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Sky-Hunger and the Newest Idiot

It was common knowledge, no secret whatsoever, that seekers loved the sky. They got claustrophobic if denied access to the sky for too long, and if they didn't fly for at least a few earth hours a day, they got cranky to the point of depopulating his troops. They needed to fly, and to fly often. This was one of the reasons why the Decepticons had so many air-patrols per earth day.

This, however, took the cake, icing and energon goodie as a snack included.

Sunwingday was odd, even by seeker standards. He strutted around the place with the normal amount of arrogance, but when approached by a grounpounder, he either stomped away in a huff that 'one of them' had the nerve to speak to him or offer an extremely aggressive and violent response to whatever was said.

He refused any energon delivered by anymech else than a fellow seeker, threw a Starscream-worthy tantrum whenever somemech proved stupid enough to try sitting next to him during shifts, and, quite frankly, was the second most annoying seeker in Megatron's army, thought so by both the Overlord and the other seekers.

And he only had been there an few joors.

But this... wow. Just wow.

As mentioned before, seekers loved the sky. They got tetchy when denied to fly, but were obedient when the sky-hunger was satisfied, and returned quietly to the ship. Not Sunwingday, it appeared.

With a mix of shock, confusion and just plain WTF?! Megatron watched as one of his newest seekers screeched seemingly in agony, wailing in seeker-cant, yelling in common to be let back out to the sky, mixing in a few praises to the 'great blue wonder' outside the ship and above the sea, flailing around the whole room like a malfunctioning diesel-chicken. His two trinemates run after him, trying to grab him, murmuring soothing nothings in seeker-cant, trying to calm him down, more than used to the situation.

Megatron watched, wondering if he should shoot the glitch, laugh or hide in his chambers, drinking himself into the stupor over the quality of his newest recruits.

He looked towards his Command Trine and the Coneheads (who had come in with the idiot currently pressed into the ground by his trinemates), and did a double take. Then he smirked.

It was a quite entertaining to watch five fully-upgraded seekers trying to hide behind the tiny (in comparison) frame of Starscream, though, identical expressions of disbelief/slight fear coloring their face-plates.

He so wished for a camera so he could capture the look on his Air Commander. Good luck dealing with this one.


The bunny is as follows:

No matter what may be the main preoccupation for a culture, there is always a limit to it, a line that states that it's too far from the norm and you shouldn't cross it. The same goes with Seekers. So, what happens when a Seeker becomes obsessed with a sky to such a degree that it's not only frowned on by other Flyers, but actually frightens them to a degree with the intensity of the obsession?