The Maslow Supplemental

Ninnik Nishukan

Summary: What do you need? Different aspects of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applied to Drakken and Shego's daily lives in no particular order. Add a spoonful of uncomfortable silences, and we're good to go.
Friendship and Food

When Shego woke up that morning, she was in an almost disconcertingly good mood.

Her bed felt softer and more comfortable than usual, somehow.

Maybe that was because she hadn't fought Kim Possible that week yet, and wasn't bothered with little bruises and aches.

When she cracked open the window, the sun was bright outside, and the breeze was refreshing even though it was warm.

When she looked in the mirror, her hair still looked decent even after a long night's sleep, and she wasn't covered in the fine layer of sweat that was so easy to develop during these tropical nights. So, simply dragging a brush quickly through her hair and tossing on some sweatpants and a top, she padded out of her room towards the kitchen, already planning on going for a swim after breakfast.

This was going to be a good day.

When she walked past Drakken's desk in the lab, she saw an envelope that had her name on it, which looked like the kind of envelope he'd usually give her at this time of month; payday. Apparently, it must've slipped his mind this time; either that, or he just hadn't gotten up yet.

After a quick run through of the note inside, she discovered that her salary was a bit higher than what she'd expected. Not by all that much, but enough to widen her lazy ghost of a smile to a pleased grin. Drakken really was doing better these days. It seemed as if his new synthodrones were getting him some attention in the villain circles. People were growing more cooperative, and that meant more business and more trade. And those synthodrones were pretty handy in bank robberies, too.

No wonder he'd just ordered a massive expansion of the lair. She wondered if that meant she'd get that hot tub she'd wanted.

Humming slightly to herself, she walked into the kitchen, and instead of just gulping down some juice and some muesli like usual, she found herself dragging out the frying pan from the cupboard.

Gathering eggs and bacon from the fridge, she set to work. She'd have to take a shower later after her swim, anyway, so the grease smell didn't bother her like it normally did. These sorts of moods didn't strike her very often, so when they did, she usually went with them, just for a change. If they weren't too ridiculous, of course.

When Drakken entered the kitchen, yawning as he shuffled in on his fuzzy slippers, he stopped cold just inside the doorway as he caught sight of his sidekick.


Was wearing an apron.

Shego was up at eight am. On a Sunday.

Wearing an apron.

Cooking. While wearing an apron. At eight am. On a Sunday.

Shego. Apron.

He checked the calendar on the kitchen wall. It wasn't April first. Or his birthday. Or time-to-ask-for-a-raise day. Not that she'd ever worn an apron for any of those before, anyway.

Pulling his robe properly closed over his pajamas, he tip-toed towards her, gently clearing his throat.

"What are you doing?"

She looked up. "Morning, Dr. D," she said in a preoccupied sort of way, promptly turning back to the frying pan. "I just, y'know, thought you might like some breakfast. It's almost done."

He blanched. "Oh, snap— you're not wearing a Moodulator again, are you?"

That made her drop the spatula. "Excuse me?"

He shook his head in disbelief, launching into a bewildered, babbling rant. "I mean, why are you doing— that's my favorite kind of breakfast! Why are you— for me? You hate cooking and you hate the grease smell! And if you're doing something you hate, it can only mean your mind's been altered somehow!"

Sending him a flabbergasted look, she reached out to stop him. "Dr. D, would you just calm dow—"

He froze, staring at her hand. "You're not going to try to kiss me, are you?"

She took a step back, gripping the counter as she gawked at him. "What are you— have you gone insane or something?"

"B-b-but you're— bacon! Eggs! Apron!" He spluttered, pointing a finger at the stove. "And it's for me!"

She gave her head a slow, befuddled shake. "And so what?"

He gaped at her for a moment before shutting his mouth. "But…but why?" He asked eventually, in a feeble voice.

She'd finally had enough, then. "Fine! Whatever!" She snapped, pulling off her apron and chucking it in the trash. "That's the last time I'll ever try to do something ni— guh! Whatever!" She shouted as she dumped his breakfast in the sink with a loud clatter.

Drakken stared after her as she stomped off in a huff.

A few seconds went by before his brain kicked into gear again. "Oh," he muttered, looking down at the mess of eggs, bacon and grease in the sink. "Nnnngghh!" He went on, rubbing his face even as he grimaced sharply.

Well, that could've probably gone better.

He supposed he'd have to attempt to handle it a bit more…sanely the next time she did something like that for him.

Too bad it was probably going to be a long, long while before she'd ever bother to be nice to him again.

But what did she expect, anyway? Shego cooking him breakfast, out of the blue and at her own initiative, was about as common an occurrence as Kim Possible deciding to skip crime fighting for an evening to rearrange her stamp collection!

Sighing, he went to get himself some coffee when he noticed an unharmed piece of bacon lying on the counter.

He picked it up and carefully tasted it.

It was perfect.

Again, he sighed, but this time, there was a note of gastronomic delight within the resignation.

Apologizing didn't come easy for him, but it looked like he was due.

Squaring his shoulders, he walked out of the door, on a mission—

—but then he doubled back for a glass of juice and a bowl of muesli.

