E/O Challenge: Pressure
Here are the notes for both drabbles. Blame my lateness on Kazcon. I had far too good a time to write a drabble this weekend but - Miyo86 and Onyx Moonbeam? Hurt Dean? I had to. First chapter for Miyo86. Happy Birthday, hon. I made sure Dean couldn't breathe. This chapter for Meredith. Dean has an owie and they talk about it.
Disclaimer - Not Mine.

"…move… your…. Dean, right now."


"Just walk. That's right. Now, open…eyes…"

"Wha? Head hurts, Sam."

"No, wait, keep pressure on that. Move your legs."

"Demanding. Today. Aren't you?"

"You tell yourself that. Open your—crap, Dean, open your eyes."

"Kay. Open. Where's the car?"

"Right where we left it, you moron."

"Harsh, too. Where're we?"

"Near the car. Need you to walk. Can you do that?"

"Yeah. Can't keep my eyes open… same time. What happened?"

"It's toast. You slowed it down for me."

"I'm good. Admit it."

"I'll admit it. You 're the best Wendigo scratching-post ever, Dean."