Summary: Follow Harry Potter's descent into darkness. Where there are vampires, there will be power, blood, and sex. . . All things that Harry begins to develop a taste for. Indulging in masochistic galore and forbidden magic, the wizard that's expected to save everyone from the Dark Lord starts to walk a path that leads him to become a Dark Lord himself. The temptation? Draco Malfoy.

Set during Half-Blood Prince. Will be relatively long.

Warnings: Mild coarse language. A bit of violence, a lot of blood, and some sexual content in later chapters. This is a Draco/Harry story. Slash. If male-male situations bother you, turn back now.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to J.K. Rowling or Dimmu Borgir. My vampires are NOT like the Twilight vampires. They don't fucking sparkle.


"I don't even know you anymore, Harry!" Hermione cried though thick sobs.

"Maybe you never did" he replied, casting a dark glance before walking away.



The Serpentine Offering

My descent is the story of every man

I am hatred, darkness and despair

Under his Invisibility Cloak, Harry had snuck into the train compartment where Malfoy was sitting with a few of his fellow Slytherins; Parkinson, Zabini, Crabbe, and Goyle. Malfoy's eyes had followed him the entire time as he hoisted himself up onto the luggage rack, but Harry chose to ignore it as logically, he knew that there was no way Malfoy could know he was there. Still, the cold gaze of the grey eyes was unnerving.

Harry listened in on their conversation, at the end of which, Malfoy commented that he could see Hogwarts. After the group had put their robes on and the train had come to a halt, he urged the others to go on without him. It was at this point, when Malfoy closed the blinds of the compartment and shut the doors, that Harry began to panic.

"Expelliarmus!" Draco said suddenly, robbing Harry of his wand and by extension, the chance to defend himself. The force of the spell made Harry tumble off the luggage rack ungracefully. He pulled himself into a kneeling position, trying to hold onto a strand of his dignity. He still had the Cloak on.

"That's right, kneel before your superiors, Potter" Draco smirked, his wand aimed at Harry's face.

Harry slowly rose to his feet, weary of the wand that could attack him at any moment. His wand lay out of reach. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment as well as indignation. Confusion was also evident on his face: how could Malfoy see him?!

Draco smirked at him again. The boys stared each other down silently when the train began to move again. Panic lit up Harry's eyes while Draco remained unmoving and unconcerned. Harry, angry and without means of attacking Draco magically, lunged himself at the pureblood wizard with all his strength. His fist connected with the blonde's jaw and an audible crack could be heard, but Draco didn't flinch. Harry stared in horror at his fist which was covered in blood, but it was not Malfoy's. It was his own.

"How dare you touch me?!" Draco said quietly, dangerously. . .

"How can this be. . .?" Harry said, shaking his head and backing away. The train was gathering speed, taking the teenagers away from their school.

"You are as weak and pathetic as ever, Potter" Draco spat. He wiped some of Harry's blood off his face with a disgusted expression his face. Draco slapped Harry across the cheek, hard. The black-haired wizard flew sideways through the wall and into the next compartment. Draco walked into the corridor and towards the door that led to the platform (when the train was still). Trees and hills were speeding past as the train crossed a long bridge.

Draco pried the tightly shut doors open with his deceivingly delicate-looking hands and glanced back at Harry. "Never mess with that which you don't understand" he said menacingly, and stepped swiftly out of the speeding train, falling a hundred feet to the ground below.

Harry looked on, horrified. Had he just witnessed Draco Malfoy killing himself? Little did he know that the pureblood had landed gracefully and was running with unnatural, inhuman speed towards Hogwarts. He wouldn't even be late for the Feast.

Waiting for the train reach the other side of the bridge, when the ground was only a few feet away, Harry followed Draco's lead and jumped out of the now-open door. He hit the ground with a thud, rolling over on the grass. His hand was broken from contact with Draco's face, and his face was pounding from the blow from his hand. Harry lay on his back, panting from the adrenalin. He vaguely remembered feeling lightheaded before passing out from loss of blood.


