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Desiree felt a pull as the man who spoke grabbed her and pulled her close, his body near enough grinding hers, she looked at Penelope as she struggled weakly with the wires and tags on her, ripping the IV from her hand in haste.

'Let her go.' Penelope pleaded as she stood up shakily, her head swimming from all the movement and the rush of energy as she stood up too fast; she swayed but steadied herself with the bed. 'You want me, not her.'

'Penelope don't say that.' Desiree said as she now saw what the man had done to her, head to toe she was near enough grazed, bruised or deeply cut. 'Just don't.'

Penelope ignored her. 'You said you always get what you want, well I'm here, I'm not there.' She said referring to Desiree as she squirmed in the man's grab.

'You're right.' He threw Desiree to the side and she fell, hitting her head as she went, he then went for Penelope, grabbing her right where the glass was in her arm. 'I decided to let you die the hard way.'

Penelope swallowed. 'Hard way?' She weakened more as he tightened his grip on her arm. The next thing she knew she was hitting the bedside table with such brute force she was completely stunned, her head not quite be able to believe what had just materialised. She huddled as she felt him connect with her body, she closed her eyes and then there was nothing, scared to open them all she heard was a scuffle, still refusing to open her eyes she put her throbbing head to the side of the bed, the magnitude of what had happened erupting every pain that had settled down.

'Goddess open your eyes, I'm back, I'm here.' Derek said as he willed her to open her eyes, when she did she saw Desiree behind him, an ice pack to her head. 'We got him, you're safe now.'

'Desiree...' She asked completely pained, both mentally and physically.

'I'm fine, a nasty bump, little cut, I'll survive, but you dare do that again and I will punish you myself.'

Penelope smiled and put her head back, feeling the release as it was all over last. 'You going to get up on the bed so a nurse can sort you out?' Penelope shook her head as Derek asked. 'Come on baby.'

'I just don't want to move for the moment.' She felt Derek lift her and place her on the bed before pulling the sheet up to cover her halfway. She then opened her eyes to see the team now outside, looking in worried. 'Can we go home now?'

'No can do baby girl.'

'I just really want to go home.'

'I know you do.' He said sitting on the bed. 'Let's get a nurse to sort you out first.' Derek told her as he kissed her forehead and left the room.

'Pen...' Desiree's voice said followed by a gasp as the nurse inspected the small cut on her head, Penelope's eyes flew open at that point. 'It's over.' She told her with such honesty that it settled into Penelope's brain again, this nightmare was well and truly over. She relaxed back, the pains weakening and intensifying as her heart beat, she then felt Derek take her hand and looked at him.

'Going to sit up princess?'

'Do I have to?'

'You need to get checked over.' Derek said and sat on the bed next to Penelope, taking her hand in his and watching every move of the nurse. He watched the hand that had the IV in it get cleared and a gauze stuck to it, he then watched her hurt arm get undressed as the blood seeped through, he saw the neatly sewn wound, the nurse cleaned it up and redressed it satisfied that the pressure had caused the blood as an initial response. He then watched a new IV get inserted into Penelope's other hand, he felt her flinch and then release as it was over.

'The doctor will come in soon to check your shoulder.'

'Thank you.' Penelope replied and waited for the nurse to reapply the monitor tags. They all looked as it raced.

'Right so your hearts beating a little fast but we'll keep an eye on it, I'd say your suffering from the shock of what just happened so we'll let you get some rest and we'll go from there.' She smiled. 'We'll get you some pain meds as well.' Penelope nodded as she laid back down as the team filtered in once the nurse had gone.

'Everything okay?'

'Everything's perfect.' Penelope said with a carefree tone feeling the most relaxed than she had in almost over a week. 'It's over after all.'


The End!


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