I hope you like this story. I wanted to write something cute but slightly angsty.

Scene setting - Luke and Layton have gone with Flora to St. Mystere, because it's the seventh anniversary of her Mother's death. They are staying with Dahlia at Reinhold Manor.

Heat of the Moment...

As Flora sat on the couch in the parlour, a tear rolled down her cheek. She tightly clutched the photograph of her and her Mother when Flora was a baby - it seemed like forever and a day since she had left St. Mystere, but it was really only one year.

"Hello..." Luke muttered, quietly walking into the room. "How are you?"

"I'm okay." She whispered, wiping the tears from her face.

Luke gave her a half hearted smile, trying to look friendly and happy - truth was, he couldn't bear seeing her like this. She stared at him, her eyes sparkling, but Luke knew that her eyes weren't sparkling with happiness - it was the tears she had welling in her eyes, catching the light.

"Sit down." She said. Luke nervously seated himself next to her.

Silence fell upon the room. Tears continued to fill her eyes.

Luke moved her fringe from her face, and wiped away a single tear - He immeadiatley felt he had made a mistake.

"I'm sorry, Flora. That was a foolish thing of me to do..."

"It's okay..." She whispered, smiling. That usual sparkle returned to her eyes.

"Flora? I need to say something."


"I...I..I love - "

"Don't say it, Luke!" She cried, turning away from him.


"I know what your going to say! Just don't!"

"Why?" Luke couldn't understand why she was being so bitter.

"Because you don't mean it! Your just confusing sympathy with love!"

"What?" He hissed "Do you really think I would do that!? Of course I mean it, Flora! I love you!"

Her eyes widened.

"I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true - I wish I could be with you every minute of every day!" He carried on. Luke felt relieved to finally tell her his true feelings.

Flora continued staring at him.

"Oh, Luke!" She muttered, slapping him on the arm.

Their faces drew closer together, until -

They were kissing.

Her hands pressed against him. He had a horrible feeling that she was pushing him away.

She wasn't.

The kiss carried on, becoming more romantic by the second.

"Oh Flora. I wanted to ask you about - "

Dahlia burst into the room. The troubled pair turned to her, his hands still round her waist and her hands on his shoulders.

"Luke? Flora?"

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