When he was halfway down the hall, he turned on his heel again and ran back for a grapefruit, stuffing it into the pocket of his robe.

It was probably wise to go into this particular battlefield waving the largest white flag he could find.


"What are your ambitions, Shego?"


She lowered her magazine, blinking up at him from her chair, slightly disoriented. She'd been reading a rather good article about the science of snake venom.

"Ambitions?" Drakken repeated, waving a hand. "You know, plans? Do you have any?"

"You've got more than enough for the both of us, Dr. D," she said as she tucked the magazine away into a box under the lab table. If he'd noticed she'd been reading one of his copies of Science Illustrated, he didn't comment.

He pursed his lips, narrowing his eyes at her with suspicion. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing," she said innocently. "Besides, if I actually had any plans, you'd probably already have like a dozen of your own to tell me about before I'd even get a word in edgewise."

"Fine, then— tell me about your plans," he challenged waspishly, still suspecting that she'd just enjoyed a private joke at his expense. Let's just see her do better!



She rolled her eyes. "Well, I don't actually have any right this minute— I was talking hypothetically."

His expression turned smug; it wasn't often that he was able to prevent her from throwing back some snappy remark. "Thought so."

Provoked by his arrogance, she couldn't resist defending herself. "Look, I'm not— I like living in the moment, okay? And my goals are basically to stay out of jail, make plenty of money and lead a life that doesn't bore me—" She paused, shooting him a suspicious look. "—and you're so just using this whole conversation as a set-up to tell me about your latest scheme, aren't you?"

For a second, he vaguely resembled the Go family cat; the way it had usually looked whenever she'd pulled its ball of string away. "Actually— um, I don't really have any ideas right now, either," he mumbled reluctantly.

"You're kidding."

It just figured. The one time he'd actually bothered to ask her about her plans, it was just because he didn't have any himself. If she did have any ideas, she thought, glowering at him, he'd probably conveniently forget they were hers and pass them off as his own later on.

He shook his head, cringing a bit before he drew himself up again with certain air of defiance. He'd been so enjoying putting her a little off balance, but now it seemed she had the upper hand once again, and it vexed him so. "No— so I figured maybe talking to you would help me brainstorm, but since you don't have any real ambitions—"

"I guess ruling the world wouldn't be bad," she said half-heartedly, shrugging.

Not noticing her lack of enthusiasm, he sent her a wistful smile. "It really would be nice, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, but so far we haven't gotten any closer than what we were three or four years ago, ya know."

His expression went from dreamy to crestfallen; she just had to say it, didn't she? It was hard to maintain grandiose fantasies around her natural skepticism; he still wasn't quite sure whether that was a good thing or not. "Well, if it hadn't been for Kim Possible—"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Shego interrupted him, shaking her head.

Drakken sighed, walking over to the couch and sinking down onto it. "Sometimes I wonder what's the point."

Shego followed suite, sighing as well. "Only sometimes?"

His expression drooped further, and he sent her a helpless look.

Rolling her eyes, she patted his shoulder comfortingly. Drakken almost jumped at that, but then relaxed just as quickly, regarding her profile with equal parts astonishment and gratefulness. It looked like apologizing after that whole breakfast fiasco last week had been a smart move. A more sympathetically inclined Shego, even as cynical as she could still be, was nice to have around when you were feeling a little uninspired and directionless.

Shego gave his arm one last reassuring squeeze before picking up the remote control and turning on the TV. Maybe he'd get some ideas from watching and would stop moping around.

She turned on the news, and for some reason, he perked right up at that.

That sure didn't take long, she thought, shaking her head.

Drakken was now pointing excitedly at the screen. "Look, Shego! Look who it is!"

She tilted her head. "Yeah, it's that guy, that Japanese toymaker—"

Drakken nodded. "Hiroshi Nakasumi!"

She shrugged. "Right."

Drakken stroked his chin in thought as he studied the TV screen. "I wonder what Tokyo's like this time of year…"

"Crowded," she said flatly. "Why?"

A malicious grin was spreading across his face now. "Because I think I've got a job for you, Shego."

(End Supplemental).

Author's note: All pre-So The Drama.

I figured there had to be some reason why Shego was pretty supportive of Drakken in So The Drama, and I concluded it was because he'd finally gotten his shit together. The lair shown in StD seemed to be bigger, had a more extensive and more professional staff, and all in all, they seemed to have more money than usual. I'm sure more respect equals more goodwill from Shego. Drakken doing better would mean less frustration and annoyances for them both, anyway, which would prompt even a villain to be a little nice— well, towards other villains who are teamed up with them, that is. Not towards people in general. XD

The science of snake venom: Headline from the newest edition of Science Illustrated. I suppose she runs out of fashion magazines sometimes and starts browsing through his— or maybe she just gets tired of fashion magazines once in a while.

Hiroshi Nakasumi: As far as I know, Nakasumi was never given a first name. I just picked Hiroshi because it's fairly common.

Shego cooking bacon very well: Fanon usually makes Shego a terrible cook. There's nothing on the show to indicate her level of culinary skill, however, so I basically make her a good cook whenever I want to, and a bad one whenever I want that instead.