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So here it is. I finished the sex scene that I started in the conclusion of Chapter Nine. In fact, you're getting something a little extra here that the SML blog did not. I extended the ending for a bit more character-oriented stuff.

This is an outtake of the lemon alluded to in Chapter 9 of StormDragonfly's "One Weekend".

Author: StormDragonfly

Pairing: Bella/Carlisle

Beta: AllTheOtherNamesAreUsed

STORY RECAP: Carlisle takes Bella away for the weekend, and informs her that, if she's willing, Edward has asked him to help her with her "womanly needs," since Edward doesn't believe he can do it himself without hurting her. Bella is upset, but after a day of bonding with Carlisle, she accepts. Things get awkward after they have sex, until they end up having sex again.

IMMEDIATE CHAPTER RECAP: Lying naked together, Bella and Carlisle admit that they still love their mates, despite the friendship and unexpected lust between them. During the course of this conversation Carlisle notices that his antics have left a bruise on Bella's left hip. She dismisses his concern, but he worries that the bruise will make Edward upset.

This time Bella laughed out loud. "Carlisle, when is Edward ever going to see me with my pants down?" Bella couldn't stop laughing at the irony and she kissed Carlisle again merrily. After all, if Edward were capable of going there, she and Carlisle wouldn't even be here this weekend.

Carlisle's expression was obviously struggling against amusement. It tugged on her affection and Bella kissed him once more, and found both their lips lingering. Giving a small grunt of pleasure Carlisle rolled them both so that she lay beneath him.

"One more time, then?" he grinned down at her, a reckless purpose turning his eyes nearly black.

Bella laughed up at him. "What, are your 'manly needs' not satisfied?"

"Are you teasing me?" Carlisle laughed back down at her, his fingers demonstrating that she was not the only one who could tease.

"Mmm-hmm, a little." She squirmed underneath him, giving him the reaction he wanted. Yet, because she did know Carlisle better, she spoke again. "You want to make it up to me, don't you?"

Carlisle nibbled down from behind her ear towards her throat in playful flirtation, though his words were sincere. "I won't hurt you."

Bella's hand came up to hold the back of his head. "I know."

Playfulness eased into purpose as Carlisle's mouth passed over her throat and kissed the top of her breast. He made a languid circle with his tongue before drawing Bella's nipple into his mouth. The sudden sensation of it caused something between a grunt and a gasp from Bella. It tugged a straight line to between her legs, a tight focused heat. Bella arched up off the bed as Carlisle's mouth tugged even harder on her breast. It was as though Carlisle was picking up from where he'd left off earlier in the kitchen before she'd stopped him.

Moving his hand under the small of her back with a caress, Carlisle supported her as he moved his mouth over to her right breast, sucking just as strongly. "Unh," Bella moaned, closing her eyes. The hand she had on the back of his head tangled into his hair, and she tightened her grip on the locks. Nothing existed in this moment but touching Carlisle and being touched by him.

Bella's legs came up, her calves wrapping around the back of his thighs, skin along skin. Bella marveled at how much warmer Carlisle's body felt after the continual contact with hers. His hand left her back to run along her thigh and he raised his head to look at her. Bella immediately took advantage. Placing both hands on Carlisle's chest, she ran them down slowly. She watched his face as his eyes half-closed, and saw it change when she reached her goal. Grasping him in both hands, she stroked him, his gasps only urging her on.


Bella stretched her neck, aiming her lips for any part of him she could reach, but Carlisle moved, too. His lips met hers, and Bella rapidly found different uses for her tongue. Their mouths mated, even as she stroked him with her hands, Carlisle's arms supporting his weight on either side of her. The kiss was saying everything. Joy at the pleasure they took in one another. Relief mixed with regret that this would be the last time. Determination to make it count. The passion grew exponentially with each layer they threw into it, and she felt it overtake her.

Bella whimpered, and Carlisle rolled them both over again, moving his leg from inside her calf to along the outside to initiate momentum. His mouth never left hers, but she lost her grip on him. Bella's hands came up, clutching his upper arms as they continued to kiss. Both of their bodies eager, Carlisle's hands traveled up her back as he sat up. Bella was on her knees straddling him, his legs stretched out beneath her. Their lips never stopped and her breath came in short gasps around his mouth.

The tip of him stroked her as their kissing made them undulate against each other. Bella was aching, and it was so easy for him to slip inside her that it almost happened without them noticing. Only they definitely noticed. Carlisle groaned and Bella broke away from his mouth with a gasp. Her hips taking over, with Carlisle's encouraging arms wrapped around them, the two of them thrust together. Bella leaned back, panting, her right hand supporting her by gripping Carlisle's leg. Her left arm hung over Carlisle's shoulders, enabling her to hold on as she returned each movement with one of her own.

Each plunge brought Bella's breast closer to Carlisle's mouth. In the moment she looked down and realized it, his mouth descended. Head falling back, Bella cried out, "God!" Her entire body felt alive, and was moving of its own accord. Her legs swung out on either side, so that she was no longer on her knees. It was all about getting as much friction as she could, an ellipse of movement as she pushed herself closer to Carlisle and away again.

"Bella," Carlisle groaned, his mouth letting go of her as he followed the arch of her torso and leaned her back onto the bed. Carlisle moved his body to be better on top of her and Bella's knees came up as he pounded into her.

