Nifty little idea I came up with. Enjoy.
I'm only doing the disclaimer once for the whole story, so here it is.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, that's J.K. Rowling's area, but I DO own Megan Elizabeth Montreya.

I sighed and gazed out the slightly dirty window of the Hogwarts express and studied the way the clouds swirled in an almost dreamy fashion as they swirled around the glowing afternoon sun. I leaned my head back against the leather seat and closed my eyes, thinking of the boring busy yeah I had in store ahead of me. As a Gryffindor, I was used to being shadowed in the limelight of the famous Harry Potter, but I would be ignored no matter what house I was in.

I wasn't sure if it was my love of muggle culture (as in books, television shows and movies), or if it was just my social impairment. I could be charming and loveable if I waned to, but normally I wasn't. People paid me no mind, and it didn't bother me. The girls in my dorm were nice enough and let me sit by them at the table, but we never talked in other situations.

I got lost in the thoughts of my boring life until the sounds of the compartment door rattling in its frame before sliding gracefully opened. Loud voices and rowdy laughter sounded, causing me to open my eyes and jerk my head to the door in time to see the people who would be joining me today.

These people were 6th year Slytherins, so I knew them well, considering that I was a 6th year myself. Pansy Parkinson entered first, her squished face sneering with what I assumed was a smile. Blaise Zabini entered behind her and Draco Malfoy followed broodingly behind. Draco's two cronies staggered thuggishly through the door next and scrunched into the space next to me. All of them glanced at me uninterestedly, and resumed their talking. I sighed again and stood up to get a book from my trunk. I curled back into the corner of the seat in an attempt to not touch Goyle, who was sitting close. I immersed myself in one of the 1890s books I loved so much. I glanced up to look at Draco, who was gazing unfocusedly at the rack above Crabbe's head. He must've sensed my gaze on him because he looked up and his grey eyes met my brown ones. I blushed and looked back down, hastily burying my nose back in he book.

When the snack trolley stopped about and hour or so later, and I was strongly tempted to buy several of the pumpkin pasties I adored so much. After the Slytherin's had purchased their fill of sweets, I stood up and tentatively inched my way to the door. The side of my right leg brushed Draco's knee, which was positioned closest to the door. I stammered a soft sorry and he smirked, moving his leg so I could pass. I returned to my seat, munching on a pasty as I read and tried to ignore the peculiar tingle that was left on my leg.

When we were about ten minutes from arrival and the compartments were rustling with the sounds of students changing into their school robes, all the Slytherins, minus Draco, looked at me pointedly. Without a word, they all got up and left the compartment. Draco was last, but he stopped right outside the door and glanced back at me with the weirdest look in his eye. I met his gaze and stared into the swirling silver for as long as I dared. He jerked his eyes from mine and left, sliding the door behind him and leaving me more than a little dazed. I shook my head to chase the thoughts away. Reaching to grab my robes, I wondered faintly what had caused Draco to stop a few seconds before. I mean, I'm relatively good-looking with my curly brown hair, tanned skin and curvy body, but it wasn't enough to make Draco Malfoy, of all people, stop and stare. I decided against it and figured that all the snogging he'd done with that rat, Pansy, must've gone to his head. I snorted.

As I pulled my roes over my head, I thought of his pale, smooth skin, his high cheekbones and his full shell-pink lips. I realized what I was thinking when my mind absently wondered what it would feel like to have those lips on mine, and scolded myself harshly.

What was wrong with me? Wanting to kiss Draco Malfoy?

Must be the weather.