As flames devour my skin
Flesh melting - peeling off
My days as an earthbound entity
Are outnumbered and have come to an end

The Invaluable Darkness

Fear tomorrow's adversary
And the wealth of uprising

Harry found that dealing with goblins was a completely different experience when one was a Revenant. The goblins seemed have a deep, fear-induced respect towards vampires that was nothing at all like their attitude towards living witches and wizards.

He and Malfoy had paid in the most valuable commodity they possessed: their imperial blood. A tiny vial of Malfoy's, ten of Harry's, due to the difference in maturity of their blood. Malfoy explained quietly that Harry's would have been worth much less if not for the fact that the brunette had only recently fed on the blonde.

Harry was astounded that the swords had come at such an apparently low cost, until Malfoy told him that that price was only for the design of the weapons. He didn't see how the design itself mattered, but the older vampire insisted that it did. "Aesthetics are of utmost importance for ones such as ourselves. And for the Scarlet Witch as well as the Dark Lord, who should both die by a beautiful weapon, if only for the trouble they have caused us" Malfoy said. Harry knew better than to argue. So they paid their prices – Harry feeling ill at the loss of blood by such an unnatural means. The goblins extracted the blood via needles, which unlike vampire fangs, did not have natural sedative (and aphrodisiacal) properties.

It was five days before the designs were complete; five days in which the two vampires heard nothing of the Scarlet Witch or the Dark Lord's activities.

The final storm will be released

And the unmerciful will erect

Hermione knew they were looking for her. All of his Death Eaters were searching high and low. Until He got impatient. She knew he must be; he left a message for her, written in the sky, entwined in the Dark Mark. The Mark hovered above the Tower of London, where the Scarlet Witch was last sighted upon her massive pet dragon.

"Come to me, Scarlet Witch, and together we will share the greatest power" he stated simply. She couldn't not be tempted, in Voldemort's opinion.

Hermione scoffed at the offer. The foolish wizard still fancied himself immortal when he knew nothing of true immortality! Five parts of his seven-part soul had already been destroyed. And now…

And now she had to answer his call, under the pretence of joining him, so that she would gain access to his precious Nagini. After that it was just a matter of annihilating the man's last shard of broken soul before she turned her attention to the real threats…

She would have her vengeance. Draco Malfoy would die, and Harry Potter would live forever… without his soul mate, maker, and lover. That was the greatest punishment.

Hidden from the eyes of your God

I will proclaim original sin

The boy sat slumped in front of the Gryffindor common room fireplace, his hands over his eyes, as if the could somehow block out the visions that had been tormenting him since the beginning of the school year.

Vivid flashes of a woman with auburn hair and crimson eyes. She screamed in a secluded woodland area, breaking trees and piercing her face with her nails as she tried to scratch her flesh away. She rode the skies, mounted on a dragon, clad in scarlet armour, searching the ground for a safe place to hide from those that pursued her. She threw a spell at Dumbledore, sending him to his death.

He had so many visions.

In another, more recent one, she wielded a beautiful, glittering sword, swinging it around in a gracefully macabre dance. And he heard her thoughts as the moonlight caught the rubies embedded in the hilt of the elegant sword:

'I will bring upon you the deepest suffering, Harry Potter'.

The boy didn't know what he could do to warn Harry. He had no way of contacting him. But he knew that he had to do something.

"I will play my part" he promised quietly. Neville never broke a promise.

And have you all purged and purified
From the lies that remain within

After sacrificing more of their valuable blood, the two vampires had their swords. Harry, a sparkling sliver with Amythest embedded into the hilt, which had sharp, tribal patterns engraved along the blade, which was. Malfoy's was similar, excepting the jewels, which was Lapis Lazuli, and the patterns, which were more filigree-like and old in style. The blade itself was ever so slightly longer and leaner than Harry's.

And now that they had their weapons, Malfoy and Harry could train. Their practice began deep inside the Forbidden Forest, just outside the boundary of Hogwarts' grounds.

As with most things, Malfoy was infinitely more skilled, and had to instruct Harry in the art of combat with swords. Harry found the weapon light but powerful; it felt like an extension of his arm. He mentioned this to Malfoy, who informed him that the goblins will have infused the metal with a drop of their individual bloods. "Which is why this is even better for us than Gryffindor's sword" Malfoy commented, admiring the shining glint of the late afternoon sun upon his blade. "No one could ever wield it the way Godric Gryffindor could've, because it was connected to him, via his blood"

"And his descendants could therefore make full use of it too, then" Harry speculated.

