A/N:Yo! Mitsukai here! This is my first story, starring one of my favorite teams in PoT, Rikkai. It MIGHT have something to do with Yukimura looking like a girl... cough. Pairings are SanadaYukimura, YagyuuNiou on the side (yes, Niou is bottom for a change), and if you squint, a bit of MaruiKirihara. Enjoy and since this is my first chapter, I don't have someone to proofread for me so sorry about misspelled words.

In any case, this is shounen-ai (I can't handle male sex...yet.) and an attempted jab in humor. I don't know the name of Seiichi's younger sister, so I decided to name her Sakura, for cherry blossom.


The Rikkai Daigoku Fuzoku Tennis Club regulars stopped at the voice of their youngest member. Kirihara Akaya, nicknamed the 'Second Year Ace', was racing at full speed towards them, specifically to a certain capped, stern, stoic vice-captain. The members immediately gathered around Sanada Genichirou, the aforementioned fukubuchou.

"What's wrong with Bakaya?" Niou Masaharu, the court's Trickster, was the first to ask. "If we knew, we wouldn't be standing here in the first place." Marui Bunta, Rikkai's self-proclaimed 'genius', was rolling his eyes at the platinum-haired teen.

"Is it me, or do you look heavier than usual, Marui..."

"You dare make any indication of my weight and you die, Niou." The redhead said indignantly.

"Guys..." Kuwahara Jackal was aware of the tension between his doubles partner and his teammate and thought it best to interfere. Yagyuu Hiroshi apparently thought the same thing.

"Niou-kun, please stop teasing Marui-kun. And no, Marui-kun, you haven't gained any weight." The Gentleman added for the tensai's peace of mind.

"Really?! Thank god..." Marui breathed out a sigh of relief. "Fatass." Niou said, the word coming out suspiciously like a cough. Marui retaliated by digging his heel into the Trickster's foot.


"Stop it, you two!" Sanada finally snapped. "Akaya! What's wrong?" The second year has finally reached them, panting and swearing loudly in exhaustion. "Akaya, don't curse in front of your senpai-tachi." Yanagi immediately chastised the kouhai. "And no, you can't curse them behind their back either." He added as Akaya opened his mouth to respond. "What's the matter, Akaya? What happened?" Sanada quickly asked the Ace before any of them could say anything more.

"Yuki...mura...buchou..." He gasped, and at once his teammates were rapt in attention.

"What?! What happened to Seiichi?!" Sanada grasped the younger teen's shoulders, immediately feeling alarmed. "Don't tell me-"

"He relapsed?! How? Where?!" Yanagi was beside the suffocating second year at once.

"It's - It's not like that, senpai!" Akaya's face was turning blue.

"Sanada, let him go!" Jackal's voice broke through the vice captain's disarrayed thoughts. "He's suffocating!"

He immediately let go of his kouhai, who was spluttering with relief that air was back in his lungs again. "Again, Akaya." Sanada took a deep breath, berating himself that he lost cool so quickly. And to think that it was because of the pretty Rikkaidai captain. Pretty. Rikkaidai. Captain. Sanada must be losing his mind to think like that.

"What happened?"


The statement was greeted with an ominous silence.

"Yukimura..." Marui Bunta's jaw was dropping.

"Seiichi..." Yanagi Renji's eyes were opened wide.

"is..." Kuwahara Jackal stood immobile.

"Getting..." Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi said at the same time, the first with blatant disbelief, the other with skepticism.


Sanada Genichirou's mouth twitched.

Niou and Marui looked at the second year. Then at their teammates. Then at each other.


And roared in laughter.

Kirihara Akaya flushed in embarrassment.

"Are... are you serious, Akaya?!" Marui clutched his hurting stomach, tears springing out from his eyes.

"We should have named you the 'Second Year Joker'!" Niou was breathless, already rolling around on the tennis court. The laughing boys caught each other's eye again and started another round of laughter.

