a pan" he responded pointing frantically at Jasper who's mouth was hanging open before defending himself "What? It cleans them better"

"Please tell me you don't use the ones we use for cooking?" Edward asked pinching the bridge of his nose.

"well you had sex on the kitchen table, did I protest about the sex smell? No I did not!" I instantly blushed and buried my head in Edwards neck "I didn't moan about cleaning the whole kitchen either so… there" he childishly pocked his tongue out in a totally un-Jasper like fashion.

"Yea and you Bella practicing on Rosie's stripper pole and that's how you ended up hanging out of the window. Wasn't it?" It was like time stood still and everyone froze before turning around in slow motion to gape at me, Jaspers mouth was literally hanging open so wide I was pretty sure I could fit both of my fists in there.

"I told you not to say anything!" Rosalie said smacking Emmett on the back of the head again.

"you promised you wouldn't say anything!" I shouted at Rose while I died on the inside of embarrassment.

Rose looked thoughtful for a moment before shouting "I didn't tell him everything but whatever I will make it fair Alice got her head stuck in a bucket on Christmas day and Jake had to help her out when he found her in the middle of the road when he she disorientated and thought she was in the pantry in the basement!"

I wanted to laugh at that because I was sure it was a sight to see but I couldn't think about it as Edward just stared at me. Obviously we would be talking about what Emmett just revealed later on.

"your pregnant" Alice said again ignoring what she had previously been said, I however filed that away for later use.

"Yes were having a baby" Emmett replied running fingers through Rosalie's hair. She sat there looking at all of us carefully before Emmett continued speaking "I know we have only been together for a few months but she is it for me and we are going to make this work"

Rosalie nodded "Your it for me too baby"

Everyone was silent as we all processed what had just happened.

"What about College?" I asked breaking the odd silence.

"I'm going to finish this year, hopefully early I just need to work really hard. I mean I guess I will have to talk to my professor and see what he suggests and hopefully just take a year off to look after the baby"

"Your pregnant!" Alice repeated for the third time this evening "Your going to have a baby?"

"Ahuh" she replied looking scared and leaned her body more into Emmett's.

"OH MY GOD!" She screamed and then began to jump up and down on the spot "This is going to be so cool and so much fun, think of the shopping to be done!"

We spent the rest of that night all together, talking about how this time next year life was going to be so different and not just the six of us. Emmett and Rosalie decided to wait a few weeks to tell their parents about the baby so we where all sworn to secrecy.

As soon as Rose and Emmett retreated to her bedroom with Stinky in tow and Alice and Jasper went up to the boys apartment.

That left me and Edward alone for the first time since he found out about the whole window stripper thing that happened a while ago.

"I'm waiting" Edward said breaking not only my thoughts but also the silence that had engulfed us. Sighing I told him what happened that night, and I didn't leave a single thing out.

~*~*~**~*~~**~~**~*~A few weeks Previous~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~~*~*

It was nearly a week after Stinky was officially named, well Stinky and I where sat in the lounge watching a rerun of America's Got Talent while Rosalie was flipping through one of her text books for school.

She sighed shutting the book in her lap "I am sooooooo fed up of reading I was thinking of maybe going to the gym and signing up for one of those sexy aerobic stripper class things, up for it?"

"ummmmmmm no!" I said laughing, I couldn't walk in a straight line without falling or tripping most of the time why the hell would I be able to be sexy and do the stuff they where going to do in that class?

"Come on, I bet Edward would like some of the little moves you'd learn, plus you know I have one of those poles which we can practice on at home between classes"

She looked so excited but there was no way it was going to happen. Plus I knew, and not only from being told but also hearing the stuff that happened in that bedroom of hers and I would have to be crazy. No scratch that she was crazy if she thought that I was going to be touching that thing covered in her and Emmett's…..stuff.

"Don't try the Alice pout Rose not going to work" I told her shaking me head.

"Whatever" she said and started once again flipping through her text book.

I rolled my eyes as I got up to get myself a drink from the kitchen. When I returned I couldn't help but laugh as She fluttered her eyelashes "Come on it will be fun, you know you want to"

I didn't say anything and just sat back down.

After half an hour of sitting in silence, except for the television which I had given up watching.

"Rose" I said after thinking about what we had been talking about "If, and it's a big if I agree to go with you, you can't tell anyone"

"Yes!" she shouted throwing her book on the floor and made her way over to me.

"I said if Rosalie and by anyone I even mean Alice. I'm serious know one can find out okay?"

"I swear on my new Gucci dress that I will not tell anyone!" I was scared that her body had been taken over by Alice or something with the way she was so excited by this.

"Fine lets go, but if I fall or something don't laugh at me!"

"I won't!" she said jumping up and running to her room before reappearing fully dressed and clutching a gym bag "Come one then" she practically shouted as she shoved me towards my room.

