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Warning: implied yaoi (no official pairing here though)



The Most Favoured

Purple. Chocolate. Stars.

Fuji Shyuuske.

A tennis prodigy, mastering the triple counters he invented and evolving them constantly.

He's an icon at school; and idol if you will. With his good grades and charming smile he easily captures the hearts of females around him.

The many who look up to him admire him in many ways; his skill in tennis, his looks, his grades and even his cacti.

Many people find it admirable that he shares his hobby so openly. Some people even began to follow his example.

As his little brother, I know all about the good things and the praise that circulate around my aniki. I already know, and accept how minor his faults are while mine are absolutely off the charts.

I understand that no matter what, my brother will be favoured over me every time.

But on night, I discovered otherwise.

When aniki isn't being his best, when someone's putting him down and favouring me over him, I'm scared.

And when I discover that, that someone is our own father, I'm terrified.

I don't want this to happen to my aniki.

Our father lashes at him again and I cringe, even though I'm not the one getting hit. I shrink down against the wall I'm hiding behind,

My father always tells me to do my best and I'll be able to reach my dream; my dream of being better than aniki. I always thought he favoured me because of my determination.

Aniki never told me why, or what happened, but now I knew.

I'm favoured because I like girls


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