Sanada was already massaging his temples. Jackal has yet to snap out of his stupor. Yanagi was looking from a distance, thinking deeply. Yagyuu sighed and knelt down beside his doubles partner, who was roaring his guts off. "Niou-kun, stop laughing. You're embarrassing Akaya-kun."

The second year blushed darker. "It's true!" He insisted. "Buchou's getting married!"

"Yeah right, and I'm a monk." Niou snorted, already trying to control his extreme amusement. He sat up and looked at the kouhai who was towering above him. "In case you haven't noticed, Bakaya, Yuki's already married. To tennis."

"And there's no way he's going to get married at this age. We're in middle school. And Yukimura's too busy in aiming for the nationals that he even forgets he has teammates." Marui added, straightening up, still chortling. "And if he, by some chance, is getting married, it's going to be with his tennis racket."

"But really! I'm telling the truth!" The black-haired boy would not step down in his argument, even if the facts that his senpai pointed out were close to the truth.

"Where did do get this kind of information, Akaya?" Yanagi asked him, having completed his musings. "I would like to know as well, Akaya-kun." Yagyuu added, already standing up. Apparently he's giving up on his tennis partner to stand up as well. "How did you come up with that kind of proclamation?"

"This I've got to hear. Oi Niou, stand up!" The redhead gave a sharp kick to the platinum-haired teen.

"OW! That hurt, you fatass!"

"Who're you calling fatass, old man?!"

"Who're you calling old man, you overweight pig?!"

"Tarundoru! Both of you, SHUT UP!" Sanada bellowed. The two immediately zipped their mouths shut. "Yagyuu, get Niou off the ground. Marui, knock some sense into Jackal. And all of you run 500 LAPS!"

"Not yet, Genichirou." Yanagi interrupted. "Before running laps, I would like to hear Akaya's story. Akaya, what made you say that Seiichi is getting married?"

"Well..." The younger boy hesitated, looking at his senpais before answering slowly. "Actually, it was like this..."


Akaya was in his room, taking his cordless phone from his desk and flopping down on his bed, punching in a couple of numbers. Putting the phone into his ear, he waited for the usual three rings before the line clicked and a female voice was heard over the phone.

"Hello? This is the Yukimura residence. How may I help you?"

"May I speak with Seiichi? This is Kirihara, his teammate in Rikkai." Kirihara Akaya may be the reincarnation of the devil when it comes to tennis, but still knows how to respect his elders, especially when he's out of the court.

"Oh? Kirihara-kun! Hi! How have you been?"

"Sakura-san?" Sakura was Yukimura Seiichi's younger sister.

"The one and only! Oh, you want to speak to nii-san? Wait a minute, I'll call him!" In the background he could hear her shout 'Sei-niisan! Kirihara-kun is on the phone!' and a couple of seconds later, his buchou is on the phone.

'Hello? Akaya? Is there something wrong?'

"Buchou, are you doing anything? You arrived late for practice this morning."

'Sorry about that.' Yukimura sounded really apologetic. 'I was helping my family for the flower arrangements.'

"Flower arrangements? For what?" Akaya was curious. His buchou was never late for practices now he has recovered from his illness.

'It's a bit hard to explain, Akaya. Anyway, I'm a bit busy right now. Is there anything in particular you want to ask?'

"Nothing at all! Sorry for disturbing you, buchou!" A light, tinkling laugh was heard over the other line.

'It's okay. You're our beloved kouhai, after all.' Kirihara blushed lightly. And Yukimura seemed to know this, because he laughed louder.


'Sorry, sorry...' Yukimura was chuckling. 'Seiichi!' Akaya heard Yukimura's mother called out to him. 'Tenshi's here!'

Tenshi? Akaya couldn't help but wonder. Who's he?

'Yes, I'm coming!' Yukimura called back. 'Sorry, Akaya. I have to go.' He was back on the line.

"I understand, buchou. Take care."

'Seiichi, hurry up! You still have to try on the wedding dress!'

... Wedding dress?!

'Yes, coming!' 'I'll see you in practice, Akaya!' The line went dead.

Kirihara Akaya was floored. Yukimura Seiichi is going to wear a WEDDING DRESS?! His mind was still reeling from the thought.

