He climbed the stairs with a sense of anticipation mixed with dread. Moments ago, his best friend Yoriko told him that Mr. Kitakoji wished to see him. She also told him where to find the handsome, young man: on the top of Bokuto station. Now, Aoi could feel his hands shaking as well as his knees. On top of that, he had started to sweat, his blouse already sticking to his back, his long hair making him feel flustered and hot. All for a man he'd only met once previously, the same man who now waited for him at the top of the stairs.

Mr. Kitakoji was nervous as well, though he did a good job of hiding it. He stood at the railing, watching the sunset over Tokyo, hoping Aoi would appreciate the beauty of it as well, hoping they could enjoy it together. More importantly, there was something he wanted to tell her, and to ask.

Thinking about her, Go could no longer concentrate on the sunset, choosing instead to look inward. He was remembering another time, another place, the moment he'd first Aoi Futaba. He had been running late that day. He knew he must look terrible, as flustered as he was, but no one said anything. His first impulse upon entering the station was to apologize profusely to the officers there, embarrassed that they should have to wait for an actor like him, an actor turned "Chief for a Day." But the chief simply laughed it off.

"Don't worry about it, Mr. Kitakoji." The chief said. He took a moment to scan the faces in the room. "Officer Futaba, could you come here, please?"

"Yes, chief." A small voice said.

At first, Mr. Kitakoji didn't understand what was going on. He watched as a policewoman stood gently, and walked toward them. He had seen her when he came in, but up until that moment, hadn't realized just how tall she was, or how beautiful.

The vision ended abruptly, interrupted by the squeal of the door opening. He gulped, knowing who it must be.

"Mr. Kitakoji?" came her distinctively soft voice.

He turned to see Aoi standing by the door, her long hair shining like fire in the softening light of the sun. She looked so beautiful in that light, he thought.

"Ah, Ms. Futaba, care to join me?"

"Okay," she replied, making her way over to stand by him at the rail.

"Nice sunset. Isn't it?" he asked casually.

"It is." She said shyly.

Then, there was silence between them. Go took a deep breath, trying to fill himself with courage as well. She was standing right there. This was his moment.

"I remember what you said." He said finally, breaking the silence.

"Oh?" her voice sounded, and she looked at him confused, that is, until he showed her the rose, the white rose he unpinned from his camel hair jacket, offering it to her.

"Aoi, will you marry me?" he asked then and there, catching her off guard.

Aoi didn't know what to say. All he knew was that he was blushing. In fact, he doubted he'd ever blushed so fiercely in his entire life.