Back at Hogwarts, Pansy welcomed Draco to his seat at the Slytherin table. "You've got blood on your cheek!" she exclaimed quietly, not wanting to draw attention to this fact.

Draco wiped the last little bit of Harry's blood from his face with his finger, which he then licked. He recounted the story of what had happened on the train, his friends laughing the entire time.

"Draco, do you think it was wise to display your power in front of Potter?" Blaise commented.

"Please, I would hardly call that power" Draco replied with a nonchalant wave of his hand. He lifted his goblet of pumpkin juice to his lips but did not take a sip. "He hasn't seen anything yet" he added darkly, smiling.

Over at the Gryffindor table, Hermione and Ron were looking about worriedly.

"The feast is about to begin and I haven't seen him" Hermione said quietly.

"Maybe we should tell one of the teachers" Ron replied. 'Always has to be the centre of attention' he thought, annoyed.

"Yes, I think so too" Hermione said, leaving her seat. She scampered up to the teacher's table, not drawing much attention as the Great Hall was still bustling with people. "Professor Dumbledore!" she called when she arrived at the table.

"Good evening Miss Granger" the old wizard replied pleasantly.

"Sir, Harry's gone" she told him.

"When last did you see him?" Dumbledore asked calmly, lowering his half-moon spectacles.

"He boarded the train with us, but we were separated when Ron and I had to attend to our prefect duties. We haven't seen him since"

"Oh dear" he replied. "Thank you for alerting me to Mr. Potter's absence. I'll make sure he's found and brought to the castle".

Hermione made her way back to her seat beside Ron at the Gryffindor table and told him that Professor Dumbledore would handle it.


Harry's emerald eyes fluttered open. He saw around him a room that he'd seen more times than he would have liked: the Hospital Wing. 'Why am I here?' he thought. The bright light was stinging his eyes slightly.

"Ron! He's awake!" Harry heard Hermione whisper. He reached for his glasses on the bedside table.

"Hi guys" Harry smiled weakly. Ron returned the grin and Hermione beamed.

"We were so worried about you, Harry! Dumbledore told us what happened" the witch informed him.

"Yeah, mate, you sure did a stupid thing" Ron chipped in, nodding.

"What did happen?" Harry asked. His head felt fuzzy.

"Apparently, you failed to disembark the Hogwarts Express, and like a total idiot, you jumped off of it while it was moving!" Hermione said shrilly. "Snape found you unconscious and bleeding, and brought you back here".

"Your hand was broken and your face was badly bruised. You had some minor injuries from the fall, but they've all been healed magically now" Ron said.

"So why am I still in here then?" Harry asked, annoyed.

"Because you were comatose! You must have hit your head or something when you jumped off the train!" said Hermione incredulously.

"Oh" was all that Harry replied.

"Are you serious?! Why didn't you wait til you got to London to disembark, and send an owl to Dumbledore from there? This is just like second year. . ." Hermione let out an exasperated sigh.

"How's Malfoy? He's in here too, right?" Harry changed the subject. He looked around at the other beds, all of which were empty.

"Malfoy? No, why would he be in here?" Ron asked, confused.

"He was at the feast like the rest of us" Hermione commented.

"What? No, he can't have been. He jumped off the train too" he argued angrily, upset with his friend's ignorance. 'Not to mention, I could hear him speaking' Harry added mentally.

"No, Harry, he was being his usual obnoxious self - totally normal - at the feast" Hermione said slowly, as if he wouldn't understand. Harry proceeded to tell his best friends the story of what had happened between him and Draco.

They didn't believe him.

"Harry, are you sure?" Hermione asked through concerned eyes.

"Would I have told you that whole story if I wasn't?" Harry snapped back. Hermione and Ron shared a look that suggested they knew something Harry didn't. Suddenly he felt left-out, and immature for feeling that way. "Look, I need to rest a bit okay? You guys go on ahead and I'll see you in the common room later".

Ron and Hermione left Harry to his thoughts.

