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He didn't know if he had it in him. He just didn't know if he could do this. McCoy knew that he loved Jim more than anything but that's not what he was questioning. The Doctor's heart had been broken before; hell, it had been pulled out of his chest and stomped on by someone he thought could do no wrong. But, Jim was different.

Jim was the brother he never had. Jim was the best friend he always wanted. Jim was the lover he needed. Jim was his everything and McCoy didn't think he could survive if that was taken away from him. He thought about all the times that he had come close to losing the brash young man and felt his chest start to hurt. He never liked thinking about it, but it was something he had to do if he was even considering this. He had to think of what could happen if he made this choice; the pros and cons of it.

Jim was always going to be in constant danger. He was the youngest man to ever become a captain in Star Fleet. He got there by taking risks, by putting his life on the line, by putting his crew and people he didn't even know before himself.

On the other hand, McCoy was always there to patch Jim up. There was no one else that he would trust with Jim's welfare, and McCoy knew that there was no one else whom Jim trusted. The kid hated doctors but he let McCoy treat him no matter what.

The young Captain was just that; young. He was in his twenties, full of energy, strong, and vibrant. Jim still had hope and enthusiasm even after all of the horrible things that had happened to him as a child. McCoy was older, in his thirties. The joy and hope had all gone from him after his marriage.

Then again, Jim made McCoy happy in a way that he couldn't describe. The only time he had ever felt that happy was when he was with his daughter, who seemed to treat him like he was the only thing in her world. Jim made him feel like that. Jim talked him out of his slumps, made sure he didn't go over the edge. Jim cared for him as if he was the most precious being in the galaxy.

McCoy sighed running his fingers through his hair. No matter what con he came up with he could counter with a pro. Maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse to be miserable for the rest of my life. I don't think I could be happy without him. What if he says no? Why would he say no? He's the one that fell for me first right? He has no reason to say no. What if he's scared to…what if he runs?

The Doctor groaned and let his head hit his desk. He knew what he wanted, but was it the right thing. His brown eyes looked at the chronometer on the wall and he smiled. McCoy deserved this and without another thought he left his office and headed to his quarters and sat down at his computer.

What he didn't realize was how hard it was to sneak around the ship and make plans for the man he loves when said man is the Captain. No matter what he did Jim would appear and he would have to hurry up and hide what he was doing. It didn't help that Jim was a genius. McCoy knew that he was putting the pieces together so he changed his plans three or four times in order to confuse him. At some point he had to enlist Spock's help so that he could set everything up.

McCoy didn't know how he did it but he did it. He got everything done and tonight was the night. He told Jim that he wanted them to have a date night, just sit back and relax, maybe watch a holo-vid. In the end McCoy decided that simple would be best. He knew that Jim, as much as the kid acted like it, didn't like things to be blown out of proportion; small things could be just as important as the big things.

He changed into a simple pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and he knew that Jim would show up in something similar. McCoy set up the recreation room that he had reserved, specifically the screen and sofa at the far end before making sure the small box was still in his pocket. His eyes kept checking the time as he sat there waiting for Jim to arrive.

It was five minutes after they were supposed to meet when the door finally slid open. McCoy turned around and saw that he was right; Jim was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt just like he was. His eyes watched the sway of Jim's hips as he walked towards him before wrapping his arms around his waist. "You're late."

Jim smirked and kissed his neck, "Well, I didn't want to give you a heart attack by being on time. God knows your body can't take too many shocks in its old age."

The Doctor smirked and kissed him slowly. "This old body could teach yours a thing or two."

The Captain licked his lips and raised an unpracticed eyebrow, "I look forward to it." He rested his head on McCoy shoulder and simply took in the scent. Jim was tired from the last few missions. They had worn him down in ways that he didn't even think were possible, not to mention the losses he had suffered within the last year. He looked at McCoy and smiled, "So what's the plan Bones?"

"Snacks and a movie?"

Jim smiled and plopped down onto the little couch and watched as McCoy got the snacks from the replicators. It was really a nice setting; they had it to themselves, the stars were shining through the windows, and it was quiet and peaceful. They hadn't really had time alone in a long time.

When McCoy started the holo and finally sat down, Jim snuggled into his side and wrapped McCoy's arm around his shoulder. They poked at the pop corn and as the movie went on Jim ended up with his head in McCoy's lap.

McCoy didn't mind in the slightest, things were going just as he planned. He ran his fingers through Jim's hair slowly even though his heart was pounding in his chest. About halfway through the movie he shifted and Jim looked up at him.

"What's in you're pocket Bones…or you just happy to see me?"

He laughed and shrugged at Jim, "Why don't you find out for yourself babe?"

Now that sparked Jim's interest. Without sitting up, Jim reached in and his eyes narrowed in curiosity as he felt the squared shape. He pulled the box out and studied it before a look of comprehension crossed his features.

"Go ahead." McCoy said softly, his eyes taking in the reactions that came across his lover's face. He watched as Jim opened the box and studied the ring that was kept inside.

It was silver and had two sapphires connected by a series of small diamonds. It was simple and nothing too flashy; a representation of them. Jim stared at it, playing with it in his fingers, his eyes wide as he realized what was really happening, what McCoy was asking him.

Soon, the silence was becoming deafening and McCoy couldn't take it anymore. He stroked Jim's cheek and smiled softly when the blonde looked up at him, "Well?"

Jim smiled and slid the ring onto his left hand before changing his position and kissing McCoy in a slow, deep manner. His hands snaked around his neck and he pulled McCoy on top of him, never wanting to break the kiss.

Regrettably, he was human and he had to pull back for air. Jim took in McCoy's flushed face and smiled, "Does that answer your question, Bones?"

He gave him a sly smile, "I think I need to feel it again."

Jim laughed and pulled McCoy's body to his, giving him another sensual kiss. In the back of his mind Jim was jumping for joy. In the back of McCoy's mind he knew that he had done the right thing; that he would and could be happy again, that he would give anything to see Jim like this. Totally his and totally vulnerable.

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