We soon arrived at the gym that we all signed up to in our first year of college and Rosalie being herself managed to persuade the woman taking the next class of beginners which was supposedly 'full' which started in forty minutes to let us join them.

I was super nervous and was sweating just getting changed into my gym clothes god knows what I was going to be like when we actually go I there.

"What are you wearing?" Rose asked as she adjusted her pink shorts top. Only she could make gym clothes look sexy, it was not fair at all.

"Gym clothes" I shrugged looking up to meet her eyes "what?"

"Those are what you wear running on the streets of New York Bella, not for what we are about to do"

"Well this is what I've got let's go" I told her as I made my way towards the exit form the changing rooms.

"Oh no you don't missy you can borrow my spare set I keep with me, don't give me that look" I stared wide eyed at one of my best friends who just rose an eyebrow at me as if challenging me to argue. I knew I would probably lose if I tried so giving up and made my way over to her holding my hand out dreading what she would put me in.

I had to admit even though what she had given me to wear was incredibly tight I didn't mind it to much, I didn't tell Rose that of course. She had given me a very short pair of bright blue Nike shorts and a white Nike top. I kept my running shoes on and noticed that rose too had running shoes on but decided not to say a word, yet anyway.

"Welcome ladies!" A tall woman with short blonde hair shouted as she entered the gym studio that had about twelve women in it including me and Rose "First off I am Melisa and I will be your instructor today"

She now stood at the front of the room and was looking at each of us before speaking again "Take those running shoes off ladies this is a dance lesson not a run around the block. Don't be fooled though you will all be sweating more than ever before and aching in places you didn't even know you could ache tomorrow"

"I knew this was a bad idea" I mumbled quietly to myself. Rose elbowed me in my side to tell me to shut up, but I could see the smile she was trying to hide and just shook my head at her.

"These will be your footwear for these session's now come and get your size and we can get this show on the road!"

Two hours later me and Rose hobbled up to our apartment "why do we live in a building with no elevator?" Rose asked as we finally made it to our floor.

"Blame Alice" I mumbled in response opening the front door to our apartment revealing Alice on the other side looking confused.

"Where have you two been I tried ringing you both but you left your phones here! What the hell happened to you two? You look in pain" she cocked her head to one side.

"Don't ask, I'm having a bath and then going to bed"

"Me too" Rose said in agreement and we both made our way down the corridor to out own rooms completely ignoring Alice.

The next morning me and Rosalie where in the apartment together again, Alice was out with some of the girls from her course and all the boys where either studying or in class.

Rose's phone had been going off constantly for the last twenty minutes, I assumed it was Emmett from the smile on her face each time she read what had been sent.

"Look after the dog will you" she said suddenly "I need to go somewhere"

"where are you going? And how long will you be?" I asked as she started to grab her coat.

"Just out and a couple of hours" she told me and then she was gone.

"Oookkayyyyy" I said to the now empty room, she is crazy I though as I made my way to my own room to look for one of my text books.

I sat there for ten solid minutes trying to read one paragraph but I just couldn't. Since our class at the gym yesterday I was really aching but I kind of still wanted to do it again and wondered when our next lesson was going to be.

Maybe I could practice on Rose's pole that she has?

I started nodding my head at myself and went into the kitchen to grab some cleaning stuff, I wasn't going to use the thing without cleaning it, maybe two or three hundred times.

As I slipped on the rubber gloves I turned to stinky who had now made himself comfortable on Rosalie's bed "Be good stinkers, We don't want Rose knowing that we have been in here" I told the dog, oh god I am talking to a dog!

After getting the pole out of the storage box that was kept hidden underneath the bed I sterilized the pole and then put it, nearly knocking myself out a few times in the process up and secured it to the ceiling bracket that was already there.

After practicing on the pole for twenty five minutes I was really starting to get the hang of it. Maybe me and Rose should make it a regular thing, I could even start going on my own maybe.

After rubbing the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand I looked over to the bed to check on stinky and noticed immediately that he was not on the bed.

I groaned as I removed myself from the pole and slipped my stripper shoes off that we had been given yesterday and started to search for Stinky.

I looked everywhere in the apartment and started to get really worried. I grabbed my phone and saw that I only had probably ten or fifteen minutes left until rose said she would be back. I shoved my phone in my pocket and started calling out his name. where the hell could he get too? I wondered as I looked in the kitchen cupboards..

I went back to where I last saw him and stood just looking at the bed as if it was going to help me find the damn dog.

"Why does this have to happen to me?" I shouted and grabbed my hair with both hands. Just then I heard a whimpering sound that I recognised as Stinky instantly.

I glanced around the room not moving a muscle before I heard it again. My eyes darted to the open window and I groaned before slowly walking towards it as if it would change what I was going to see and sure enough there he was looking all sad for himself on one of the steps on the fire escape.

