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Forcibly Wedded: The Billionaire's Convenient Wife.

Chapter Twenty-two.

Sundays were religiously spent with Elian, sometimes taking a turn around the gardens or simply watching a movie. But desiring a quiet nook and a lengthy book, Anzu delegated 'everything baby' to Seto.

Why should she deal with a teething infant while he dined in classy restaurants with potential clients?

Smiling gleefully about the role-reversal, Anzu walked over to Seto, kissed the bawling Elian on his forehead. "Enjoy your day," she said, patting her husband's cheek. "I know I will."

She could feel his eyes on her back even as he soothed and coddled their baby. It was, she thought, taking the stairs to her retreat, sugary sweet.

But someone, however, wouldn't let her take that needed reprieve. The insistent ringing of the doorbell was like fingernails on a chalkboard. And because she felt weird about Jeanette doing it, Anzu answered the door herself.

"What are you doing here?"

Liam smiled, his brilliant green eyes laughing at her. "Is that the greeting I get after coming all this way?" He lifted her off her feet, crushed her in a massive hug. "You've lost weight. Hasn't Kaiba been feeding you?"

"Only when I remember to." Seto walked up, and in his arms was a very pliant Elian. "I tamed the beast," he flashed a triumphant smirk. "Want to know how?"

"Later," Anzu grumbled, turned to Liam. "Put me down. I'm getting dizzy." He did. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"I think announcing it would have spoiled the surprise." He held his hand out to Seto. "My sister looks happy. I guess I won't have the pleasure of breaking your arms this time."

"There's always the next." Seto accepted Liam's hand. "I'll let Jeanette know we have company."

"Your hair is longer," Anzu observed, tugging the ends. "Now you really look like a Viking. Well, without the fuzzy beard." She patted his cheek as she had with Seto. "Smooth as silk."

When he grabbed her hand, she knew something was up. "What?"

"I don't know how to say this, or how you'll react." He sighed, felt her fingers tense. "There's someone I've been seeing, a woman, and I've asked her to come. It's not like any previous relationship. This one's special."

"Oh." Her eyes showed relief. "I thought someone was ill or dying. When's she coming? Mother did mention you were dating another floo — I mean, gal."

Liam ignored the slip of tongue. "She said she'll be right after me. Let's wait outside." He pulled her through the door, and now the were walking down the drive. "Nice flowers," he commented

"Yeah." He's nervous, Anzu thought, totally unlike her cool-headed brother. "So this woman you've been seeing, will I like her?"

Liam smiled. "You will."

Anzu didn't think she would, but when she saw a very familiar blonde exiting a taxi, she forgot about Liam's romance.

"Sheyna!" Her laughter overflowed with the excitement she felt, and when she met Sheyna halfway, Anzu hugged her in a fashion similar to Liam. "How long has it been?"

"Much too long." They held hands. "Sorry I haven't kept in touch. I've been busy."

"Who hasn't?" Anzu tugged her hand. "Come, come. I'll introduce you to my brother."

"I believe we've already met. At the wedding," Sheyna added, sharing a secret smile with Liam. "You sent him to fetch me, remember?"

"Right." The sizzling looks weren't lost on her, and Anzu thought, oh god. "You're the floozy!" she gasped.

Sheyna raised both eyebrows. "I'm sorry?"

"No, no. That came out wrong." She ran an impatient hand through her hair. "You're not a floozy. What I meant to say was —"

Sheyna lifted a hand, silencing her. "I know what you meant." Then she aimed her eyes at Liam. "You didn't tell her."

"I was waiting for you." He leaned down to kiss both her cheeks, and the gesture was both sweet and proper. "I thought it would be better if both of us shared the good news."

Sheyna snorted. "Obviously you didn't see her reaction. She's freaked."

"She's right here." Anzu waved her hands. "And she's not freaked. She's only stunned."

"I'm sorry." Sheyna sounded sincere.

"Don't be. I have to get my head around this. And," she added, grabbing Sheyna's arm. "I'll need you to help me." Anzu slid her gaze to Liam. "You'll keep Seto company, won't you?"

He looked relieved. "Sure."

There was a lovely sitting area by the man-made pond. Soft, comfy chairs arranged around a pretty pale pink table, a pot of fresh, sunny buttercups in its centre.

Sheyna sniffed them. "It's like a fairytale. The princess's garden. I'd be jealous if I was more girlie."

"I think you've just insulted me."

"Maybe a little. So," she stalled, felt a little ridiculous for doing so. "Okay. I'm going to ask. Do you have a problem with me dating your brother? Because it has happened in the past."

"You always date your friend's brothers?"

"Only the cute ones." Sheyna stared at the water, watched as it rippled and danced. "I've come to treasure the friendships I do have. It's a beautiful thing. I'd hate myself if I lost yours."

Understanding, Anzu reached for Sheyna's hands. "You make Liam happy," she explained. "I've never seen him smile like that. He's dated women dumber than chalk, so knowing he's with you, that he's absolutely smitten, makes me glad." Her eyes went cool, and her voice mirrored the change. "But if you so much as hurt him, I'll cut your heart out and feed it to the dogs."

"What if he hurts me?"

"Then I'll tell everyone he sucks his thumb and sleeps in footy pajamas. Or wears a man thong. Whichever works."