(end flashback)

The group was silent. Jackal has long since fainted.

"I have to see it for myself." Niou finally spoke up. "See what, Niou-kun?" Yagyuu asked his partner.

"Yuki in a wedding dress, of course!"

"Niou, you're a pervert! You and your crossdressing fetishes!" Marui yelled.

"It's not my fault that 'Roshi looks eatable in his maid outfit!"

Silence. A cricket chirped. Yagyuu shifted his glasses. Akaya looked terribly puzzled. Yanagi was smiling, making another note in his ever present notebook. Sanada was a silent as a... well, rock.

"Anyway," Niou hastily changed the subject. "I still don't believe that Yukimura's tying the knot. So what if he's going to try a wedding dress? Maybe he's into modeling girl's clothes or something."

"He's not a crossdresser like you, Niou." The redhead tensai rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a crossdresser, dammit! It's 'Roshi who wanted to-"

"Please keep quiet, Niou-kun."

"Okay, 'Roshi."

"Niou's whipped." Marui sniggered.

"Say that again and I'll personally see to your weight average, Marui."

"Shutting up."

"What do you think about this, Yanagi-kun?" Yagyuu asked the data man. "Is Yukimura-kun really getting married?"

"According to my data, the chance that Seiichi is getting married is by far, 0.01%. There must be something wrong with my data..." Yanagi muttered.

"Sanada-fukubuchou? Are you all right?" Kirihara looked at the capped third year, who was still staring dead ahead. "That's right. Genichirou, what do you think?" Yanagi asked, apparently abandoning his data for a short while. The teen didn't answer. "Genichirou? What's wrong?"

"Yukimura is not getting married." Sanada answered flatly. "How could you know that, Sanada-fukubuchou? I heard from Buchou's mother herself!" Kirihara said stubbornly.

"Yukimura is dedicated to tennis and tennis alone. And it's unusual for a fifteen-year-old to be getting married. And besides, you have no proof yet, Akaya." Sanada felt a hint of sadness when he realized this fact. It was true, and yet it hurts to admit it.

"NO! Yukimura-buchou is getting married! That phone call is enough evidence! And I'm going to stop it!"

"Hold it shrimp," Niou grabbed the second year's collar when the seaweed-haired boy attempted to march off, presumably to stop the 'engagement'. "Just how are you going to do that? Just march up to Yuki and say 'Buchou, I know that you're getting married and I'm against it!'?"

"Uh... yeah?"

"Idiot!" Niou and Marui smacked the boy on the head at the same time.

"OW! What was that for, Marui-senpai, Niou-senpai!?"

"Niou-kun, stop harassing our kouhai. Yukimura-kun will assign us a thousand laps again."

"But 'Roshiiiii..." Niou complained to his doubles partner, which sounded like pitiful whine to the others who are with them. "I am not harassing our kouhai! He's just being an idiot again!"

"Hey!" A voice interrupted indignantly.

"Akaya, if you wanna stop Yukimura from getting married, we have to know first if he's getting married in the first place." Marui casually draped his arms around the kouhai's shoulders and gave Niou a wicked grin, which platinum-haired boy returned back. Yagyuu sighed again. He could already foresee the disaster that his partner was planning. Yanagi was looking at them, interest clearly shown in his features. Jackal was still dead to the world.

Sanada looked from the Trickster to the genius, trying to comprehend what they're trying to say. Suddenly it all clicked in his mind.

"NO." He said shortly. The rest of the regulars looked at him.

"Come on Sanada! Don't tell me that you're not interested in this?! This is for your own good!" Niou was staring at Sanada as if he denied God himself. "This is Yukimura! THE Yukimura! And you're just going to stand there and do nothing!"

"I fail to see why this concerns me, Niou."

"Actually Genichirou, this concerns you more than you actually think." Yanagi just had to say it. "In chance that Seiichi would actually get married, you will be the one who would bring him to the altar, since Seiichi's father already died."

Bring. Seiichi. To. The. ALTAR. Sanada paled against his will.

