Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne OAV

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A dark figure covered in a dark cloak limps around in the rain on a cold night in winter. They reach a chapel and stop at the locked gates to catch a breath. The figure lets out a feminine cry of agony and grabs onto the gates. Two more figures, dressed in white and carrying umbrellas, run to the gates and open them. "Miss! What're you doing out in the cold rain!?" one of them ask, grabbing onto the woman and helping her up. They hurry her to the chapel door and rush her inside.

"I'm Sister Ciyami and this is Sister Ryokou. Here, let me take your cloak!" Sister Ciyami said gently. She practically hauled the wet cloak off of the poor woman, who sank to the ground in sobs soon after. Sister Ryokou, younger than Ciyami, leaned over and stared at the dark haired and teary, deep blue eyed woman.

"Ciyami-san! She's-"

The woman, still sobbing, let out a high pitched scream of pain. Ciyami's and Ryokou's eyes widened and they called for the other nuns to come out of their dorms in the convent and help them with this woman. They all enter a room, a few of the nuns carrying the woman. Ryokou shuts the door behind them. On the left of the door is a painting of the Virgin Mary. There is another loud scream coming from the woman, and then the sound of a baby crying. The painting outside of the room glows faintly.. and a red tear streams down the Virgin Mary's cheek..

16 years later..

"Oh no.. Not the letter again!" Miyako sweatdropped as she stopped with Chiaki and Yamato to wait for Maron. Maron pulled out the white envelope from her mailbox; a faint smile revealed itself across her lips. Maron turned the envelope over and blinked at the pink heart sticker on the back.

"Oi, Maron, you can read the letter later! Let's get going!" Miyako dragged her feet over to Maron. She swung her arm around Maron and pulled her over to the door.

The four of them walked through the apartment doors and started to walk to school.

Maron lagged behind the others, taking time to stare at the envelope in her hand. She wanted to open it so badly. Chiaki glanced back at Maron and purposely took a few steps backwards so that he was now walking at the same pace as she was. "When are you going to open it?" Chiaki asked, looking over at the envelope.

"I don't know.." Maron looked up at him.

"Who's it from, anyway?" Miyako called back.

Maron hadn't bothered to look at the return address earlier, so she did so now. The address was 145 Bleu Ave Paris, France. "I'm not sure.. I don't know anyone from France," she finally answered. Then Maron's eyes suddenly widened as she remembered her parents who traveled around the world to design Amusement Parks. 'Could it be?..' she thought, holding the envelope close to her chest.

Suddenly she felt a warm arm placed around her shoulder and Maron glanced over at Chiaki. Chiaki smiled a friendly grin and said, "Why don't you open at your place later? And then after we could have some dinner… and… do some 'stuff'," Chiaki raised both of his eye brows up and down. Yamato and Miyako stopped dead in their tracks and sweatdropped when they heard sudden punching, kicking, and Maron's yelling from behind them.

"Baka baka… At this rate, we'll never get to school!" Miyako reached behind her and pulled Maron away from Chiaki, very slowly. The four walked the rest of the way to school, Miyako dragging Maron.

Later at lunch, Miyako and Maron sat together on a bench. Maron pulled out the letter from her pocket and turned it over to the back. Her heart began to beat faster as she slowly removed the heart sticker from the envelope and pulled the closed part open. There was a letter inside (obviously.) The letter was written on pale blue paper with white clouds, decorating the top. Maron began to read the letter:

Dear Maron,

We are sorry about the false alarm divorce. Your mother and I have talked things out and we've decided that despite our differences, if we work hard and keep hope, we can make things work out right. We are currently located in Paris, France; it's a beautiful city. Your mother and I would appreciate a visit from you, we haven't heard from you in so long.. If you like it here, you can even stay if you'd like. If you look inside the envelope you will see a check. I made sure there's enough money from the check for you to bring along three friends. However, if you can't find that many willing to visit France during the school year, don't worry about it.. Save the rest of the money for your personal needs. Please give us a call so we have an idea of when you'll be visiting. Remember Maron… we love you.


A/N -- Ojiisan means 'father' in this case… ^.^ not grandfather o_O

Maron smiled. A few tears streamed down her cheeks and Miyako gawked at her while eating a mouthful of rice. "What's the matter, Maron?" she spit out the rice SD and looked cluelessly at Maron. Maron rose up from the bench and began jumping up and down excitedly.

A/N -- For anyone who * doesn't * know, SD means super deformed. In other words.. chibi. ^____^()

"We're going to France, Miyako-san!!" Maron squealed and hugged her oblivious friend.

"France? In the middle of the school year?!!?" Miyako's eyes widened and she still had no clue what was going on. Maron showed Miyako the letter and Miyako started to dance around with Maron in an anxious way.

"What are you two so jumpy about?" Chiaki suddenly asked, as he was passing by with Yamato. Maron looked at the letter again.

"Chiaki! Minazuki-san! How would you like to go to France with Miyako and I?" she smiled suddenly. Yamato's and Chiaki's mouths dropped open.

"Are you serious!?" Yamato practically screamed. Maron nodded cheerfully.

"Does this mean I get to share a hotel room with you?" Chiaki suddenly asked, standing next to Maron. There was a shattering silence and Maron turned dark red.



After school, Maron and Miyako walked home together. When they got to their floor on the elevator, they walked out and stopped at Miyako's door. "Think my parents'll let me go, Maron?" Miyako asked, while reaching out to her door handle.

Maron nodded cheerfully and gave Miyako a pat on the back. Miyako opened the door and the two walked inside.


A/N-- I know that some people spell it 'Finn' and some use 'Fin,' but I'll be using Fin. Is Finn from the manga version..? Just curious..

Angel Fin Fish sat quietly on a cloud, waiting for her trial's results. Suddenly she heard a loud voice, "Fin-chan!!!" Fin sweatdropped as Access Time, another angel, hugged her tightly.

Fin wriggled out of Access's arms and squeaked, "Access! What did God say?"

"Oh.. uh.. that? Uh.." Access started with a shy laugh. Fin raised an eyebrow and gave him a warning look.

"You're forgiven.. but because you were corrupted, you can't become an official angel until…"

"Until…?" Fin frowned.

"Jeanne defeats Satan."

Fin pulled on some of her bright green hair with her tiny fingers and let out a scowl of frustration. "Are you crazy? After everything Maron already went through!? I CAN'T do that to her!"

"God's orders.." Access sighed.

"Is Satan even capable of being defeated?" Fin blinked. Access shrugged. Fin closed her eyes and sighed. Would Maron be angry with her?

----------------------------------------To Be Continued-------------------------------------------

So? Wha'd you think? A lot of it was copy and pasted from different versions of the OVA I was going to use.. OAV.. OVA.. which is it, by the way? I get confused.. I thought OAV was original animated version.. and.. OVA was something else.. oooh.. confused.. @.o So, if you liked it or didn't like it, please review! ^.^ If I find time, I might even continue this sometime *soon*!