He was mine. Nothing could ever separate him from me now. I was too strong to be torn from his side.
Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 21, p.425

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It was the perfect star lit night sky. The full moon cast a beautiful illumination across the lawn and I watch very contently from my perfect view point at the sink. The many pleas and begging from my loves for that little wooden tree house had been worth it.

Placing my empty coffee cup into the sink I poured myself a glass of water ready to retreat upstairs. Before I could turn away from watching the sweet sight in front of the kitchen window I felt two strong warm hands circle my waist from behind. The smile easily graced my face and I finally relaxed into my husbands embrace.

"They look more than fine. You can stop fretting now my love." His voice still made my body tingle and the soft touches of his lips against my ears still brought shivers of delight to me. Turning to face him I stole a chasten kiss from his smiling lips; after all the years you would have thought the overwhelming need for him would have diminished, but it had only grown more and more intense.

"Plus while driving home from the hospital it said tonight forecasted heavy rain and if I know our son the moment that first drop hits the leaves of that tree he'll be inside wrapped in his mothers' arms." No sooner had the words left his lips did the heavens open and the screams from our son and his friend echo across the lawn.

"Mummy!" Anthony's cry of panic was swiftly followed by the complaints of his best friend Lizzie. "Ant don't be such a baby!"

Laughing softly I pulled away from my husbands arms and armed myself with a large bag of grandma's cookies ready to tempt the one stubborn child back down from a night in the leaky wooden shack. Lizzie was more like her mother and poor Jasper had his hands full with both their stubbornness.

Alice and Jasper had three children and Lizzie was their youngest. After having Fitz and Oscar the twins who were 8 going on 80 with they are calm and wise nature, Alice was desperate for a girlie girl. When I had become pregnant with Anthony six years ago I was so happy to learn that her and Jasper had decide to try for a prima-ballerina and that Alice was already two months along when I got our expectant news. Unfortunately Lizzie was not a girlie girl. She rough and tumbled with her older brothers and often had the upper hand on Anthony and as she reminded everyone often she hated the colour pink

"Liz, sweetheart it's gotten a bit too cold for a camp out don't you agree?" Standing on the ladder I smiled as I watched the curly blonde haired angelic faced little girl shrug her shoulders and grab a cookie before turning the page of her comic book. "It's not that bad. Ant's just a mummy's boy. I'm tougher. Uncle Em says I'm a bad ass and that I will be the fastest, toughest girl on his team." Her sweet voice showed her conviction at being the bravest of all her friends. As the only girl up against Fitz, Oscar and Ant she had to be that way.

Rose and Emmett were due to finally have their twins delivered later in the week, poor Rose could barely take another night of heartburn and bladder squeezing, and I didn't think Emmet could take another night of her restlessness and need to constantly have an electric fan blowing from the bottom of the bed all night. According to Emmett, it was "like trying to sleep on the back of a motor bike."

The sex of the twins was yet to be discovered. All us girls were praying for some little ladies to help keep all these guys in line; the boys on the other hand were secretly hopeful for a football team.

"Aunt Bella did you never camp out?" Looking at my friend's daughter I smiled as I looked around the small wooden walls. This tree house was brand new and one element Edward had sworn our garden needed after I gave birth to our son. It was only after the months of begging from Fitz, Oscar, Ant, and Edward himself, that I caved and gave the project the go ahead. "Yes I did. In fact I had lots of magic camp outs in a tree house at grandma Esme's with Uncle Edward." Lizzies face beamed as I myself began to giggle and smile at the memories a simple little wooden tree house could bring.

"Lizzie do you still like hearing those prince and princess stories?" This was our little secret, when the boys were not around Liz would sit for hours asking Rose, Alice and I all about the wonderful first kisses and treats our husbands had done for us...Disney had a lot to answer for. Nodding back at me eagerly I smiled to myself and was happy to have finally found a way to tempt her down from her tower, "Come inside and I'll make you a huge hot chocolate and I promise to tell you all about the day Uncle Edward asked me to be his princess."

