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I didn't know what was happening - or what had happened. I didn't even know where I was, or if I was maybe... dreaming? Colors were swirling in my head, vaguely fading in and out, before returning to the dense darkness. I was pretty sure I preferred the mixed up rainbow flooding through my head instead of the black. The darkness had a sinister feeling to it, one that made me tremble subconsciously.

I remember being afraid - I remember running. I remember blood... Falling, hard, to the ground. Men surrounding me, their voices blending together, and only one standing out, a tall shape stepping out from the mist of them. And then the darkness swallowed me, and it's refused to leave me since. Why can't I break free from it? Why won't it release me?

Voices... voices surrounding me, talking loudly. Laughs, cheers, and snide remarks. I open my mouth to respond to them, but I can't. I want to scream, and I'm freaking out, but my body refuses to respond. I can't even open my eyes. Why can't I react? Why won't my body move?

One voice in particular stands out, and I can't help but flinch as it speaks. Why do I know that voice, and why does it strike such fear into me? I can't understand anything, except for the strange-colored flashes breaking through the blackness. What was going on? I can't make sense of this up or down.

I groan in frustration, and I hear the voices stop, and I wonder why. I try to force my eyes to open, but they refuse to work with me. The voices begin again, only muffled this time, and now I can't understand anything they're saying. For some reason, this scares me more so, and I fight to break out of the darkness.

Finally, my body seems to react, and I can move again. Slowly, I open my eyes, everything still clouded from the blackness. The world seems to be spinning as I snap my eyes shut, the sudden light hurting my eyes. The noises stop, and out of curiosity I force my eyes to re-open. What I see surprises me.

The first thing that I notice is that it isn't bright at all. In fact, there's hardly any light, and I appear to be in some sort of cave. There's a small fire in the far corner, and I can vaguely make out dark, tall shapes faced towards it. I muffle my groan as I wriggle, attempting to see more clearly.

Even without making much noise, I attract the attention of the dark shapes in the corner. I stop, breathing hard as one gets up, turning around, and I can see the face of a man. I pull back as the man steps towards me, staring down at me, wondering why I feel so afraid suddenly. It doesn't make sense that I'm terrified of him.

As he draws away from the fire, I can see his face clearly, and with a gasp I pull away, my eyes widening as I wonder why he's here. I thought that I'd never see him again. And yet, he's here, staring down at me with a wicked grin and power in his eyes.

It only makes sense that the fear I feel sends me straight back to the blackness, but, this time, I don't mind.