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"Help with what?" Draco scoffed. "Ruining everything?"

"Draco," I chastised, putting my hand warningly on his arm.

Harry laughed out loud at my action. "You have her keeping you back now?" He laughed again. "For your information, we want to help keep him alive. We know better than anything how incapable you are of doing anything that might involve ruining your pretty face."

"Oh, so now you're complimenting me? How sweet. I always knew you were gay for me, Potter," Draco crooned mockingly, much to my discontent.

Harry set his jaw and flushed bright red, his green eyes flashing with anger.

"Are you just going to let him talk to you like that, mate?" Ron was outraged.

"Oh, yeah, Weaselby, back him up now, you and your mudblood girlfriend." Draco spat.

I simply gaped at him open-mouthed. How could he talk to these people like this? Apparently Harry and I shared thoughts, because he whipped out his wand at the same time Draco did.


"Petrificus Totalus!"

They shot their spells at the same time and they collided in mid-air, creating a multitude of colored sparks that showered down and dissolved at our feet. Draco raised his wand a second time, but I dashed forward, nearly tripping, and caught his arm. He looked down at me, stunned that I would interfere.

He simply ignored me.

"PROTEGO!" I yelled, pointing my cherry wand at the space between them both. An invisible force field shot up between them and the freshly-cast spells bounced off and ricocheted off the tree and into the lake.

"Stop it!" I ordered them both. Draco looked surprised, and Harry seemed astonished that I was able to yell so loudly.

"We don't need this! Harry, I don't blame you, he set you off." I looked at Harry with a quick apologetic glance. "And you." I turned to Draco with the fiery glare I used only when I was serious. "Do you think it's alright to go around and insult people like that? How would you like it if I went around calling you offensive names and rubbish like that? You wouldn't like it much, would you?" He looked abashed, a little cringe to his stance as if he were being told off by his mother.

Bloody hell, I'm so much worse than anything his mother even aspires to be.

He ignored me and advanced on Harry again, his despair over Snape obviously fueling his anger at the moment. I lurched forward and grabbed him by the arm to pull him back. "Draco!" I cried. He spun around and his eyes flared with fury as his backhand narrowly missed my cheek. I stumbled back and landed in the dirt.

"I thought I knew you." I whispered brokenly. I scrambled up from the ground and turned towards the castle, sprinting to the doors.

I vaguely hard him calling back to me, but I kept going, furious that he would be so cruel.

Why did I see through him? I seethed to myself. He's just mean. a meant-spirited person. He probably only put up with me because I'm smarter than him and he wanted my help. Someone like him would never like me in a million years. Not Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Sex God. He would never fall for me; not me with my dorky clothes and love for books and pop culture he knows nothing about.

And you know what? If he's so determined to defeat Voldemort, he'll have to the bloody job himself.

And with that thought I slammed the castle door behind me.

I ignored the people calling my name from outside my drawn curtains. I even charmed them shut. Everyone had heard about me and Draco's little spat earlier, even if it was only an hour and a half ago. I had opened a book, one of my favorites of the foreign variety, and absorbed myself in an escape that came in the form of slightly depressed students with cheap wine addictions and porn raids in an Alabama boarding school.

Oh the joys of American literature.

I laughed quietly to myself as the teens pulled a harmless prank including a demon swan and impromptu rapping while I sipped the flask of cold tea I'd snuck into the dormitory. Draco had all but left my mind until I moved my leg and scraped my calf on the corner of a sharp book that was hidden under my duvet. The spell book from the previous night's reading. My eyes welled with tears unexplainably and I wiped them away with a frustrated thumb.

Why did I have to love him so much? We'd barely been together a month and I'd already let myself fall too hard. This is why I stayed away from relationships before now. They're too…complicated. My thoughts drifted back to Dumbledore and how Harry had come to us for help. I considered going to Hermione for help, but decided I was too comfortable. I settled back into my book and let the bad thoughts drift out like smoke though a bathroom vent.

A countercharm was muttered and my curtains flew back, revealing me with my now-scraggly hair surrounded by books, tangled in a blanket. I cursed under my breath and looked up into the bushy framed face of Hermione Granger. She cleared a spot on my mattress and perched on the edge matter-of-factly.

"We need your help." She informed me curtly. I sat up and fixed my twisted blouse.

"Excuse me?" I asked her politely. She sighed, annoyed.

