This isn't my best work ever, but I'm running out of ideas! This story is just here to explain the feelings of the hero in this story, Jenny. Hmm, Jenny? Not the most dynamic name is it? It's not exactly 'Superman' or 'Wonderwoman' but it's just gonna have to do - So there! *Audience throw eggs and bricks at me* Ahh! Okay - Stop! On with the story!

Drawn To Be Different...

I will create a hero,

unlike any other,

Unlike any other? Me?

to bring this world out of these dark times -

to restore the happiness that this world was built on!

Yeah right! I've done a great job so far! I couldn't even save the mayor from Wilfre!

This hero will be the rescuer of every creature,

They will all come back!

What? Theres probably still a million others trapped in cages, all over the place!!!

People will sing songs of this hero for years to come!

Fantastic! They can all remember what a failure I was!

You needn't worry anymore! This hero cannot lose to Wilfre!

It is the last hope...

No pressure then?

Who am I kidding? I can't do this! Why does no one understand!!!??

Yeah, I know - It sucks! Bye!