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Faith, Trust, and Hope: Prologue

Alarms ringing in my ears, bright red lights flashing in my vision, shouts and strangled cries for freedom coming from all corners, and the simple thought that I have to get out driving me forward. I have to be free. Have to warn the others who have not yet been taken. Footsteps pounding behind me. No time to look back. Just keep moving forward.

"Stop him he's got my keys!" A panicked shout rings through the chilly air.

A woman on the other side of a fence-like door leaps over her desk to close it. I pick up speed and smash into the door before she can close it. Sending her flying backwards over her desk from the impact. The crash became nothing more than a distant memory as I slammed the door behind me and latched it. I allowed myself a small smile as I turned to run.

Bare feet slapping against the tile floor I ran for all I was worth. I could hear more of them coming at me from all sides. I was trapped! Blast those cameras! I looked above me to see a catwalk. I was on one of the newer levels. They were currently renovating. I wasn't sure if I could make it. The many drugs coursing through my veins were meant to immobilize my thinking and reflexes. The room was swimming but I had to keep my head! I would probably never get another chance like this.

I ran at the wall and leapt off of it, just barely grasping the metal railing on the catwalk. I strained to haul myself onto what would surely aid my run for freedom. As the guards and nurses gathered below me I became awkwardly aware of the view I was presenting to them. Goodness after this is over if I ever see another hospital robe I'm gonna break some knees.

That was all we were permitted to wear. Not even any boxers. Kept us ready for the next trial. Either that or this was their cruel version of humor.

I felt I gloved finger scrape across my ankle as my other foot reached the metal walkway. It was fairly easy to do the rest. I couldn't wait to get the drugs out of my system. Before this whole ordeal I could do this with little to no challenge.

"He's heading to one of the upper decks!!!" One of the guards screamed into his walkie-talkie.

I didn't allow myself a second look as I tore across the catwalk, shaking it dangerously. I could hear more footsteps closing in on me. Geeze, where did all these guys come from? My first instincts were to head for the stairs. Even though they took it from me I still had enough training to survive the fall to the ground floor if it became necessary.

Up and up and up the spiral staircase. It finally lead me to a door. I threw it open and sped to the first door in panic. The knob rattled tauntingly as I attempted to turn it. It was locked. Fear filled my gut as I glanced at the remaining two doors. I could hear their voices growing steadily louder. I only had enough time for one more door before they came through and I was toast.

I ran to the door on the right. It flew open as I grasped the handle. It lead me to another catwalk. I ran across only to find a dead end. I looked behind me to see the guards closing in. Needles enclosed in their grips to restrain my violence.

They did terrible things to you if you tried to escape. I had tried once and they broke my legs. I wasn't going through any more of their sadistic torture. I jumped. I latched onto a chain-link fence and climbed the rest of the way down. I could hear them reporting my actions so they could cut me off at the nearest opportunity.

The lights flickered out, as they often did. It was hard for this facility to get decent funding. They had to be kept a secret from everyone. Even those they search for so that by the time you know it's too late. Far too late.

I dashed ahead. Hiding around a corner as ten guards dashed past me. Heart pounding in my chest I crawled on my hands and knees. Cautiously approaching the front desk to grab a pair of keys. The lights continued their angry flickering. As I was reaching for the key rack a gasp tore through my senses, alerting me to the fact that I had been discovered.

I looked up at the woman sitting at the desk. Raising a finger to my lips I pleaded at her with my eyes.

"What?" A masculine voice answered her gasp.

"I saw something. Camera seven, hallway nine. Something flashed across the screen. Hurry!"

I heard the sound of footsteps fading away into the distance. I thanked her with a silent look.

She handed me a pair of keys as the footsteps faded.

"Take my car. It's full and fast. Go hurry! May Artemis grant wings to your feet!" she said as she hurried me out the door, pressing a note into my hand as she pushed me.