"Night mummy." My sweet bronze haired boy whispered softly and sleepily as I kissed his forehead and pulled his covers higher over him. Climbing down I repeated my actions with Lizzie who was now sleeping on the bunk underneath. Her and Anthony had been the firmest of friends and their weekly sleepovers were a given, it was nice they shared such a strong kinship and the bi-weekly night off when Alice and Jasper returned the favour was always a bonus.

"Finally sleeping?" Edward asked as he sat at the breakfast bar of our kitchen eating the last spoonfuls of his makeshift dinner of cereal. The days mail sat waiting for his attention beside him and I noticed him smiling as he looked over the newest postcard sent from Tanya and Irina. Over the years they had become an intergraded part of our life's tapestry. Once Edward and I had settled into our new life together we took the invitation to visit them and my first impressions of Tanya proved right; she really was a sweet person who only wanted to protect those close to her. And Irina, just as Edward predicted, had become a great companion, and we often exchange emails of our recent reading materials.

"Yep both out for the count. Poor Ant is going to have his hands full keeping up with Liz. I can only imagine the trouble Jasper is going to have in another 10 years." Pouring myself a cold glass of juice I opened my husband a chilled beer. As I stood there finishing the last of my juice a thought crossed my mind, "Tree house?" I tilted my head towards the dimly lit garden. "Oh why not." Edward replied my favourite smirk gracing his face.

Together we dashed across the lawn through the light shower of rain and carefully climbed the ladder. Soon as we slid ourselves on to the floor I wrapped my arms around my husband and kissed his neck greedily inhaling his sweet scent. In return I felt his hands slip under my shirt and his thumbs softly swipe over the lace of my bra, his actions earning him his favourite moans. My lips kissed along his scruffy stubble lined jaw and his head fell backwards granting me easier attack.

Edward's moans only fuelled my burning desire to have him, it was like after all these years I could never get my fill of him and feeling this level of wanting now I wondered if I would ever get my fill of him. I really hoped not.

Wrapping his hands in my hair and pulling my head to the side he began to return my kisses. Once he reached my favourite spot under my ear right on my pulse point he pulled away to look at me. "Not that I am complaining, because, love I most definitely am not, but why the need to do this here, again? I thought we already broke in the tree house after last month when we realised it was the only place other then your car we had yet to?" Edward was looking more flushed and dishelved than when I had surprised him that night sitting here naked in the tree house on his return from work while Ant stayed over at Alice and Jazz's.

"Well, I thought it was best to tell you this little secret away from our sleeping son. Plus, where else better to tell you than the scene of the crime." Returning my lips to his neck I once again began to attack his delicious smelling neck with nips and kisses. Edward remained still and I could picture the crease that I was sure was pressing between his eyebrows right now as I moved my fingers down the front of his shirt and opened the buttons. "Bella?" his voice whispered as I was sure he was processing my actions and words rapidly.

"Yes daddy. I am."


"Their plane just landed, gate 4." I quickly called to Bella as she walked over to me from purchasing another much needed strawberry milkshake from the burger bar in the airport. At eight months pregnant and very round with our daughter she had never looked more beautiful. As I watched her sway towards me I suddenly felt myself become very jealous of the white and red stripped plastic straw gracing her plump perfect lips.

"Well at least being this size I don't have to worry about Jake trying to pick me up and spin me." Her beautiful smile and soft giggle made me smile as I rubbed her rounded stomach and kissed her neck. Even after many years of finally being able to hold her and kiss her whenever I liked, it still always felt like the first time.

Jacob and Ness were returning home for a rare visit while taking a break from their travels. Jacob's writing career had really served him well and he now had many book titles in the travel and mythology section of any worthy book store. We had all gotten to meet Ness on her first visit when they returned home to plan their wedding. Bella was right on first glance she was the polar opposite to Jacob but the more time you spent around them both, you became enchanted by their love.

