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~ Prologue ~

The snow fell heavily, quickly covering the ground in a beautiful, soft white blanket, the moon in the night sky gave off an eerie feel to the field as a girl slowly walked across it. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to stop her teeth from chattering as she walked through the deep snow, all that could be heard was the sound of her feet touching the ground and her shaking breaths.

She stopped for a moment, looking around her as she took in the breathtaking view, but at the same time wishing she had just take up the offer on a lift back home before instead of being the stubborn person she always had been and insisting on walking home – taking a short cut across a large field.

She never did see the man who followed her all the way from the studios, she never heard his uneven breathing, his heavy footsteps and she never did see it coming when his hand suddenly clasped over her mouth and his arm wrapped around her waist. She never knew.

Tears fell from her face as she shook her head, her body trembling from fear rather than the cold now as he took her over to a darker part of the field. He never uttered a word to her, just chucked her down on the ground and laughed bitterly as she begged him to leave her alone.

She whimpered when she saw the greed in his eyes, tears trailing down her pale face as his hand made contact with it, leaving a dark red mark as she bit down on her lip and tried her best to stop herself from crying.

"You're beautiful." He finally muttered, leaning down to inhale a deep breath, "You smell good." He whispered, moving his hand to brush some hair out of her face, grinning when she cried out once more, looking away from him as she shook her head, begging with him.

She fought as hard as she could when he collapsed on top of her, but as soon as she felt his weight on hers, as soon as his hands wrapped around her tiny wrists she knew she could fight as hard as she wanted, it would never be good enough. And soon, they were both laying there on the dirty ground with him still on top of her, both of them panting as she tried her best to look away and just pretend that nothing was happening to her.

She thought about everything else she possibly could, she thought about how this was possibly the worse scenario she could ever find herself in with a sweating man on top of her. It was made worse because nobody knew where she was, nobody could know that she had been stupid enough to walk through a large field on a dark night.

She thought about her mother – she could be checking the clock, looking down at the cold dinner and shaking her head, muttering something about how she was always late no matter what. Her father would finally come home and he would walk in, expecting to see all of his family sitting in the living room, smiling up at him and instead he would just find a worried mother, pacing up and down the kitchen as she glanced at the clock.

The man pressed his lips against her cold ones, she wanted to scream then but something had frozen her in place, her eyes were threatening to close as she felt exhaustion take over her.

She kept pleading with him, her voice barely a whisper as she weakly tried to push the heavy man off her, ignoring the smirk and the look of greed in his eyes.

"I want you." He said, looking down at the girl and shaking his hand, pressing his lips to her closed ones once more. He finally reached into his pockets, pulling out a scarf, rolling it up into a ball and stuffing it roughly into her mouth, having had enough of her pleading by then.

He let his mouth trail down her body, hot tears ran down her face as she turned away from him and closed her eyes as his hands found their way to her bra. She felt horrible when his hands trailed down to her waist belt, yanking them down too easily as she whimpered in shock.

Before she knew it the pain had stopped, and he was laying fully on top of her, she could feel his heart thumping against her bare chest as she shook, keeping her eyes closed tightly. She thought about living through this for a moment and she clung onto that hope for as long as she possibly could. She was breathing. She could hear his breath on her ear, she could feel him on top of her.

He finally climbed off her, grinning down at her as he stood up and reached for something in his pocket, and then the hope was gone as the moonlight glimmered off the knife, smiling evilly at her as he brought it above his head, he brought one hand back down to remove the scarf from her mouth and he smiled down at her almost kindly.

"Tell me that you love me." Her voice was barely above a whisper as she did as she was told, hoping that maybe it would be enough to save her despite the fact she felt everything but love towards this vile man.

Repulsion, yes. Hate, yes. Fear, yes. But love? Never.

So as she whispered those final words, clinging onto the last bit of hope she had, she thought that maybe, just for a moment, that he would let her go.

But the end came for Tawni Hart anyway.

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