"Buchou's the GIRL?!" Kirihara yelped, having realized just now.

"Bakaya, aren't you listening to the phone conversation that you had? Of course he's the girl! He wouldn't wear a dress for nothing, you know." Marui managed to roll his eyes again.

"And face it, I really wanna know the guy who managed to the the all powerful Rikkai captain into a dress." Niou smirked.

"Niou-kun, please refrain from saying things like that."

"Okay, 'Roshi."

"99.9% chance that Yagyuu is jealous." Yanagi quipped with a smile.

"I am not jealous, Yanagi-kun."

"Don't worry, 'Roshi. I'll never replace you over Yuki, even if he's prettier..."



"Senpai-tachi!" Akaya finally screamed, getting the attention of the regulars. "What are we going to do with buchou's wedding?!"

"Nothing." Sanada answered shortly. "It's Yukimura's life and we have no right to interfere with it."

"But fukubuchouuuuuuuuu...." Kirihara whined. "Don't you care about Yukimura-buchou? What if the guy he's going to marry is a perverted old man who just wanted buchou for his looks?! Or maybe it's a stalker who wants to kill him!"

"Your imagination is too wild, Bakaya. But you have a point. We should know who's the mystery guy that's going to take Yukimura away from us. Sanada, you can't be that heartless! You're his best friend! Are you just going to hand him over to a person who might possibly abuse Yukimura in the future?!"

"No." But Sanada knew he was wavering. He almost hear it. Yukimura, pleading with him to save him from his abusive husband.

"Genichirou... please... sa...save me...I can't take this anymore... he's... he's forcing himself on me..."

Damn it.

"I knew you would understand, Sanada." Niou grinned in victory as the Rikkai Vice Captain slumped down in defeat. "Yanagi, what are the chances that Sanada would agree to this?"

"Hmm... about 89%. But I guessed that a little persuasion might be in need." Yanagi answered, smiling a little at his resigned friend.

This is for Yukimura. This is for Yukimura. Sanada chanted again and again in his head.

'So we're going to stop Yukimura from getting married, right?!" Akaya asked excitedly.

"Sure we are. We're not his family here for nothing. No one marries Rikkaidai's mother and gets away with it." Marui released his kouhai and walked toward his doubles partner. "I'm going to wake Jackal and tell him the specifics. Yagyuu, Yanagi, you're with us, right? Oi Jackal, wake up! We have a mission to save Yukimura's virginity!"

"Of course. I have to watch over Niou-kun and make sure he doesn't take things too far." Yagyuu said, earning a semi-glare pout from his partner. "I'm not a kid, 'Roshi. Admit it, you're just a worried for Yuki as we are."

"I am, Niou-kun, but I still agree with Sanada-kun about leaving him be."

"But Yagyuu, Marui is also right. As his second family, we should be allowed some leniency. I know Seiichi will appreciate our concern."

"After he gives us a thousand laps..." Akaya muttered.

"And makes us practice until we drop from exhaustion..." Niou added.

And now suddenly all of them were asking themselves if it was worth it.

But seeing Yukimura in a wedding dress?

Oh hell yes.

"Who's going to see what?" A voice behind them spoke up.

"Yukimura!" "Buchou!" The team exclaimed in surprise. Akaya actually had his hand above his chest. That was close... they all thought.

"I'm back." Yukimura Seiichi was standing there in all of his glory, the Rikkaidai yellow jersey flapping behind him proudly like a flag. "What are you all doing? Why aren't you practicing?! Five hundred laps for slacking off!" The tone didn't raise one octave, and the sweet, angelic smile was still there, but the rest all knew otherwise. In Rikkai, Yukimura's word was law, and if you think you can even bend it, then you're better off digging your own grave. He wasn't the Child of God for nothing.