"That is correct. However, the situation is not quite the same for us, as we are vampires, and Gryffindor was not"

"But they still used his blood? Wouldn't his human blood has been worthless?" the brunette asked curiously, somewhat condescendingly towards humans.

Malfoy had to smile slightly. "You are my child indeed"

Harry flinched a bit at the suggestion. "Please don't call me your child, it makes me feel uncomfortable, considering that we are going to have sex later"

"Oh we are, are we?" Malfoy grinned, flashing his incisors and licking them lustfully. "Be that as it may, you are still my child. You are my parent. You are my enemy, comrade, brother, friend, lover. There are no boundaries between maker and fledgling, Harry. You are what I want you to be"

"But that principle doesn't apply to Hermione" Harry pondered out loud.

"It would seem not. Her hatred of you overrides the desire and longing she must inevitably feel towards you. For now. Another reason for me to kill her" Malfoy raised his sword slowly to Harry's neck. "You will be with me until the day my head falls from my shoulders, Harry Potter" he said seriously, his eyes glowing silver.

"Yes" Harry agreed, conviction in his emerald orbs.

Malfoy lowered the sword, only to raise it up in an attack a second later, which Harry clumsily and barely blocked. He hardly had time to gather his wits before the blonde struck another blow.

The two vampires fought endlessly for hours, until blood-coloured sweat ran down their faces and their empty lungs heaved in attempts to draw in oxygen they only thought they needed.

Cleansed and draped in sulphur linen
Black and pure since the Beginning

The Battle was coming. The vampires knew it. The Death Eaters and their Lord knew it. Hermione had yet to contact Voldemort; she figured that she would wait for the war to begin, and she would catch him off guard by killing his final Horcrux before turning her wand on him.

And her maker would come running, with his maker, and they would fight.

She couldn't wait.

Harry deserved this.

Mercy is not truth

Your sins are next to mine

Harry was almost as skilled as Malfoy now, when it came to sword combat. All he lacked now, really, was experience. After days, weeks of learning, slaving, practicing… he was finally ready. Or as ready as he ever felt he was going to be, which was necessary, as the upcoming battle loomed over them like a storm cloud in the sky.

Harry and Malfoy had fed separately, the former going to the other side of Hogsmeade Village and the latter a bit further south. Even so, Harry returned later, still being the younger and slower of the pair.

He arrived at the Shrieking Shack in the early hours of the morning to find his maker and self-proclaimed parent, child, enemy, comrade, brother, friend and lover resting against the pillows of the large, old bed in the centre of the main bedroom, reading an old, dusty book. The blonde wore nothing; his perfect, radiant skin glowed pale and enticing, the slightest hint of the purple veins beneath the surface making itself known. His eyes darted back and forth across the page at an inhuman speed, absorbing the information with a preternatural thirst for knowledge.

Harry entered the room quietly. Malfoy didn't look up, although of course he knew that Harry was there. The brunette walked slowly up to the edge of the bed, where he stopped and began to undress. When he too was completely naked, he pierced his bottom lip with a sharp fang. A sliver of blood trickled down his chin.

Malfoy finally allowed his eyes to veer from the pages of the book, which he snapped shut and placed on the end table beside the bed. He allowed his eyes to drift all over the other vampire's body, drinking in the sight of something so beautiful. His eyes met Harry's, and his self restraint balanced precariously on the edge of reason. He knew, even then, that this would be the last time.

One of them was going to die tomorrow. Harry may not have known it, but Malfoy was as sure of it as he was sure the Thirst would always be with him.

Harry cracked first, unable to resist temptation any longer. He crawled seductively over the bed until his face was right in front of the older vampire's. He smiled, somewhat suggestively but also sweetly.

Malfoy leaned forward and licked the blood off Harry's chin in a single, slow movement. He could taste the desire in the blood already.

Yes, Malfoy knew it. This would be the last time they fucked; the last time they made love; and the last time they felt something even remotely resembling happiness. For once a vampire lost their lover, they would never, ever, find another. And they would never, ever be the same.

He would forever resent the Scarlet Witch for tearing them apart. They'd had a plan! Together, he and Harry would rule. And now… Now, there was death – final death – impending.

All he could do was turn this hatred into passion, and fuck with the kind of fervor that would have Harry feeling it forever in the unlikely event that he was the one to live on after the war.