I would always remember that woman. Her flaming hair and bright yellow eyes was burned into my memory for all time. I glanced back to see her standing in the doorway, eyes glowing familiarly. I ran down the line of cars hitting the unlock button until one reacted. I got in and started the engine, tearing out of the parking lot and leaving hell behind.

Streetlights fly by the windows as I push the small, sleek car to its limits. I wasn't out of this yet, not by far. I just hope and pray that that woman will be okay. Because helping someone escape bore far worse penalties than actually escaping. But I was out. I had at least done that. It was said to be an impossible feat but I had done it, making it possible for others. Perhaps even if I was caught and brought back it would spark something in the others. Something long since faded from their lives. A thing called hope.

The purring hum of the engine filled my senses as my adrenaline rush wore off. Which meant that the drugs were allowed to take the adrenaline's place. The road became a hazy mist in my mind as the streetlights smeared into one long, lazy string of yellow.

The pitter patter of raindrops broke through the haze my mind had become. As the realization of 'yes it's raining' hit me, I rolled down the window to welcome the cold drops. The shock of the first drop helped clear the haze from my mind well enough to drive properly. I was about this time that I realized that I was on the wrong side of the road. I quickly corrected this error as I pushed the car even faster. The impact of the large drops became a constant cold sting, clearing the haze even further from my mind.

Another though hit me as the rain became evermore aggressive. I needed clothes. But to get clothes I would need money. Something I didn't have. I wasn't in the mood to add shoplifting to my list of crimes today but I was desperate and needed to survive until I got back home. Well technically I didn't have a home. But I did have a place that had somewhat become home to me.

Now I had another problem that presented itself to me. In order to get clothes I would have to reach some form of civilization and if I did I would have to be extra careful. I most certainly couldn't be caught in a car that wasn't mine, without a license , and in nothing but hospital robes. Oh, and add drugged up to the mix! If I was caught by the law or put in the hospital I would be captured again.

But it had to be done. I decided to drive until I reached a small town. Soon enough the lights of a nearby town crept their way over the retreating hilltop. I slowed down as I neared a sign by the side of the road.

Welcome to Lancaster Pennsylvania.

I followed the small bend in the road up into a small town. The place literally pured its history out for all to see with the many old buildings up and down its streets. The place was beautiful with trees around every corner. This is a place I could get used to.

I stopped in front of a small clothing store. I ducked down as a horse and buggy came around the corner and waited until it faded into the shadows that had woven themselves into the atmosphere. I then stepped from the car and approached the glass front of the store. Using the tire iron from the car I smashed the window and climbed into the store. I quickly grabbed some black cargo pants, boxers, a black tank top, pair of socks, and some steel toed combat boots. Then ducking out quickly before the police had time to respond to the silent alarm.

After quickly dressing I got back in the car and hit the gas. It had stopped raining by now and I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the confusing haze filled my mind again.

Soon enough it began. I concentrated hard on focusing on the road in front of me. One thing that confused me was the fact that they had allowed met o keep my dog tags. They jingled with every bump the car went across. I fingered them gently with my calloused hands. I looked back at myself in the review mirror. A strand of blonde hair hung down in front of my empty blue eyes. My eyes used to be violet. Violet and filled with the life of my stolen spirit.

A pair of headlights flash suddenly into my vision. I look to my side just in time to be blindsided head on by another vehicle. Shattered glass floods my vision as the car began to flip. I felt each and every impact as I rolled around the inside of the car. My head hit the dashboard hard and then the windshield right afterwards.

As the car finally stilled my vision blurred once more. But this time from the trickling stream of crimson making its way down my face and maybe the head wounds had something to do with it too. I crawled from the wreckage as a different haze filled my senses. My hand still tightly grasped the message I had received from the woman who had aided my escape.

I could hear the beeping of a cell phone being dialed through the ringing in my ears. Three distinct beeps rang out as hands moved over me. Incoherent voices shouted at me as blackness surrounded my vision and I fell to the cold, stony pavement.


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