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Within Skull Mountain, three figures were there to witness their army fight for them against a crew of mortal villagers and sailors. One was a young, slender woman, who wore an elegant black dress and her makeup spelled out beautiful. Her name was Rumina, and most men would desire her, but those who see her true malicious character already abandoned her, Sinbad included. She of course, wouldn't take any rejections, and part of this reason is why she is standing now at this very moment of war. There was also a devil named Scratch, with horns on his head, a hairy body and hooves for feet. The last person in the room was an old man, who was not put entirely together.

Once the greatest sorcerer of the east, Turok was beheaded by Sinbad a year ago, and Rumina did not take that lightly. After a year went by, she struck a deal with the devil himself. In exchange for defeating Sinbad and claiming his soul for Scratch, he would restore all of Turok for Rumina, but for the time being, Scratch used his arcane magic to solely reanimate the sorcerer's head. Turoks' body lay dead and dressed entirely in black robes on a square shaped rock, waiting to be together with its living head once Sinbad and his crew lost, but alas, victory was far from their grasp.

Dermott, Maeve's brother-turned-hawk flew to Rumina's domain and bravely carried the griffin's egg to turn the tides around to Sinbad's favor. Thanks to Dermott's timely intervention of dropping the griffin's egg, the Skull Fortress began to crumble. Half of her army was decimated by Sinbad and his crew, and she had no hopes in winning.

"Rumina!" Her father Turok called for her, as his head was about to fall off from the table's case.

"No, father!" screamed out Rumina, witnessing her father's head being helpless within the earthquake. Scratch knew that it was his moment to initiate his exeunt.

"Well, it'd be nice! Next time, perhaps?" Scratch bid Rumina goodbye by blowing a fiery kiss at her and then laughed feverously, while teleporting back to where he came from. Witnessing Turok's head collapsing under the rubble, Rumina was deeply hurt at the prospect of losing her father not once, but twice. She thought desperately in the midst of her anxious mood during the earthquake, and finally pinpointed a spot in her mind for her to migrate. The ruby trinket which Scratch gave her to enhance her magic was getting unstable, and she had to act fast in order to save her own skin.

"You'll pay for this, Sinbad!" the defeated sorceress screamed, and disappeared off in a puff of smoke. Just as she teleported off, a large rock dropped on the spot where she disappeared off to. As the Skull Mountain crumbled to ruins, Sinbad and his crew evacuated the island and headed for the Nomad ship, knowing that they have won the battle.


The sorceress materialized and collapsed at an unknown desert which was painted in ash black. Rumina lay unconscious in the sand for some time now, her ruby necklace shattered, and her magic powers nearly depleted. She eventually woke up, and crawled weakly on the sand to explore her surroundings better.

"Uhhhh, how long did I lie on here? Damn that Sinbad…. I won't be dead, yet. You will suffer for taking….. my father….. again….." Rumina wearily spoke and slowly got up. She brushed off the sand from her ebony dress, and looked at a nearby Citadel which was surrounded by black mist. Nevertheless, it was gleamy enough to be seen by Rumina's eyes and she proceeded to stagger towards the grim and abandoned city. The shattered ruby of Scratch lay forgotten, broken and obsolete in the sands. If only Scratch knew about his magic enhancing accessory being destroyed, he would indeed throw a fit from the pits of Hell.

"The Land of the Black Sand, I haven't been here in ages. Destane sure hasn't improved or added any more to the décor and the living population here." *Rumina smirked at the emaciated Mamluks patrolling the nearby intersections and roads. She was still under the impression that Lord Destane, a powerful sorcerer and old friend of Turok's, still ruled this macabre territory. The magic detectors which were placed to detect any magical trespasser and thankfully Rumina's powers were diminished, which means she could wander this domain undetected. Unfortunately with her impression being that she was welcomed here by the same person, and pretentiously thought that she knew her way through the city; she found herself cornered by four Mamluk guards upon getting lost.

The cadaverous Mamluks were no mere guards. They had pale blue skin, bulging eyes, wore dirty garbs, their mouths were stitched shut, and they wielded scimitars in the name of their ruthless master. If Rumina's magic was fully bloomed now, she would obliterate them if they dared to confront her. But in this case, she tried her best to be civil, which turned out to be in vain.

"Why hello! I don't think you all should greet me like this. I'm the daughter of your master's dear friend, Lord Turok!" Rumina artificially smiled, which the Mamluks did not return. "You know, my father, right?" she started to back off as they slowly advanced with their scimitars in hand. Without even thinking, she raised one hand and attempted to conjure up a deadly fireball at them. Sadly, all she managed to do was conjure up thin air. The Mamluks didn't even flinch and continue to menacingly approach her. Rumina started to get nervous and wished she had her magic back, or have her army of ravenous harpies lynch on the half-dead shambling Mamluks.

"What have we here?" came out an unpleasant voice behind the undead soldiers. A mephitic eel flew from them, and examined the female trespasser while nastily snickering.

"Get away from me, you repulsive little reptile!" Rumina shooed the flying eel. If hating the sight of Dermott the hawk wasn't enough, the eel surely took the cake.

"You cute. I like." said Xerxes while grinning and staring at the sorceress like an idiot.

"And you are hideous beyond words, so shut up." spat back Rumina with a vexed expression. Xerxes continued to sniff her, then flew back to the armed Mamluks.

"Why you come here? Mozenrath hates trespassers. Who you be?" words came out in broken English from the eel's mouth.

"I expected a familiar to talk better than a Neanderthal would. And who is this "Mozenrath" fool? Last I recalled, Destane ruled this cadaverous place, has he not? It would be quite rude of him to commission his undead crew to lay a finger on his contemporary's daughter." Rumina's repulsed expression slowly turned into an opportunistic smirk, wondering if this is a stupid joke of one of Destane's wayward experiments.

"Destane gone. Mozenrath rule here! You coming with Xerxes and Mamluks!" exclaimed Xerxes proudly.

"What?" Rumina was surprised, and continued to wonder who would be powerful enough to overthrow Destane. An image formed in her mind of another old, powerful sorcerer standing tall over Destane's dead body, and her opportunities of escape were running out at this powerless state. Mozenrath's name did sound a bit familiar to her, but she couldn't make out whose.

"If this Mozenrath overthrew Destane, then father might be in danger next." worryingly thought Rumina. Another Mamluk appeared behind her, holding manacles to keep the witch apprehended.

"?!" Rumina spun around and witnessed the Mamluk bind her with its manacles. "Let me go, you undead fool!" protested the sorceress and struggled to break free as the manacles completely wrapped her torso. Another Mamluk took out a small pouch from its pocket and threw out some dust at Rumina. She began to lose consciousness as the dust's effects splashed to her face, and Xerxes chuckled crudely at the sight of their prisoner being helpless.

"Urgh…." sighed Rumina as her vision blacked out on her.

"Take prisoner to Mozenrath!" Xerxes directed the Mamluks to carry an unconscious Rumina to the citadel, where the Lord of the Black Sand himself awaits to deal with the trespasser. The group of Mamluks took the human prisoner towards a large cobra design embedded set of double-doors. It flew open as they have arrived, and they all ventured inside the dark halls of Mozenrath's domain.


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