My soul's ablaze

Inflamed with rage

And isolated in whirlwinds of hate

Harry felt Malfoy's tongue against his lips. He captured it between his teeth, pulling it into his mouth and creating a kiss. The two swirled their tongues around in a lust-filled dance, scraping the muscles with their fangs, mixing blood into their saliva and sending blood to their groins.

Harry moved his mouth down to Malfoy's Adam's apple, which he grazed with his teeth and suckled on before taking a bite out of the area where his collarbone began. Malfoy moaned lowly, allowing his nipples to be played with and his neck to be abused.

A few moments later, the blonde's dominant side won out and took over, swapping their positions. He bit the spot just under Harry's ear. He roughly cut the skin with his razor-blade kisses and lapped up the blood, drawing deep, guttural noises from the brunette.

Malfoy moved lower, breathing on to Harry's chest. He could still see the scars from the wounds that had been made prior to Harry's rebirth as a Revenant. He moved over the area slowly, reopening every single wound with his teeth and nails, sensually. There was blood everywhere, the liquid evidence of love and lust flowing between the pair.

Harry was fully erect by the time Malfoy's mouth reached his lower abdomen. 'Turn over' he commanded mentally. Harry obeyed, flipping on to his front side, kneeling on all-fours. Malfoy barely bothered preparing him before probing at his entrance with his hard member.

He entered slowly, staying still when he was buried as deep as he could go. Their breathing was heavy (more out of natural response than physical necessity). Malfoy began to move, slowly initially, before gaining momentum and speed. The headboard repeatedly hit the wall, sending some dust flying about the room, but neither boy cared. The blonde drove into the brunette over and over and over again, in and out, in and out, in and out, until he could feel the buildup about to reach it's climax. Quickly he pulled out and stayed dead still.

Harry moaned at the loss of the feeling and the pressure. 'Turn around' Malfoy instructed again. 'I want to look at you while you come'

Harry hastily lay on his back, feeling his legs being hoisted up in the air and his opening being pushed open again. He greedily pushed himself down onto Malfoy's shaft, causing the latter to moan loudly. Harry wrapped his legs around Malfoy's waist so that he could get in deeper.

Malfoy didn't hold back at all this time, pushing deeply, with force, with each thrust until the room was filled with the cries of ecstasy, and steam from the heat. Harry reached his climax first, screaming and spilling his juices all over Malfoy's stomach. He continued to thrust into the boy beneath him until he too, found his release and spilled semen into Harry.

The two lay on top of each other, unwilling to move, reveling in their shared passion. It was the most simple sex they'd ever had, but it had been the most meaningful, and the most fulfilling.

My soul's ablaze

Yet camouflaged in the haze

The Battle was to take place in the mountainous area surrounding Hogwarts, as this was where the Scarlet witch had chosen. She'd sent a message – much like that of Voldemort's – to the Dark Lord to meet her to discuss unification of their causes. It was then and there that she planned to attack him.

"You have finally deigned to answer my call, Scarlet Witch" Voldemort greeted. He was alone.

"I've been busy" Hermione answered nonchalantly. "But here we are"

"Indeed" Voldemort smirked. "Shall we discuss business?"

"We shall. But where are your faithful followers? Your beautiful pet?"

Voldemort's smile fell slightly. This woman was going to want control – a control he was not prepared to relinquish. But he would humour her, for now. He called out in parseltongue as he pressed his mark on his forearm.

Death eaters began to appear in a circular formation around Voldemort. Moments after the last one had arrived and bowed down before the Dark Lord, a massive snake came slithering into view from one of the surrounding trees.

"I called, they have come. And now, may we proceed?" Voldemort spoke in his cold, high-pitched voice.

"We may" Hermione nodded. In a flash, she'd drawn her sword.

"What a beautiful artifact" Voldemort commented, appreciating the weapon from the short distance away that he stood.

Hermione snarled and made to attack, when a loud shriek from above startled the whole group. Everyone looked up to see the silhouette of a horse-sized flying creature.

Buckbeak landed swiftly near the small crowd, and a figure dismounted, wand drawn.

"Neville?" Hermione asked in surprise.

"How do you know my name?" he yelled, fear plainly evident on his face.

"How did you know where we are?" the vampire witch demanded.

"I had a vision" he said simply.

"What are you doing here? Get out of here NOW!" Hermione yelled.

"I have a job to do!"

"I hate to interrupt this little tête-à-tête, but we were kind of in the middle of something, foolish boy" Voldemort interjected.

