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"Akaya... you..."

"W-What is it, N-Niou-se-senpai..." Kirihara took a step back as he saw the Trickster's murderous expression. He gulped. "You... just... have... to... open... your... big... fucking... mouth..." Niou has the kouhai's head in between his fists and was giving him a major noogie, a muscle on his cheek twitching. "OW! That hurts, Niou-senpai!" Akaya held the senpai's wrists, trying to make it stop abusing his head.

"So you want more, huh?! You want me to be rougher?!" The rubbing of Niou's knuckles on the Ace's head increased tenfold.

"NOOOOO! Stop it, Niou-senpai! What did I do?!" Akaya tried to get away from his senpai's wrath, but Niou's grip on him was surprisingly strong.

"You just HAD to remind Sanada of my laps!!!" Niou was seething. "You are so gonna get it now, Akaya! Bend over! NOW!" He forced the second year to lay down on the bench, chest first.

"E-EH?!" Akaya's eyes widened. He's not going to...! No way!

"Bend over, dammit!" Niou gritted his teeth. Damn, the brat was feisty.

"I refuse! Let me go, Niou-senpai!"

Che. And noisy too.

"Naughty brats like you are needed to be taught a lesson." Niou grinned evilly at the kouhai's position. Finally.

Akaya was already face down on the solid wood, his upper body unclothed, his ass hovering in mid-air as Niou towered over him.

"Get ready... Akaya." Niou looked positively lecherous at that moment.

"NOOO! LET ME GO! BUCHOU, HELP MEEEE!!! MARUI-SENPAI, SAVE MEEEEE!!! I DON'T WANT THIS! I DON'T WANT THIS AT ALL!!" Tears were starting to leak out of his eyes. He has never felt so violated before. And the fact that it was Niou who's doing the violating made him feel worse. While it was true that Yanagi-senpai always did this to him, he certainly didn't like it. It was always... painful. He knew that Yanagi did it to him because he deserved it, wanted it even, but Niou?! This is the worst thing that can happen to him.

"Don't worry, Akaya. If you're quiet, I'll lessen the pain for you. Understand?" Niou's malicious voice breathed against his ear, and he nodded back, whimpering. He heard the rustle of clothes behind him, and at the corner of his eye he saw a flash of white and yellow fall to the floor. He paled when Niou's hands hovered over the elastic band of his tennis shorts.

"NO! NIOU-SENPAI, PLEASE STOP! BUCHOUUUU!!! FUKUBUCHOUUU!!!" Akaya was struggling so hard to break free, tears freely falling down from his face.

No... save me... anyone... I don't want this! Not with Niou-senpai! Marui-senpai... I'm sorry.

He froze when the cold air finally greeted his bare flesh. He shivered violently, still crying, when Niou placed his hands on his legs and hoisted him up.

"Prepare yourself, Akaya." Niou's poisonous, honeyed voice vibrated through his skull and he thrashed more wildly than ever.

"Niou-senpai, please..." Akaya didn't want to beg, but if that's what it would take for the Trickster to release him, he would do anything. "Please don't do this to me... I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to make fukubuchou remember!" In all honesty, he DID try to make Sanada remember, but right now, if he would say it to his rapi- erm, captor, he would find himself limping for weeks.

"It's too late for apologies now, Akaya." Suddenly he felt himself being lifted up and his back landing against a very solid (and naked) chest. Niou's face was beside him, his hand resting lightly on the kouhai's neck while his other arm was restraining Akaya's less built torso, which was still trying to get away. The Trickster's bleach white hair tickled against Akaya's cheek, and the ace found his breath hitching, his heartbeat beating faster than anything else. "This is your first, correct? Or did you finally did it with Yanagi?" Niou's husky, deep voice on his ear made Akaya shudder against his will.

How did he know that?! That Yanagi-senpai and I are... Akaya eyes went wide with shock. He didn't look at the bleached tennis player for fear that his secret would be found out. "Seems that I was right." Niou purred, his hands squeezing Akaya's air pipe gently, making the second year gasp. "Don't worry, though, Akaya. Unlike Yanagi, I'll be gentle." Niou released his hold on the ace, forcing him down on the bench again.

Akaya barely had time to breathe when he immediately felt the searing pain in his posterior. He gasped in surprise and pain. It hurts... It hurts so much.

"NO! Stop!" Akaya bit his lip, struggling not to cry out as the pain doubled. "Niou-senpai, please stop! I'm begging you! It hurts!"

Save me, anyone!