"Aren't I lucky?" Sheyna looped an arm around Anzu waist. "Hey. Do you think the water's warm enough for a dip?"

"I'm not sure. What are you doing?"

"Taking off my clothes. This is a nice blouse." She tugged the emerald silk shirt up and off. "I'd hate to see it ruined." And dived in wearing only panties.

When she'd resurfaced, Sheyna grinned at Anzu, pushed back short blonde hair. "You coming in?"

Anzu started to say no, then shrugged. "What the hell?" she muttered and started to undress.

Sopping wet, they went inside, feet bare on polished hardwood floors. They met Liam on the landing, his face avidly amused when they shivered.

He cocked his head. "Don't tell me you two got in a fight over me."

"We didn't." Anzu pushed past him. "Where's Seto?"

"He's with the munchkin. Kid woke up while we were playing a heated game of chess. So you really didn't quarrel?" He sounded disappointed.

Sheyna pinched his cheek. "Sorry. Maybe next time. I'm freezing," she said abruptly. "Let's get changed."

"Okay." Anzu poked Liam's arm when Sheyna went ahead. "Don't hurt her. She's a good person."

"I know. I'm crazy about her." He sniffed her hair. "God. You're disgusting."

"Shut up." She grumbled, then smiled all the way to her bedroom.

Dressed in loose slacks and thin cotton shirt, Anzu went downstairs, spotted Seto and Liam on the deck, and a giggling Elian in Sheyna's lap.

Always the ladies man, she thought, watching Elian plant a big kiss on Sheyna's neck. The tanned blonde enthusiastically kissed him back, her eyes cheerfully bright when she aimed them at Anzu.

"He's so adorable. I could just eat him up!"

"That's the usual consensus. Wait till he gets fussy, then he's really adorable." Anzu took her seat, lifted a brow when Elian remained in Sheyna's lap. "It seems he's taken a strong liking to you. He never gets attached to strangers."

"We're not strangers." Sheyna told her. "We played lots at your wedding. Didn't we, Eli?" When the baby babbled on, Sheyna smiled. "See? He remembers."

Liam walked in, tall and gorgeous, and kissed the side of Sheyna's head. Then plucked Elian from her arms. "Hey, pal. I hear you're teething."

Elian blinked.

"He's got good eyes." Liam remarked. "Very Kaiba-like."

"I believe that's a compliment." Seto came inside, his hair lightly tousled, his slacks perfectly tailored. And when he smiled at her, Anzu simply melted.

"Hey." He leaned down to kiss her. "Everything okay?"


Elian stretched chubby arms in Seto's direction. His Kaiba-like eyes big and pleading. "He wants you." Liam passed the load to Seto, watched as the baby snuggled. "He likes you more than Anzu."

"It's not a competition," she fired back, a little jealous.

Sheyna smiled at her. "So when are you guys going to have a baby?"

"We already have one." Seto reminded her.

"I can see that." She tried not to roll her eyes and failed. "I mean another one. Like a little Seto or Anzu."

"We haven't discussed anything." Anzu said, felt her stomach wind into uncomfortable knots. "Anyway. We've just started to figure out this marriage thing. A baby is a big step. It's too early to think about taking it."

"Oh. Okay."

"Good." She was sweating, Anzu realized, and discovered, with some pleasure, that underneath the cool sophistication, so was Seto. "Good," she said again. "I'm going to check on lunch. Excuse me."

Liam pinched Sheyna's arm when his sister disappeared around the corner. "Wait to go, love."

"I was only asking." She pouted, then quickly stood up. "I'll go see if she's okay."

"No. I'll go." Seto left an upset Elian with the attractive blond couple, his stride unbroken until he reached the kitchen.

He didn't notice Jeanette or the way she slipped out of the room like a phantom. All he saw was his wife. She was there, sitting by the island, her head buried in her arms.

He felt a quick stab of fear thinking she was crying. The she lifted her head, her eyes dry and impossibly blue when she stared.

"Are you okay?"

She blinked as if he was speaking another language. "Yeah. I'm good."

"So you said. Twice." He came to sit beside her. "Were you upset by Sheyna's question?"

"No. Shocked would be more appropriate. Not once have I ever thought about having a baby. You'll think it's selfish of me when I say I don't want one. At least not for another five years." she amended.

Seto took her restless hands in his. Kissed her forehead. "You'll be relieved to know I feel the same. We have Elian," he said. "He's taken up a big part of our lives. Another baby might complicate things."

"You forgot to mention how jealous Elian would be. He's so spoiled." She smiled, felt those knots unwound when he chuckled. "It's nice to know we're on the same page."


"We should go back. I'm sure Sheyna's mentally berating herself. She does that sometimes." Anzu linked her fingers with his as they walked. "And we might as well tell them lunch's going to be ready in seven minutes."

"You actually checked?" Seto sounded surprised.

"Of course," she huffed. "The wallowing came after."

Apologies were waved away, and with Jenette serving an excellent meal, Anzu enjoyed her little family.

She liked the way Liam looked at Sheyna. Just a step into love, into the happy romance she wished for them both.

She sought and found the gaze of her husband, and remembered what brought them together, what kept them glued.

And smiling at the baby in the room, Anzu sighed with the happiness she never knew existed. Life was really great.

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