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To all fanfic readers, have you read any "Taiora" stories that stick out in any way? Have you read one that's so unique, so one-of-a-kind, so different, and so good that you thought your brain would burst??? Well, guess what!

This story isn't one of them. Oh, well.

Anyway, this story is dedicated to all you wonderful Taiora fans, and to the awesomely wonderful characters of Taichi "TAI" Kamiya, and Sora Takenouchi!

From Courage To Love - Prologue

The Digital World.

It's a place of mystery, hilarity, danger, wonder, and delight! And then there's the Digimon!

The harsh crackle of leaves under someone's footsteps gave the impression that someone wasn't in a particularly good mood. Yamato "MATT" Ishida kept traveling forward, hands in his pockets, head down. Followed by a Gabumon, he wasn't exactly alone, but he desperately wished to be.

"Matt, please! This is foolish! We should rejoin the others to battle the Dark Masters! The only thing all this solitude will attract is trouble!" argued Gabumon. But Matt hardly heard him, forcing Gabumon to continue to speak. "Can we at least sit down? I'm dead tired of all this aimless walking!"

"All right, all right already!" Matt said, slightly annoyed. Matt just hadn't been himself after coming back to the Digital World, and then there was his huge conflict with Tai…

Matt then suddenly noticed something strange. Not exactly evil, just…strange.

Mist. Completely enveloping their surroundings.

"W…where's all this mist coming from, Gabumon?"

Gabumon looked around for a second, then gave a sigh of relief. "Don't worry, you have nothing to worry about!"

"Why? Where are we???" asked Matt.

Gabumon began to explain. "This is the Forest of Lost Thought! Sometimes when other digimon are lost, hurt, or confused, they drift here. They all sit down, rest, and think things through. You know, to clear and collect their thoughts. After that, they leave and continue on their way."

"That makes sense," Matt replied.

"But it's more than just that," Gabumon continued. "Another strange thing about this forest is that time and space have no meaning here. Many digimon that existed centuries ago, or haven't even been born yet have crossed through this place all at the same time!"

"Drop the lecture, will ya!" Matt hissed. "I need some time to think for myself. About what I did to Tai, and what I almost did to Sora, T.K., and the others."

Gabumon got a little annoyed at this change in conversation, to say the least.

"Not this again! Matt, I'm going to keep telling you the truth until you get it. What happened wasn't your fault! We were both under the influence of Cherrymon and Puppetmon! They twisted our thoughts and confused us into fighting our friends!" Gabumon argued.

"What about when you couldn't digivolve to help the others beforehand? Was that Cherrymon's doing, too?"

Gabumon started to get angry. "I don't have the answer to everything, Matt! But you're going to have to trust me when I say that it wasn't your fault, and that it'd be a smart move to link up with the others!"


"Huh, what was that?!?" asked Matt, a little worried.

"I told you, I don't have all the answers to…oh, you meant that," replied Gabumon. A figure was approaching them at a moderate, steady pace. It's features were hidden, camouflaged by the mist.

Matt couldn't make out who was coming towards them, but as it got closer, one thing became certain. It WASN'T a digimon.

Matt and Gabumon gasped as they saw exactly who it was…

"No, it can't be! How???" Matt exclaimed.

"I see it, but I don't believe it! How did YOU get here???" Gabumon said, astounded.

All Matt could do now was look on, completely stunned. "It's…it's…"

Oh, great! The last thing you readers need right now is a cliffhanger! And at the end of a prologue, even! Some writer I am! (Well, I AM a newbie here, still.) Anyway, this is gonna be a looooong fic (maybe)! But the main theme here is simple Taiora! You won't understand what's going on until I write the next few chapters! Sorry! The humor will come in due course, as well, so sit tight! Please R&R!