"Come on boy" I said clapping my hands "Come in I'll make you some yummy human food that your not meant to have!"

He whimpered again and I closed my eyes before I crawled out of the window onto the fire escape.

It groaned under the weight of my body and I cringed as I inched myself towards stinky trying desperately to hold on to the window frame.

Stinky suddenly got up and jumped onto my back as I leaned towards him and proceeded to jump into the window leaving me outside on my own looking like a creepy stalker or something.

"Oh great, thanks a bunch Stinky!" I shouted as I started to take a step back to the window. Suddenly everything happened at once the framework groaned louder than before, Stinky started barking at me from inside and then I was falling. Luckily I was still clutching the window frame and managed to stop myself from falling to the ground.

I looked down to see some of the metal clatter to the ground in a heap "Oh god I should not of done that , big mistake big mistake!"

"Then I remembered that I had my phone on and rang you" I said covering my red face with both hands. I felt Edwards hands attempt to pry mine off my face.

"Life is never dull without you around huh?" he said as his green eyes sparkled and he smiled that favourite crocked smile of his.

"Not to late to get out you know" I joked shoving my elbow into his.

"Nah I'm good thanks" he said before wrapping his arms around me and carrying me to my bedroom "who wants safe and predictable" he said laughing slightly "You have met my brother right?"

The morning of New Years eve arrived quickly and Alice was in full blown planning mode.

Our outfits had been selected and where already laid out for us to get ready later on.

We had to be ready as Emmett's parents had paid for the six of us to go to dinner seen as they couldn't make it to the club opening.

Last night Emmett announced that all of the tickets had been sold for tonight and he was so exited, we all where this could be such a big thing for him and in turn Rose and their baby.

I was also really excited to see what Eclipse looked like, especially with Carlisle's pink car among the other things I had heard about and also seen.

"Okay. So I am going downstairs to collect the mail and then its Mani Pedi time" Alice told us as I relaxed on the sofa next to an almost sleeping Rose who had been up since before 6am with morning sickness.

I groaned as she skipped out the door "She's really trying to kill me today!"

Rose snickered "you can thank me now, in a few months she is going to be all over baby things so you will get a teeny tiny break"

I laughed and play smacked her on the shoulder as Alice rejoined us along with an armful of mail.

"What's all that?" I asked noticing that a large majority of the mail were magazines.

"Pregnancy and baby magazines" she told me handing half of them to Rose who fake whispered "And so it begins"

She was not wrong. Alice literally talked about nothing but babies for the next forty minutes.

"boy, girl, boy, girl" she was looking from one to the other of these pink and blue baby all-in-ones "Oh there are just to many choices, can you not just have both?" Rosalie ended up throwing a early pregnancy magazine at Alice's head for that comment and mumbled something along the lines of 'I'd like to see you push one baby out of your down there, let alone two she's fucking crazy, not that we didn't already know that'

Alice quickly changed the subject from the baby's sex to what type of birth Rose should have. According to her water birth was the better option.

"Forget it Alice" Rosalie groaned "I want drugs lots and lots of drugs"

"But it would be be….."

"No Alice we have like seven more months to go just calm down will you" adding "plus Emmett should have a tiny say in these things too not that he knows much of pain but I am determined to inflict a bit of pain on him when it's delivery time" she added flexing her hand.

"Okay" I breathed a sigh of relief hearing Alice agree and inspected my nails that where now painted royal blue to match the earrings Alice had picked out for me.

"Barbie Bella time!" I internally cringed and started to get up from my sitting position but when I looked up at Alice I don't think I had been as internal as I thought I had been with that cringe.

Four hours later, and I am not exaggerating in the slightest in all honesty it was probably longer. The three of us where all ready to go to dinner with the boys , Rose was dreading this dinner and was even more thankful that Emmett's parents where not able to make it as her morning sickness was becoming worse. Oh and by the way morning sickness should be renamed to all day and night sickness!

Alice had worked her magic once again.

She had picked my an ivory dress that had silver sequins on the straps and under the bust line along with strappy silver heels and a metallic clutch. My hair had been all curled and then pinned up leaving a few strands hanging loose. I loved it so much and my makeup was pretty natural apart from the dark Smokey eye makeup.

Rosalie was dressed in a tight champagne coloured sequin dress, she said while she could still fit into clothes and not look fat she would. Her words not mine, anyway she looked stunning init along with the metallic heels and matching clutch bag. She had straightened her hair with a side parting and kept her makeup neutral using browns and gold's.

Alice did her hair flicking out with dark eye makeup. Her dress was a gorgeous lilac colour and was very fitted.

We soon meet the boys downstairs and between the six of us got two cabs to the Ava Lounge.

"Oh my god the last time I was here was when I came with you!" Alice whisper shouted as we where assorted to our table followed by a shudder.