The wavy-haired teen sat back and looked with a sense of sadistic satisfaction as the regulars scrambled to do the aforementioned laps. Marui was dragging his still insensible partner with him, while Akaya and Niou were actually in deep conversation without shouting at each other while Yagyuu was behind them, listening in. Yukimura's eyebrow raised in slight interest. That is... something unusual. But his eyes sought another, and eventually found him, as one of the people who was lagging behind. His face had the look of intense concentration, but Yukimura knew him enough to see that he wasn't thinking about tennis, or about the practice in general. He was conversing with Yanagi, and Yukimura felt a sting of anger and resentment at his brunet friend but eventually tampered it down. He shouldn't be feeling like that anymore. Not when... Yukimura shook his head, trying to get the thought out of his head. He was in tennis practice. He could think about... that later.

"Hey, Yukimura looks a little out of today. Look," Marui nudged his head in the direction of the blue-haired boy. "Think it has something to do with his marriage?" Niou managed to keep up with him. "I think so. Probably thinking about how we're going to react if he breaks the news to us." Marui nodded with his thoughts. "I've never see him so unfocused before... bet he's not going to notice if I stopped my laps." Niou challenged the tensai. He grinned back.

"You're on."

Niou slowed his jogging until he came to a complete stop.

"Niou, another ten laps for stopping." Yukimura's voice floated over the court.

The platinum-blond cursed under his breath while the redheaded tensai was snickering at him.

"You too, Marui."


The moment everyone finished their laps they collapsed to the ground, muscles aching, their breaths shallow. Especially Niou and Marui, who had to do another ten laps, and was now being tended to by their respective doubles partners.

"I hope you guys don't slack off the next time we have practice, okay?" The smile was still affixed on their buchou's face.

Note to self: Whoever made the phrase 'a devil in angel's clothing' must have had Yukimura Seiichi in mind.

"Yukimura, you're late! Where the hell did you go, anyway?" Niou complained, sitting on the ground, his head still leaning on Yagyuu's thigh.

To their immense surprise, a faint hint of pink dusted the buchou's cheeks.

"Buchou? Why are you blushing?" Akaya asked, cocking his head to one side as he straightened out from leaning on Marui's shoulder.

Damn... Niou had just to mind me of my appointment with the seamstress... Yukimura can't help but feel embarrassed. He didn't notice, though, that there was one who was openly staring at him, thoroughly charmed by his expression.

"No-Nothing! Break is over! First set, Marui vs. Jackal! Second set, Sanada and Niou vs. Yagyuu and Yanagi! Akaya, you're going to play against me! Anyone who loses will get a thousand laps after practice!"

"What?! Yukimura, you can't be serious!"

"NOW." He was still willing for his blush to go away.

"That's it. I'm convinced." Niou muttered to them as they started to take their places on the court. "Yuki's feeling some pre-marital anxiety and he's pouring it out on us. The soon this wedding would be canceled the better."

"We're going to trash Yukimura's wedding?!" Marui asked in a harsh whisper.

"You have anymore ideas?" Niou shot back. "I personally don't want to see him being carted off by some guy we don't even know. AND I don't want him killing me with another round of laps. And if ever I want to end my life quickly, I'll have Hiroshi do it."

"How romantic, Niou-kun." Yagyuu said dryly behind them. Niou winked at him. "Only for you, 'Roshi."

"So how are we going to do this?" Yanagi popped in, dragging a reluctant Sanada with him.

"First we have to know who's the guy Yukimura's going to chain himself with. Then we find a way to stop a wedding."

"I still don't think we should interfere with Yukimura's life." Jackal said uncertainly.

"We've been there, done that and now we're fucking it to hell." Akaya Kirihara joined them. "What's the plan, Niou-senpai?"

Hell be damned if their buchou would be married without their consent.

A/N:Yes, it's crappy I know, but you can't blame a guy for dreaming Yukimura in a wedding dress. It's my sister who gave me the picture, and I swear I saw stars. I had to constantly remind myself that I was straight, but damn, Yukimura is pretty. Sanada's a lucky bastard. It almost made me wish that I was him. Almost. Hell, writing Niou made me crack up. I knew that he was a thoroughly whipped seme-uke... if that made any sense. I didn't put Jackal as much as I wanted to, but I was having fun with bubble boy (that's what I call Marui) and Niou.

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