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Read on, my dears, and lose yourselves in a world of magical fantasies and secrets...I stalked away from Quality Quidditch Supplies, fuming. How dare Blaise treat me like that? Anyone could've seen, and then our secret would have been out in the open. The whole point of a secret is that isn't told to anyone by any of the people who know it.

Yet at the same time, I wish I could tell someone. Maybe I could've told Hermione, but not now. She would want to know too many details, and ask why I hadn't told her before. After all, it happened more than two years ago. So no, I can't tell anyone. We have to keep it a secret, and hope no one ever works it out.

I have no idea where I am, never have been in this part of Diagon Alley before. There was a restaurant nearby, called La Beaux. It looked like the kind of place I would never be able to afford. And, there, just about to go in, was Narcissa Malfoy. I decided that if she had changed as much as the Daily Prophet claimed, then she wouldn't mind giving me directions to Flourish and Blotts.

"Mrs. Malfoy?" I walked up to her, slightly nervous. But she turned to face me with a huge smile on her face, something I never would have expected on her face before.

"Yes… Ginny, isn't it?" She even half remembered my name. I had to remind myself that she was related to me, that was why she knew my name.

"It is. I was just wondering, could you direct me to Flourish and Blotts please? I'm supposed to meet my friends there, but I got a little lost." I flushed; admitting you were lost was never easy, no matter how many times you had done it.

"Of course, dear. Just go down that street there, and take the second street on your left. Don't take the one before, it's Knockturn Alley. It's not a place for young girls such as yourself." She warned me. As if I would have ever even thought about going down there… *Whistles innocently*

"Thank you Mrs. Malfoy." I had to be polite. You never know what could make her go all evil again. I had seen 101 Dalmatians.

"Please, call me Narcissa." She smiled again as I walked away, and I swear I heard her mutter, "Although you will soon be calling me Professor…" Was she going to work at Hogwarts? That would be interesting.

I set off at a brisk pace, but I soon slowed down, my thoughts churning. Blaise promised not to tell. He wouldn't even think about it… Would he? He would be hated just as much as I would, probably more, because I know from experience that Slytherin's aren't very forgiving. It would tarnish his reputation, having that spread around the school.

I found myself outside of Flourish and Blotts, and inside I could Hermione talking to Harry and Ron. It looked like she was giving them one of her famous lectures, probably about leaving her to get all of the books. I have the excuse of not having seen my friends all summer, and the last time I saw them was after the Final Battle. Hermione would then remember about Fred, and feel sorry for me.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go in, but I knew I should. I had nowhere else to go, and if I didn't find something to distract me then I would wonder about Blaise and all of his hidden agendas all day. I took a deep breath, mentally bracing myself for the questioning I was about to get, and opened the door.

"Where on earth have you been? We were supposed to meet here an hour ago!" Ron was, of course, the first person to talk to me, followed quickly by Harry.

"We were worried about you, Gin." Harry didn't sound annoyed, more worried and relieved. Anytime any of us went off by ourselves and didn't return within the allotted time, he started to worry. Not all of the Death Eaters were caught yet, and poor Harry is completely paranoid.

"Ginny, I know you were with your friends, but you still should've tried to be back quicker." Great, Hermione is gonna try and guilt trip me into saying sorry. Sadly, her plans always work.

"Sorry Hermione. I kinda got lost." Well, that was true. I just didn't say why I was off wondering around by myself.

"That's ok Ginny. A walk always clears a person's head." Hermione smiled at me, how on earth does she always know so much about me? "Ron, don't lecture your sister, when you only got here five minutes ago yourself." Hermione's reprimand was sharp, and if I hadn't have been standing next to her I would've stuck my tongue out at Ron. That would teach him to be a hypocrite.

"Sorry Hermione. But I was really worried about her."

"Ron, I had Hermione teach me more than half of the curses that she knows. Which is more that you know. And I had Bill and Charlie teach me how to fight over the summer. I think I know how to take care of myself." He treats me like I'm still 5 years old.

"Why would you teach her all that stuff Hermione?! You know I don't want her fighting!" Ron practically exploded at Hermione.

"You don't want me fighting?! It isn't up to you whether or not I fight! You know I want to train to be an Auror! It would sort of help me to know these curses!" I shouted. I have a much shorter temper than my brothers.

"Fine then. Shall we go get lunch?" Ron looked calmer, but I don't trust it. He isn't the kind to just let something go that quickly.