"don't remind me" Emmett said cringing as he looked anywhere but at Alice.

Edward who had been getting aggravated with his bowtie actually growled before moaning really loudly "I can't take this anymore" and then practically ripped it off and unbuttoned his white shirt. All three of the boys where in black tux's for the evening and I might of just misplaced my footing on the stairs when I saw all of them earlier this evening.

"Told you that you had a fat neck and to get another one bro" Emmett chuckled as he looked over the menu.

"I do not have a fat neck" Edward retorted somewhat childishly and I place my hand on his thigh under the table to try and calm him down, however this seemed to have the opposite effect because he went on to add "I do however had a rather large and thick…"

"Okay enough" Alice said interrupting, although Edward said in a quiet voice while looking at me 'True though' and I instantly felt my face burst bright red like a tomato.

"Good luck your going to need it raising three children" Alice added while Rosalie smacked Emmett on the back of the head.

"He's in training and so is the dog" and that was all she said as the rest of laughed quietly trying to not disturb the other people in the restaurant while Emmett simply nodded before relaying his rather large order to the waiter.

The rest of dinner went, well as good as expected. Emmett ate everything he ordered and then went onto eat most of Rosalie's as she couldn't eat it with out retching every few minutes.

The entire cab journey to the club Emmett was nervously fidgeting with his hands.

"Calm down" Rosalie soothed him running her fingers over his arm "It's going to be fine Emmy" she added in a coo as if she was talking to a small child, well it was Emmett. I had to bury my head into Edwards shoulder to stop myself from laughing out loud.

"Yea Emmy, Relax" Edward said somehow managing to hold his laughter in as well as keeping a straight face.

We soon pulled up to the club and I was shocked to by the volume of people that where already outside queuing to get in.

"Oh My God!" Rosalie said while laying her hand over her flat stomach.

"Let's get this show on the road!" Alice said appearing out of nowhere with Jasper by her side "I want to dance!"

The six of us slowly walked towards the entrance receiving many dirty looks and glances from some of the girls who had been here by the looks of it for quiet a while.

Emmett disappeared off into the club leaving the five of us standing around awkwardly before he soon reappeared holding a mega phone a one of those massive grins on his face.

"HEELLLLOOOOOOOO NEWWW YOOOORRRKKKKKK!" the crowd erupted in cheers "I just wanted to thank you all for coming here tonight. It's been hard to get everything done in time but without the help of my friends and family it would have been even worse" he said winking at Rosalie "So let's get this party started! I would like to welcome you all tooo…." he grabbed a rope handing from the sheet that was covering the sign with the new name of the club underneath it "Love = 10 + 12"

We all laughed looking at the pink neon sign, he had used our apartment numbers in the name. Rose flung herself at him as people started to fill the club.

Emmett had really done an amazing job of the interior of the club. He had made the once massive single dance floor club into a four level club. It had all different types of rooms on each floor. Each one played different music and was decorated drastically differently.

Alice soon dragged us into the biggest of the rooms which happened to be eighties themed.

"Oh my god this is amazing!" I shouted as I ran over to the pink Cadillac that was set up in one of the corners of the room. Carlisle had come up with the idea of people having their photo's taken in the car as a way to remember their night and to also make extra profit for the club. The pictures could be bought there and then or later on the clubs new website. Edward was explaining to me as we queued up with Alice and Jasper to get our picture taken while Emmett and Rosalie where downstairs.

The both of them soon turned up and we made our way up to the top room where Emmett had reserved us a booth right next to the dance floor. This room was decorated in a Hollywood Glamour theme. All the seats were black leather and diamantes covered practically every surface sparkling as the lights hit them.

"We only have ten minutes to midnight everyone get on the dance floor and lets PAAAAARRRRRTTTTTYYYYYYYY!" the DJ shouted causing everyone to scream and jump around on the dance floor.

Edward grabbed my hand and quickly guided me to the dance floor before wrapping his arm's around me and kissing my cheek.

"I can't wait to spend the next whole new year with you" He whispered into my ear over the loud music that was filling the air around us.

Soon enough everyone started counting down the seconds to midnight.

"SEVEN…SIX…FIVE…..FOUR…..THREE…..TWO…ONNEEEEEE HAPPPPYYY NEWWWW YYYEEEAAARRRRRRR!" everyone screamed. I jumped up and down in Edwards arms before kissing him deeply. It was like the whole outside world disappeared in that moment and we where on our own, just the two of us. I looked into his eyes and couldn't help but smile .He bent down to whisper in my ear "I love you"

It was like my heart stopped and then started to beat erratically before I repeated those words and kissed him deeply once again.

"GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Alice screamed breaking our little moment up "COME ON!" she added as she started to drag us off the dance floor towards the rest of our friends.

~*~*~**~ The End~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


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