"I hate my life!" yelled 17-year old Uzumaki Naruto in his mind while staring at the tennis hall's ceiling. He didn't know how long he had been there but obviously he'd been skipping class since that morning. A cigarette was in his right hand as he smoked by the window, his lips curled into a cynic smile. Frankly he didn't remember, just like he didn't remember how many schools he transferred since last year. He hadn't lasted in one school for any more than 2 weeks before transferring to the next.

He didn't care about anything anymore since his parents divorced last year. Although he was very close with his mother in the past, now he didn't even care what happened anymore. He didn't even realise that there were problems in his parents' relationship. So, last year with no sign whatsoever, his mother said that she wanted to divorce with his father and she moved to another country.

At the same time, at a different place...

Hyuuga Hinata walked up the stage slowly. In front of her were the juries and hundreds and hundreds of people. She gave a bow as a sign of respect to the juries and audience. Then, she headed for the piano at the centre of the stage. She sat there with a calm expression on her beautiful face, her hands touching the keys of the piano. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes again. Her dainty fingers started to press the keys and a soothing melody floated in the air. The music of Canon In D-Pachebelwas heard throughout the theatre.

Naruto was never close to his father, Uzumaki Minato. He was never at home, too busy with his work. Naruto always shared everything with his mother, Uzumaki Kushina. His world was completely crushed when his mother, the one he always relied on, left him. He locked himself in his room for two weeks and only came out to drink and eat, in which he sneaked out of the house and bought them outside. During those two weeks, he didn't go to school nor did he talk.

After he decided to go out of his room, his personality totally changed. He still went to school but skipping class was becoming a routine whereas smoking and hanging out at the arcade 'till late at night was what he did in his past time.

Minato was losing his patience. But whatever he said, Naruto ignored it. He cared about nothing now, although he was a diligent, good looking boy and always respected others before. Now, his friends started to distance themselves from him and Naruto had to leave his old school because he'd been skipping school for a month. After that his father transferred him to other schools, but every single one of their results were the same. Naruto didn't last for more than ten days because the teachers couldn't handle him. The more they gave him punishments, the worse he became.

Minato once tried sending him to a psychiatrist but even he gave up. Naruto refused to talk. He just looked at the doctor with a blank a look on his face without giving a single reaction.

The music Hinata played seemed to put the audience in a trance. Her parents who were among the audience watched their daughter play proudly. On the stage, Hinata was playing with all her heart. The juries nodded their heads, satisfied, and whispering among themselves. Hinata had finished her performance perfectly and everyone knew it as she stood up to bow again to the audience; she had the grand prize in her grasp.

Naruto looked around his school's quiet tennis hall. He opened the window of the tennis hall and threw his cigarette carelessly away. But the cigarette accidentally hit one of the curtains. Naruto, who didn't realise it, hadn't noticed the fire was that creeping slowly up the thin curtain until it was too late. The curtain was burnt.

"Oh! Damn!" cursed Naruto loudly.

He ran towards the boy's bathroom which was next to the tennis hall on the left so he could take a pail but unfortunately, there was no water. That was when he started to panic. He ran to the girl's bathroom on the other side of the hall but there was no water there either. He cursed while he turned all the taps there. He was relieved when finally water came running down one of the taps and into the pail.

The students were surprised when they saw clouds of smoke from the tennis hall. They quickly ran out of their classes and helped to extinguish the growing fire.

The claps from the audience were heard as Hinata stood on the stage, receiving a trophy as the first place winner in the National Piano Competition. Her mother, Hyuuga Kana, was crying tears of happiness while her father, Hyuuga Hiashi, was smiling, looking at her with pride. Hinata shook hands with the juries and said thank you with a smiling face. Her euphoria for winning the competition was immense.

The fire was finally extinguished but a part of the wall in the tennis hall was burnt. The principal had walked into the tennis hall and was surprised to see the condition of it. Suddenly his gaze fell upon Naruto who was standing calmly in the surrounding area.

"NAAARUTOOOOO!" he yelled.