'What is he?' was the one that kept recurring.

'What am I?' Harry heard Malfoy's snide, drawling voice ask, but it sounded as if it came from within his own head.

'Where are you?!' Harry yelled, afraid but not showing it.

"Mr. Potter! Are you alright?" Madam Pomfrey asked, popping her head around the door of her office.

"Um, I'm fine. Can I go now?" Harry was already scrambling off the bed and to his feet.

"Well yes, I suppose so" she replied, but Harry was already running past her and through the doors of the Hospital Wing. He kept running until he realized that he was going the wrong way. He was almost by the dungeons, and Gryffindor tower was in the opposite direction. But he didn't want to go to Gryffindor tower for fear of confrontation with Ron and Hermione.

'As weak and pathetic as ever' Malfoy's voice said inside Harry's mind. Harry cast a time-spell and realized that classes were over, and most people would be at dinner now. His stomach growled at the thought. Reluctantly he walked all the way back up the stairs and into the Great Hall. From across the hall, Harry could see Malfoy conversing with his friends, flirting with Parkinson.

Harry caught his eye and was about to look away when he noticed something. A red glint in Malfoy's pupils, exactly like Voldemort's. Harry blinked in surprise and then it was gone again. From that far away, he couldn't even be sure, but that was what he thought he saw, and it sent shivers down his spine.

Evoked and entertained through centuries

Wrathful and sullen

Dormant still

A few days later, sitting at breakfast, the familiar screech of the post owls could be heard in the great hall. Harry missed the letters he used to receive from Sirius, and so he was expecting none. Which was why he was surprised when a letter landed neatly on top of his toast. Even before picking it up, Harry could recognize the curly, slanted writing as Dumbledore's.

"What's that, Harry?" Hermione asked curiously.

"A letter from Dumbledore" he replied. He made a mental note to try not to sound so annoyed with her when he spoke. Harry opened the letter and read it to himself while Hermione tried to read over his shoulder.


Dear Harry

I would like to start our private lessons this Saturday.

Kindly come along to my office at eight p.m.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore

P.S. I enjoy Acid Pops.


For some reason, Harry was angry all of a sudden. 'Why does he think he can summon me like some dog?' he thought. He then reprimanded himself for being so immature.

"I wonder what he wants to talk about" Hermione said excitedly.

"I wonder what he's going to teach you? Probably some kick-ass curses and advanced magic" Ron asked eagerly, with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

"They're called PRIVATE lessons for a reason" Harry snapped, crushing the parchment beneath his fingers. He was tired of Hermione and Ron always sticking their noses in his business.

"Harry, calm down!" Hermione said. "Don't get upset with us, we're your friends!" She sounded hurt.

Harry just shook his head in annoyance and got up from his seat. "See you in class" he said, and walked away. As soon as he was out of the Great Hall, he had no idea where to go.

On Saturday evening, Harry made his way to Dumbledore's office, not looking forward to meeting with the old man for some reason, but still eager to discuss his theories about Malfoy being a Death Eater. Ron and Hermione had listened to his hypothesis, but neither had seemed convinced, to Harry's annoyance.

"But he was obviously just showing off for Parkinson, wasn't he?" Ron had said. It irked Harry that after all these years, his friends still didn't trust him. 'But no matter,' Harry thought darkly, 'I don't need their thumbs-up, I know what I know, and I know I'm right'.

"Good evening, Harry" said Dumbledore, his blue eyes twinkling.

"Likewise, Professor"

The ferocity pervades everywhere

Waiting to be released at last

"So what happened in the lessons, Harry?" Hermione asked Harry the next day at dinner.

"Dumbledore showed me some memories of Voldemort when he was younger. Nothing significant" Harry replied, once again inexplicably annoyed.

"Nothing significant? Are you sure?" she asked skeptically.

"Did I not speak clearly? Didn't you understand?" Harry asked.

"There's no need to treat me like this" Hermione said, tears brimming her brown eyes. They reminded Harry of mud.