"I can't trust that excuse of a human being, Malfoy-" I winced internally when she said his name. ", so I thought to go to you. You're smart and much more capable than him."

"Well who isn't?" I growled under my breath. She laughed once, short and breathy.

"Exactly." A mischievous smile spread across her freckled face. I raised an eyebrow.

"I know that smile," I grinned.

It was the smile of revenge.

"You know what?" I mused while I chewed on a sandwich I stole from the kitchen.

"No telling," Hermione answered from her spot next to me in the empty commons, where we were busy reading up on the spell I had located.

"What did he ever see in me?" I laughed bitterly. "Me, the girl with the brains, the weird one, the one with no life outside her books...the cautious one who let a snake into her life." I set my book down on my lap and gazed into the fire. "It seemed so real." I trailed off and my eyes grew big; I felt tears stinging behind my eyes. I squeezed them shut, but one escaped.

I felt Hermione get up and she wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulders as I let out a small sob. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.

"God, I'm a mess." I sniffed. I looked up into her brown eyes helplessly. "I just miss him."

She frowned and knelt down beside the chair to be at eye level. "I know," she consoled.

"He was the first thing that felt right to me. He let me into his secrets, he trusted me…he loved me. Made me feel like the only girl in the world." I sat up angrily. "I should have paid attention to the rumors…" I sighed.

"I know how you feel now, but it'll get better." Hermione whispered to me. "He used you…"

I bit my lip and nodded, clearing my throat and wiping my eyes again. "He did. And he's not worth it." I looked up into her gentle face and smiled what I hope was a cheerful smile.

Even though I felt far from cheerful.

A few days later at dinner, when I was finally getting better, I felt my heart break again when I glanced unconsciously over at the Slytherin table and saw Draco lean into Pansy Parkinson's ear and whisper something, making her giggle. He looked up and met my eyes, and his smirk shoved a dagger through my chest.

My lips went tight and a knot formed in my chest. I pushed my food back and turned to 'Mione.

"I'm not hungry." My voice cracked and I rushed out the door. Blinded by the tears I didn't want there, I rushed to the statue where we first had our encounters and slid down the wall, burying my head in my arms.

I never understood the feelings that I so often read about until this very moment. Like a broken record, the image of Draco's lips brushing Pansy's ear, her blushing smile, his cold eyes, once warm, steely as they pushed revenge into my mind. My heart squeezed painfully as I thought of the nights we had spent out of our dorms, the days by the lake, the stolen kisses during classes. The way he rubbed his thumbs over my cheekbones that day when it rained, how he kissed and geld me like I was something fragile.

The couldn't have all been forged.

He even told Snape that he loved me.

I picked my head up and rested my chin on my crossed arms and closed my eyes, taking a deep, shaky breath.

"Hey," A soft voice whispered in front of me, one that was all too familiar. I felt a hand reach out and wipe away a stray tear. I jerked my head away.

"Leave me alone." I growled, a little less intimidating than I wanted to be. I opened my eyes and saw Draco squatting before me, his grey eyes milky and laced with hidden tears. His forehead was wrinkled in concern and his hand reached out to touch my shoulder. I shrugged his hand off and stood up, disgusted that he'd try to get me back after what he did.

"Megan!" He yelled after me as I rushed down the corridor, ignoring his voice. I felt his strong hands on my shoulders as he stopped me before the stairs, turning me to face him and he pulled me to his chest against my will. He put his hand on my neck and smoothed my hair as I sobbed into his cloak. He murmured sweet apologies into my hair and I was soon filled with a warmth that I had missed for days. He pushed me back and held me at arms length.

"I am so sorry." He whispered, a single tear sliding down his high cheekbone. "I didn't mean to yell at you, I didn't meant to-" he cringed. "To hurt you."

He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to mine. "I love you. I can't afford to lose you. I need you." He kissed me once, softly in apology, and I let out a sharp breath, leaning into his comforting shoulder.

"I love you too." I murmured.

"Oh, how sweet," A painting nearby crooned. I jumped back, startled, and laughed while wiping away a tear, smiling at the old man that had spoken. Draco sighed in reply and eyes the portrait.

"Come on," He slipped an arm around my waist and we descended the stairs, our silhouettes cast on a moonlit wall.

The Fat Lady smiled in relief as he kissed me long and hard in front of the door, a sure sign of our reunion.

"Goodnight." I whispered to his gleaming figure, letting the painting swing back into it's frame, marking the end of a chapter in my life.

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