Suddenly, there was a flash of silver as Neville pulled a long, shiny sword encrusted with rubies out of an old, worn hat. With a single stroke, he lunged forward and sliced off Nagini's head, which spun into the air, gleaming, and the body fell to Voldemort's feet.

Voldemort's mouth contorted into a silent scream of fury, much like Hermione's, who had just realized that Gryffindor's sword was no longer in her grasp.

Neville has remounted the hippogriff and was flying away within seconds, with spells from several Death Eaters and Voldemort himself shooting all around him. He made it out of the area seemingly unscathed.

Why He did not see this coming,

What did He not understand?

Harry, as her maker, could feel Hermione's temper rising. Much like the connection he'd once shared with Voldemort, before he had died, Harry could sense her rage. Concentrating with all his might, he locked down her location.

"We have to go. Now" Was all Harry said.

He was about to run off, but Malfoy grabbed his wrist. "Harry, if we don't survive this-"

"We WILL!" Harry cut him off.

"Listen to me!" Malfoy growled, eyes flashing red. "If we die today… I want you to know…" he sighed.

"That you love me?"

Malfoy looked up.

"I know" Harry said, keeping eye contact. "I love you too, with all my black little heart"

And the two shared a final, passionate kiss. Then, with preternatural speed, they ran.

There was a moment of frenzied, pregnant silence around the Scarlet Witch and the Dark Lord, in which the Death Eaters looked about confusedly.

There wasn't even time for anything to be done or said before two presences descended upon them.

As agreed privately by the two vampire males prior to the confrontation, Harry attacked Voldemort as Malfoy engaged in battle with Hermione.

"Do nothing!" Voldemort commanded his followers, as he fought with his long-time nemesis.

One time forsaken

But forgotten I am not

Hermione, now weaponless, took out her wand and began furiously, hastily casting curses on her former friend. One that hit happened to be the Cruciatus curse. She didn't bother with the killing curse, knowing it would do nothing to Harry's already-dead body. She was panicking; she hadn't counted on not having the sword.

Harry did his best to get in close contact with her, but she was – always had been – clever. She knew what he would do if she gave him the chance.

Voldemort was not so knowledgeable, and sent several killing curses Malfoy's way, none of which had any effect. The vampire laughed maniacally before slicing off Voldemort's wand hand. He would make the tyrant suffer.

Harry bared his fangs at Hermione, who did likewise. The two hurtled forward at each other, both intending to drink from the other. It was, however, Hermione that got in first, sinking her teeth viciously into Harry's neck and ripping the flesh away.

Malfoy toyed with Voldemort, cutting off his limbs and jeering before driving the long, thin blade through the Dark Lord's heart, killing him. Voldemort fell. All his followers stood stock still in awe, not knowing what to do or say.

I will win this war

Malfoy turned his attention to Harry, who was effectively being drained by Hermione. The oldest vampire let out a feral cry and took the sword to Hermione's neck, severing it cleanly, barely missing Harry's neck in the process.

And the Scarlet Witch fell too, her auburn hair splaying out and her eyes wide. It took forty-five seconds for her body to crumble into ash, her head far from her body.

But never the peace

Malfoy immediately tore a hole in his own neck and offered the bleeding opening to Harry, who gratefully drank, replenishing his lost energy. After this process, the two turned to see the entire group of Death Eaters kneeling before the pair, acknowledging them as the new Dark Lords.

Finally, Malfoy thought, their dream had been realized.

Until he felt a cold, clean blasé pressed threateningly into his neck. He turned carefully to meet Harry's eye. Harry smiled at him. Malfoy grinned back, amused at Harry's antics, inappropriate as they were.

Harry lowered the blade with a laugh, before swiftly raising it and swinging it around, decapitating Malfoy with precision and efficiency.

The platinum hair glimmered in the light, falling all around the beautiful, flawless face. The silver eyes remained open in an expression of shock, and Harry was sure, hurt.

Knowing he only had less than a minute, Harry knelt beside the corpse and the dismembered head, not letting go of the sword. He moved Malfoy's head so that it appeared not to be detached from the neck.

"I love you, Draco Malfoy" he said, as a single crimson tear ran down his cheek. "But I love myself more"

Harry then placed a gentle kiss upon Malfoy's dead lips, seconds before they crumbled away. He could've sworn they weren't as cold as he knew them to be.

As the wind blew away the ashes of Hermione and Malfoy, Harry stepped up to stand tall.

"I AM THE DARK LORD!" he bellowed, and all who heard feared him, and knew his claim to be true.

I am my own free spirit

Hence I will not rest

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