"He's here! He's here!" My son's excited screams could be heard bouncing off every flat surface in range as he could not contain his joy at seeing his "uncle" Jake, I watched as Anthony almost flew across the waiting barrier in to Jacob's arms and I smiled as his giggles reached us as Jacob lifted him high above his head. "Jake put him down before you drop the poor boy, I happen to like his parents and I don't think harming their first born is a great way to enhance our friendship." Ness's scolding of her husband made Bella and I laugh as we all exchanged hugs and welcome homes.

"Wow best hold back on them thick shakes Bella; looks like your gaining a little weight there." Jacob's words were in jest and I couldn't help laughing as his joke was rewarded by several slaps from both our wives. "You're looking good loca." Jacob then wrapped my wife back into a friendly hug, his presents no longer the threat I once saw it for; I was now eternally grateful to Jacob Black for always protecting and keeping my girl safe and together when I couldn't.

"How you getting on there daddy?" I laughed as I watched my brother in yet another failed attempt to dress my beautiful wiggling niece on her changing mat. Emmett was all thumbs and the rare times he tried to change one of his daughters he got more cream and talc on himself than them. "You laugh now but just you remember you got it half as hard as me in a few weeks. This twin thing takes serious skill dude".

Emmett sounded bewildered, and as he finally got the popping buttons done up on the baby grow I never mentioned that they were wrongly paired and twisted, instead I chose to let him take some gloating in his work. "I swear how in the hell Rose feeds them both, bathes and dresses them like 100 times a day and still wants to jump my bones is a freak of nature." Emmett tried to look worn out and as he dramatically wiped his forehead he only managed to spread more baby lotion over himself, but the smile on his face radiated nothing but pride and love of his girls.

My beautiful nieces Lilly and Amber were born by c-section and my mother was there like she had been with all our children. She was always the first thing that welcomed another member of our ever growing loving family in to the world. Bella and Alice were both determined to have her be their midwife and I could see why when I helped my mother deliver our son. That memory will always feature in the top ten of my life with Bella.

"There you boys are." My mother stopped in the door way and smiled at us. I may be a grown man, doctor, husband and father, but some things will never change and like the big bear that knelt beside me, we would always be her "boys". "Jacob and Ness have asked us to join them in the garden." And with a knowing smile she turned on her heels and like good boys we followed her outside.

"Well there was more than visiting that brought us home. We wanted you guys to know that we bought a house just outside town." Jacob stood in front of the large tree that if you looked close enough at you could see the occasional piece of crumbled or broken wood board, which once made up the four walls and the home of so many memories, our tree house. He beamed with love as he looked down to his wife now wrapped into his side.

At the mention of their news Bella and Alice began to ask hundreds of questions about the house before Jacob had to interrupt them, "But…. we also wanted you all to be the first to hear that I'm going to be a daddy too!"

The last piece of news caused extra excitement as everyone hugged Ness and slapped Jacobs back in congratulations. He would be a great and proud father, his role as husband suited him and this new role would, just like it had changed the rest of us guys, be the making of him.

Bella was the last to wiggle her way to him and we all laughed as Jacob made a real point of trying to fit his large arms around her rounded frame. "Must… make … arms… fit." Jacob laughed as Ness hit him swiftly over the back of his head in a classic move learned without question from Rose. Just as he reached down to kiss Bella's head we all heard the loud gasp and watched as he swiftly pulled his arms away from her and stepped back a pace. We all followed his horror filled eyes down to his now wet covered converse, our eyes widening at what we saw.

Alice's screams of joy could without question be heard worldwide as she confirmed facts out loud for us, "It's time! It's time!"

Turning and smiling at me my beautiful wife walked, or maybe waddled would be a better way to put it, into my arms. It was time to meet my daughter.

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