"NIOU!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO AKAYA?!" The clubroom doors slammed open and salvation for Akaya came in the form of his strawberry-haired senpai, who barged in, looking and feeling murderous. Jackal, Yagyuu and Yanagi followed. "Get your fucking hands off him, you asshole!" Marui yelled, making Niou lose his grip on Akaya in his surprise.

"Marui-senpai! Thank God!" Akaya's face showed instant relief and he scrambled away from Niou and into the tensai's arms, starting to sob uncontrollably. Niou was rolling his eyes, already standing up from the bench.

"Relax, Marui. I'm not doing anything to Akaya." He grabbed his tennis jersey and slipped it on. "Nothing happened, I promise you."

"Then what the hell was that all about, Niou?!" Marui was still glaring darkly at the Trickster, his arms wrapping around the kouhai in a comforting embrace. Jackal was hovering above both of them, concerned for the kouhai.

"Akaya, are you all right?" Jackal asked, really worried for the ace. Akaya looked so traumatized. "What did Niou do to you?"

"Ni-Niou...se-senpai... h-he... I..." Akaya was trembling too much to form a coherent answer. He sobbed uncontrollably, trying to at least control his emotions, but the relief! This was one of the times he was really glad that he was the 'baby' of Rikkaidai.

"Shh... calm down, Akaya. It's all right now." Yanagi's hand was soothing his hair, very much like the way Yukimura would do it when Akaya was terribly upset and/or depressed. Akaya felt the tension in his body melt away slowly. "Th-Thank you, Yanagi-senpai." He wiped his tear-streaked face with his arm.

"What happened here, Niou-kun?" Yagyuu's tone was calm and indifferent. but Niou knew Yagyuu well enough to know what that meant. The Trickster flinched internally. An angry Gentleman is to be reckoned with. And Niou's saying that from personal experience.

"Akaya's being a brat so I thought I would I would teach him a lesson." He shrugged nonchalantly. "Didn't work as well with you Yanagi."

"It can't be... Niou, you know about that? About last night..." Yanagi's face lit up in surprise and comprehension. "Of course. I'm not the Trickster for nothing, you know. I figured it out when I talked to you two this morning." The Trickster snorted, trying to avoid his doubles partner's heavy gaze on him. "I thought that I would try that method, but since you did it to him already last night..."

"What are you talking about, Niou?! Yanagi, it can't be...?!" Jackal gaped in horror. "You and Akaya..."

"It's not what you think, Jackal." Yanagi quickly interrupted him. "There's a 98.23% of me being murdered in my sleep by either Marui or Seiichi if I ever did take Akaya's virginity."

Akaya's and Marui's face reddened in embarrassment.

"Then if Niou-kun wasn't raping Akaya-kun, what is he doing?" Yagyuu asked slowly.

Yanagi looked a bit thoughtful before replying:

"Akaya's still being spanked."


"For real?" Marui's eye was twitching.

"For real." Niou nodded with an affirmative nod. "Akaya's our baby after all. Puri."

"Shut up, Niou-senpai! It's embarrassing!" Akaya's face was as red as Marui's hair. "I'm not a kid anymore! Niou-senpai, how dare you! Yanagi-senpai, I thought that it was our secret! Now Niou-senpai is never going to stop teasing me about it!"

"I'm sorry, Akaya. Seiichi's orders." Yanagi sounded really apologetic. "There was an 96% chance that Niou would assume that we are having sex. I never thought that he would see through it."

"Heh. I'm a genius, aren't I?" Niou smirked.

"HEY! That line was made, copyrighted and patented my me! I'll sue you for plagiarism!" Marui yelled, still a bit insenced by Niou's crazy stunt.

"Go ahead. I'll sue you for stealing and robbery." Niou answered coolly.

"That was just ONE time! That cake looked so delicious! And you were in it too Niou! Hah! Double case against you!"

"Fine then! I'll sue you for slander! How dare you call me an old man!"

"Then I'll sue you for slander too! You called me fat! Which I am NOT!"

"I'm going to sue you both for child abuse and rape if you don't keep quiet, and now!" Jackal exclaimed. The two arguing tennis players stopped and slowly to the bald dark skinned teen.

"Did you say anything, Jackal?" They both asked at the same same, creepy smiles showing on their faces. "You really have guts to interrupt us like that..."

"Niou-kun, stop it." Yagyuu's voice came out a little steely.

"Hiroshi? What's wrong? Don't worry! I'll win over this case against Marui, so you won't be an abandoned wife! I promise!"

"Renji. Your water bottle, please." Yagyuu requested, ordered actually, in a clipped voice. Yanagi stared in him in slight surprise before wordlessly handing over his bottle.