'Muddy eyes for the mudblood' Draco's voice resonated in Harry's mind again, like in the hospital wing and in the dungeons.

"No one asked you" Harry said softly.

"Harry!" Hermione said, shocked and hurt.

"Not you! I was speaking to Malfoy" Harry told her, scoping the Slytherin table for said blonde. He was no where to be seen.


Harry grew distant from Hermione and Ron, and became increasingly obsessed with Malfoy. He knew something wasn't right. . . Wasn't normal. But then again, what part of his messed up magical world could be described as normal?

Harry took to following Malfoy's dot on the Marauder's Map. One day he decided he needed to ask Malfoy what was going on; there was non other way to know.

'Why should I tell you, Potter? What motivation is there for me?' Malfoy said in his head.

When Harry tracked Malfoy down at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, the blonde-haired Slytherin was standing with his back to Harry, stroking a thestral.

"Because I need answers and I'm imploring you" Harry answered the earlier question, desperate for the mystery of Malfoy's absence from the map at times to be clear. And for the reason for his voice in his head to be explained.

"To what end, Harry? What will I get for revealing all to you?" Draco said out loud, not turning around to look at him.

"I have nothing to offer" Harry said dejectedly, appalled at the weakness in his voice. 'This is my enemy! Why am I practically begging him?' Harry thought.

"We are enemies because you made it so; rejecting the hand of friendship I extended five years ago" Malfoy said, finally turning around. "But it is not so that you have nothing to offer".

"Oh? And what could you possibly want from me?" Harry asked disbelievingly.

"If I answer your questions, you must make a blood-debt" Malfoy said, smiling menacingly, his perfect features radiating regality.

Harry didn't know what he meant by blood-debt, but it wasn't pressing at present. He had other questions.

Hear my offering

Ye bastard sons and daughters

Share my sacrifice

'I will answer your questions' Malfoy said in Harry's mind again. Malfoy took a yellowed scroll out from his robes and handed it to Harry. 'This is a contract' he answered Harry's unspoken question.

The mysterious Slytherin made a laceration on Harry's palm with his wand. Harry gasped in surprise Malfoy grabbed him by the wrist and wiped his hand over the scroll, smearing the blood over the old parchment..

"Now you are tied by blood to the debt which you now owe me" Malfoy snarled. Harry noted subconsciously how sharp the blonde's incisors looked.

'Now ask your questions' he said with unmoving lips.

"Why?" asked Harry without hesitation.

Malfoy answered, "Because of my blood".

"You're not. . . human" Harry stated rather than asked.

"No. That much should be obvious to you, Potter" Malfoy said somewhat seductively, releasing Harry's wrist which he was still gripping rather forcefully. Harry's skin burned where their skin had made contact.

"What are you?" Harry asked, clenching his left fist to stop the bleeding cut that Malfoy had made. 'Should I be afraid?' he added in thought.

"What am I indeed" Malfoy laughed. A gust of wind blew his long fringe out of his eyes for a moment before it fell back into place. 'Only if you fear death'

"You're going to kill me?" Harry asked in fearful surprise.

"Eventually" Malfoy replied calmly.

"You're as vague as ever" Harry said in frustration. "Are you going to tell me anything?"

'No, but I can show you. . .' Malfoy said, eerily reminding Harry of Tom Riddle's diary in his second year.

Harry watched Malfoy intently for a few seconds, not seeing any noticeable difference. Malfoy closed his eyes. Harry was just about to get irritated when he caught sight of the barely noticeable veins that were showing through Malfoy's pale skin. After a few more seconds of stunned silence, the veins had grown darker and snaked their way over Malfoy's neck, jaw, and forehead, sending shivers down his spine.

Harry saw Malfoy's eyelids slowly flutter, opening them agonizingly slowly, his gaze finally meeting with Harry's; irises pools of the deepest red.