"Sure. Where do you want to go?" Hermione, ever the peace-maker, was trying to make amends.

"How about the Leaky Cauldron? It's always good, and it's nearby." Harry, Hermione's faithful peace-making assistant, put in. Funny how he didn't say anything earlier.

"That sounds fine to me. Any objections?" Nobody spoke. "In that case, let's go." Hermione took charge (as always), and we started walking towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hermione, can I… can I talk to you?" Ron's voice sounded hesitant, and almost nervous.

"Sure Ron. What is it?" Hermione smiled at him, showing her teeth slightly. I have to admit, when she got Madam Pompfrey to fix them in their 4th year, it was her best idea ever.

"I need to talk to you in, err, private." Oh my word he must be going to ask her out!! I have to stay and listen.

"OK." Hermione sent me a look, one that I am choosing to read as 'Stay here, please'. No problem Hermione, was already planning on it.

They walked away a bit, and I got out one of the Extendable Ears. It was Fred and George's best idea ever, perfect for spying on people. And to think, it was in their 7th year when they made them. If they updated them, they would be even better.

"Hermione, I was just wondering if you could stop teaching Ginny curses." He did not just say that. "At least don't teach her any of the harder ones. She's too young. I don't want her getting the wrong idea, and thinking that being an Auror is all about shooting some curses, and a bit of boring paperwork." What an idiot! That's what he thought for years it was about! Hypocrite!

I stalked out of my hiding place, walking right up to him and getting right in his face.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley! How dare you!" I hissed, slapping him. He stepped back, shocked. I stalked forward, forcing him to retreat. "Next time you try to tell Hermione what not to teach me, do it in front of me, so that I can kill you!" I started off hissing, but I was yelling by the end.

I turned on my heel, clenching my fists. I hate him! How dare he tell Hermione not to teach me something?! And how dare he insult my intelligence?! We had been living in the same house as a very experienced Auror for the past 3 years, did he really think I hadn't asked him about it yet?!

I wandered through the streets. A feeling of déjà vu came over me, and I almost laughed. It had been less than an hour when I had last walked through Diagon Alley, also annoyed at a guy, also lost. If I ran into Narcissa Malfoy again, I will have to laugh…

I rounded a corner, and guess who was there. Narcissa Malfoy and Genevieve Black. I started giggling, gradually becoming hysterical. They heard me, and walked over. I managed to gasp out why I was laughing so much.

"Annoyed…Ron…lost…same…before…you…funny…" Narcissa got it and she started laughing. Genevieve didn't, so Narcissa explained.

"She's annoyed at her brother, Ronald. She's gotten lost. She's lost for the same reason as before, when she saw me. She finds this hilarious." I nodded, finally calming down.

"What she said. Thank you for translating Narcissa." She smiled, and Genevieve started laughing.

"That's why you were practically collapsed." I nodded, keeping my actual conversations with her short.

"So where are you two headed off to?" I directed my question at Narcissa. Genevieve seems nice, but nobody flirts with my boyfriend and gets away with it. If she turns out not to be a threat, I'll befriend her.

"Shopping. Would you like to join us?" Either she didn't know that she had been flirting, or she thought that I didn't she had been. Idiot. But maybe I could go anyway. Check out the competition.

"If you don't mind, I would like to join you. I haven't been probably shopping in ages." Lies, all lies. I went this morning with Lavender Brown and Parvati and Padma Patil. But they didn't need to know that.

"Of course you can go. I do have one request though." Narcissa looked so happy about me going, and so did Genevieve. Maybe they aren't so bad after all.

"What is it?" I was curious. I'm not a cat, so it can't harm me.

"You two let me buy everything." I began to protest, but she held up her hand. "Let me finish. Call it the birthday presents for all those years I missed. Please?" Who can resist that face?

"Oh course you can, if you really want to." I'm a sucker for puppy-dog eyes. Not something you would ever imagine Narcissa Malfoy doing though.

"Thank you." I could see how much it meant to her, by the way tears glisten in her eyes. She really did feel bad for what had happened. Maybe she could join the Order? After all, she had turned her back on Voldemort in the Last Battle.

"Let's go, shall we?" Her voice jolted me out of my thoughts, and I smiled. I love shopping.

"Gladly." Genevieve and I answered together, and we smiled at each other. Maybe she isn't so bad after all…

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