"You're drinking from Yanagi's water bottle?! Wait, you're on first name terms with Yanagi?!" Niou spluttered as Yagyuu unscrewed the cap and let the contents pour into his mouth. Having taken his share, he gave back the bottle to Yanagi and stared at his partner, who was still in shock. He slowly walked forward until he was in front of the Trickster. Tilting his head slightly, he observed Niou behind his opaque glasses. Without warning, he grasped the Trickster's chin and pulled him close for a brushing kiss.

Niou's eyes widened significantly.

The regulars in the room were immediately silenced.

"Woah..." Marui was staring blatantly at the make-out session. "I never knew that Yagyuu was so... forceful."

"So Yagyuu has earned his spot in their relationship because of this aggressiveness. Good data." Yanagi was scribbling away.

"Akaya, don't look at them!" Jackal shielded the kouhai's eyes with his hands, blushing at the scene in front of him. "You're too young to see this!"

"But I'm just a year younger! Let me, Jackal-senpai!" Akaya protested, trying to peek through his senpai's fingers.

Yagyuu was the one who pulled back, spitting, before looking at his doubles partner, still frozen, who has a trail of blue liquid running down from his chin. "You will be punished later, Masaharu. Thoroughly." He cradled the Trickster's face with his hand.

At once, Niou's eyes rolled back to his head and he sagged against Yagyuu, completely knocked out.

"Is that..." Marui saw the trickle of blue on Niou's lips, feeling horrified.

"That's Aozu!" Jackal yelped in realization. "Yagyuu made Niou drink Seigaku's Aozu!"

"No way! Yanagi keeps a bottle of Aozu with him?!" Marui was bug-eyed, staring at the data master who has now a pleasant expression on his face.

"Good data." Yanagi said to himself, scribbling on his notebook again.

"You're scary, Yagyuu-senpai!" Akaya was already hiding behind Marui.

"So Yagyuu does get angry... and he can also also murder his own lover because of jealousy... good data." Yanagi was genuinely interested to know about that fact.

"Yanagi-senpai, Niou-senpai is dying and yet all you think about is data?!" Akaya screeched at the data master.

"As always... Aozu tastes terrible." Yagyuu was breathing heavily, still clutching his fallen doubles partner. "Thank you, Yanagi-kun." He shifted Niou to his shoulder, carrying him like a stack of rice. "I'll bring him to the clinic later to make sure that I didn't kill him."

"You're welcome. I'll explain to Seiichi about this later. I'm sure he will understand." Yanagi nodded, closing his data notebook.

"He probably would, this is Yukimura we're talking about after all..." Jackal muttered to himself.

"Yagyuu, you DID THAT ON PURPOSE?!" Marui screeched. "You... you... I OWE YOU ONE, YAGYUU! Tell me if there's anything I can do for you! Anything, you hear me?!"

"Don't mind it, Marui-kun. And I apologize for Niou-kun's inconvenience of you, Akaya-kun." Yagyuu shifted Niou so he was carrying him more easily. Niou was still foaming at the mouth.

"I-It's okay, Yagyuu-senpai." Kirihara squeaked behind Marui. "He didn't do anything to me."

"That's good. Let's go to the clinic then, Niou-kun." Yagyuu turned around and carried his still insensible doubles partner out of the clubroom, making extra sure to bang the Trickster's head in the lockers before exiting.

"I don't know whether to congratulate Niou for being lucky to have someone like Yagyuu or to wish him luck that he stays alive while they're together." Jackal was staring at the door.

"I go with the latter." Akaya shuddered.

"Agreed." His senpais nodded.

"And Akaya..."

"Yes senpai?"

"Do you mind getting some clothes on? I think Marui is going to pass out because of blood loss."

"... Oh."


Niou Masaharu's words indeed proved to be prophetic. Kirihara Akaya just had to open his big, fucking mouth.

A sleek, black car (It's a BMW, dammit! - Niou) (You're supposed to be knocked out, Niou! - Marui) entered the Rikkai campus during morning practice, and everyone stared as the vehicle parked in the teacher's parking space and a man got out, dressed so casually you would think that he was just a guest. He walked towards the school tennis courts, and the Rikkai regulars immediately feared for the worst.


Yukimura was surprised to hear the voice while Sanada stiffened. The regulars stopped playing their matches and looked at the person approaching their captain.

"That's..." Akaya's face was scrunched up in confusion, trying to remember where he had seen that face before.

"That's Yukimura's fiance!" Jackal realized, already dropping his racket and joining the others in observing the newcomer.

"Too bad Niou isn't here to see this." Marui cackled. "By the way Yagyuu, what's the verdict?"

"He's alive, Marui-kun." Yagyuu assured everyone. "Just unconscious."

"Damn, and I thought it finished him off..." Akaya muttered.