Reconcile not with the fear of the snake

But embrace it as your own

And replant the seed that gives growth

'And now you pay the first installment of your blood-debt' Malfoy said wordlessly, taking a step towards a stunned Harry.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked in panic as his space was invaded. Malfoy was much too close. . . Again a memory surfaced, this time of Cho Chang's lips meeting with his.

Harry's mind suddenly went blank however, as he felt a horrible piercing sensation on his collarbone. And then he passed out.

Still shrouded in mystery

Until you rise above perception

A veil of ignorance is in motion

Continuing through generations

Harry awoke in what he though was his dormitory, except that the room was square instead of circular and the colour scheme was green and silver instead of red and gold. He was aware of not wearing his glasses.

The second he tried to sit up, he felt a stab of pain in his collarbone. He was cold. After another second he was aware of his naked upper body. 'Where's my shirt?' he wondered.

'You'll be needing a new one' Malfoy answered. He was nowhere to be seen.

Harry saw why when he saw his shirt draped over the back of a chair. Near the neck and shoulder area, there were stains of a dark brownish red. Harry could see, even without his glasses that it was blood. A lot of it.

And then it came back to Harry in an instant, like an epiphany. Except that this was a memory. 'This actually happened' Harry thought in horror as the vision played images across his mind:

Malfoy taking a step towards him, veins raised to the surface, clear and dark beneath his white skin.

His red eyes were all that Harry could see for a moment before the blonde lowered his head.

A pale white hand pulling the neck-line of Harry's shirt aside, exposing part of his shoulder.

The other hand placing itself on Harry's waist, beneath his shirt and digging its nails into Harry's side.

Harry gasped as Malfoy closed the short distance from his mouth to Harry's collarbone.

Malfoy's teeth piercing his skin, blood pooling at the incisions.

Malfoy licking the tears he'd made lasciviously. Tasting his blood.

Malfoy sucking.

Malfoy drinking.

Malfoy. . .


And Harry passed out again.


When Harry awoke for the second time, he really was in his own dormitory, covered in sweat and panting. Harry looked down at his chest and saw blood . . . everywhere. In a disgusted panic he clawed at his skin, trying to wipe the crimson away. Looking at his hand and chest again, Harry realized it was just sweat.

'I'm losing my mind' he thought.

'No, not your mind. Just lots of blood' Malfoy's voice informed him in a sickening, teasing fashion.

"Ugh!" Harry exclaimed, frustrated.

"Harry? You okay, mate?" Ron's tired voice asked him from somewhere to his left.

"I'm fine, Ron" Harry answered, sounding scared. "What time is it?"

"It's the middle of the night. You've been sleeping for hours. You didn't come to class all day yesterday. You just lay there, twisting and turning" Ron told him. "Are you ill or something?"

"It's just a bit of 'flu. . ." Harry lied. "Go back to sleep"

After a few minutes, Harry heard Ron snoring softly and knew it was safe to get out of bed. Still shirtless, he got up and walked over to the mirror. By the light of the moon streaming in through the tower window, Harry could see four small but dark wounds in his skin where Malfoy had bitten him. There was bruising around the area.

There were also bruises on his side where Malfoy's fingers had pressed into him.

'You didn't have to touch me' Harry thought in irritation.

'I didn't have to. But I did anyway' Malfoy replied cheekily.

Let me be the one that delivers you from the deceit

And back into the perfect

In accordance with the laws of nature

'You're a sick, twisted fuck, Malfoy' thought Harry as he fingered the scabs a few days later in the boys' bathroom.

'Why don't you go take your cold shower now, Potter?' Malfoy sneered. 'Am I really the twisted one?' he laughed mockingly, making Harry angry again. He didn't understand why his body was doing this! He shouldn't get aroused every time he remembered the Incident, as he now referred to it.

'Sadist' Harry thought with as much contempt as he could muster, stepping into the shower and turning the cold water on.

'Masochist' Malfoy replied. Harry could practically see the sneer.

"Twisted, perverted fuck" Harry muttered.

The snake is notoriously tempting

But the snake is fair

What is worse than not knowing?

To live or disappear?



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