"Don't think like that, Akaya." Yanagi rebutted the second year quickly. "Be glad that it didn't kill Niou. You drank it too remember? Seigaku's Fuji drank this and fainted."

"Fu-Fuji?!" Akaya squeaked. His fear of Seigaku's tensai hadn't quite abated yet. "I don't wanna drink it anymore! One sip was bad enough!" And it seems to have recovered some bad memories as well.

"Regulars, gather up!" They heard their captain call for them.

"This is it. The big reveal." Yanagi snapped his eyes opened.

"Everyone, don't lose hope. Be brave. Whoever Yukimura's fiance may be, we will protect him until the very end. Understood?" Sanada said to them in all seriousness.

The regulars nodded firmly at his words. Geez, you would think that they are going to some kind of war now, aren't you?

Well, if you would consider what would happen in the next few months, it could be considered a miniature remake of WWII... or the start of the WWIII.


Begrudgingly, when they met the man, Sanada thought that Yukimura's fiance was... all right.

Hell, that was the understatement of the millenia.

He never had a good look at him, since he was seething too much to notice, and he were very surprised at what he seeing. Yukimura Seiichi's fiance, Isagani Tenshi, was a not the perverted old man that Akaya thought he was. He looked like he was in his late teens to his early twenties. Heck, he actually looked close to their age (which was saying something, since he knew that he didn't look like a middle school student at all...). And he's the only person who could get away with teasing their buchou and not getting killed at that second, which was an almost miracle, which they saw the man was doing to the captain, who was lightly flushing. Sanada growled and quickly closed his fingers tightly. His fists were itching to break the man's jaw.

"Sei, your friends?" He heard the raven haired man ask the blunette when the regulars drew near. "Yes." He heard the Rikkai captain saying softly. "I should introduce you to them."

"Are you sure? I don't think they like me very much. They've been glowering at me from the beginning."

So he noticed, Sanada thought with some satisfaction. You are not welcome in Rikkai.

"What are you talking about? Look, there they come. Everyone! Come here, I want to introduce you to somebody." He addressed his team.

Akaya came running to them first. "Buchou! Is that your fian-" SMACK!

"Shut up, Bakaya!" Marui, who was following behind, barked at the second year, who was clutching his throbbing head with watery eyes.


"Marui-kun, don't bully our kouhai." Yagyuu sighed.

"Please listen, everyone." Yukimura said to them sweetly, and all stood at attention, backs ramrod straight. Isagani has to restrain his laughter. "Marui, 250 laps for smacking Akaya's head. Now, I want you to meet my close friend, Isagani Tenshi. Tenshi, these are my teammates, the Rikkai Tennis Team."

Close friend my... Sanada thought viciously, trying his best to quell the jealousy that rose when he heard his captain say the man's first name. But nevertheless he raised his hand for a handshake when he saw Yukimura smile at him sweetly.

"Sanada Genichirou. Pleasure to meet you."

The man was looking at him curiously with flickering brown-red eyes. Sanada leveled the stare with one of his own, unwilling to back down from the unsaid challenge. Isagani suddenly smiled and took his hand in a firm shake. "Me also. So you're the famous Sanada that Sei was always talking about. It almost makes me jealous." He added with a backward glance to the said person, who was blushing harder.

"Really?" Sanada replied easily, although his hand tightened around the other's hand. "I haven't heard about you at all."

"What? Sei didn't tell you about me? How... unfortunate." Sanada felt the man's hand retaliating with an impressive force. He gritted his teeth and applied more pressure with his own, all the while not losing his stoic facade. The Rikkai regulars were silently cheering him on.

Go, Sanada! Show that bastard that he can't mess with our buchou!

"Yes. How... unfortunate."Sanada almost winced as the other man's grip almost crushed his hand. His hand was going numb. Damn it. Isagani Tenshi was looking at him, eyes laughing, but with an underlying challenge.

This guy is strong. But I won't lose. Not to you.

"Genichirou? Tenshi? Are you two all right? You're still holding hands." Yukimura was oblivious to the horizontal hand-wrestling that was currently happening. Both of them released the other's hand as if they'd been electrified.

"Ah, sorry Seiichi. I got carried away talking to Sanada." Isagani said to his supposed fiancee sheepishly. Sanada's hand was numb, reddened in the middle. Sanada grimaced as blood started to flow back, tiny pinpricks covering his fingers and his palm.

"Yes. I got... carried away too." Sanada glared at the long-haired man, who was returning it likewise, but with a cooler expression. Tension was rapidly growing between the two of them, and you could literally see sparks shooting out from their eyes. The air was charged with electricity.




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