"Carlisle, yes," she answered him, raising her legs even higher to receive him. Their bodies had inverted: feet at the headboard, heads at the foot of the bed. They were moving all over the place, and they weren't done yet. Even as she continued to gasp and scream his name, Bella needed to change positions again. She pushed at Carlisle's shoulders and he obligingly pulled up. Kneeling, he faced her, breath moving in and out fast. She rose up onto her own knees and crept over to him. Their mouths met in another kiss and Bella put her arms around his neck, lifting her hips. His hands were immediately underneath her, cupping her cheeks as he pushed himself inside her again. His mouth occupied with hers, Bella felt the reverberation of his groan pass through him into her.

Without Carlisle's hands supporting her, Bella wouldn't have been able to hold herself that high, and she needed it to feel him plunging inside her. Her feet came under her, behind Carlisle. Bella couldn't stop. Her body demanded it: to take him in, to ride him. She pushed with her legs to continue the rise and fall, using muscles in her thighs and calves in a way she never had before. Each push of him inside her was exactly how she wanted it. Oh, she was going to pay for it later. Her body was already straining, but it didn't matter.

"Bella," Carlisle breathed when she lifted her head, breaking the kiss. He ran his lips along her neck, repeatedly entering her with a controlled precision that was making Bella gasp staccato. "I need to be inside of you." Bella could feel the taught muscles in his thighs underneath her own as he used his hands to keep her body mating with his. They swayed together with every hard thrusting wave.

"Don't stop, Carlisle. Don't stop." The feel of him moving deliciously slick and hard inside her couldn't ever end.

"No," Carlisle exhaled against the skin of her neck. He sucked it into his mouth and his hands gripped her butt tighter.

"Uh." Bella hands came up to tangle into his hair. She felt the burn in her calves and thighs as she continued to push her flesh against his. Her body was slick with sweat, and his so much warmer now from the touch of her skin. She slid along him, against him. She was so wet and he was so hard and the pressure building felt so wonderful.

Bella thought she had exploded before, felt thigh-trembling pleasure before. But this time, this time, it blew her mind. "Carlisle, Carlisle, oh, oh, oh, Carlisle, oh-oh." She lost the ability to even say his name as the orgasm brought her.

Her legs gave out. Weakly, Bella's hands slid down to Carlisle's neck, her head falling forward. Not letting go of the moment, Carlisle landed Bella onto her back, her head barely staying inside the edge of the bed. Carlisle was still hard and he held himself just slightly above her, his right arm supporting his weight around the side of her head. Bella was spent, but the fact that Carlisle was still hot for her was just the sexiest thing in the world. Bella used her hands to encourage him, one on his hip and the other holding onto his arm. "Take me," she whispered on a breath.

His body completely covered hers as Carlisle lowered himself, pushing more completely inside her. The need to copulate continued to overcome them both, and the pace increased. Carlisle's hands clutched the edge of the bed above her as he drove himself back into her again and again. Bella's hand on his hip moved behind him, encouraging each push.

"Bella... sweet." Carlisle could barely get the words out as his hips continued to rock hers.

"Yes, Carlisle. God, just yes." It felt so good, and Bella wanted nothing more than for Carlisle to come again inside her.

"So-" Carlisle's gasping words got cut off as Bella mashed her mouth against his. Her hips rose to meet him and Carlisle returned the intensity by feasting on her lips and tongue. Then his mouth stilled and he moaned into her, his body rapidly pumping before it slowed into two, three, four languid thrusts.

Their mouths separated with a sucking pop sound when Carlisle rolled off of her. For a few seconds neither spoke.

Bella lay sprawled on her back, breath coming in and out in pants. "I can't believe that just happened like - like that," she said to the ceiling.

"Neither can I," Carlisle breathed beside her.

Bella angled her head to look at him. Like her, he lay on his back above the mussed sheets. She laughed from low in her throat. "How did I end up over here?"

"Would you like a play-by-play?"

"No," Bella pushed up on her arms. "I think we covered every inch of this bed."


"What time is it?" Bella wondered just how long the two of them had been at it.

"Who cares?"

"Shame on you," Bella laughed, sliding off the bed. Carlisle sat up with alarm when Bella winced and muttered a mild "Holy crow."

"Bella, are you hurt?" His voice was clear.

"No, I'm not hurt." Bella smiled wryly. "I am, though, very pleasantly sore." She cast her eyes around the floor of the room, searching for clothes.

"I can run you a warm bath. I'm certain we have the time."

"You are always the caretaker, aren't you?" Bella teased.

"It is part of my essential makeup, but you have to admit that I am directly responsible for your current aches and pains. A bath will help soothe you."

Bella had found her t-shirt and after bending to pick it up, she paused to let the twinges of pain dissipate. Holding the shirt against her chest, eyes closed, Bella nodded. "Mm-hmm."

"Hey," Carlisle said gently. Bella sensed him moving toward her, and felt his fingers caress her cheek. She opened her eyes to his smile. They stood there for a second, just looking at each other. Bella felt her own smile slowly spread.

"Let me get the bath started for you." With a kiss to the top of her head, Carlisle exited the room. Still naked. She watched him leave.

Alone again, Bella sighed. Looking around the room Bella took in the clothes all over the floor, the mussed bed sheets, and winced again. "Ow."

Minutes later she was immersed in hot bubbles, alone behind the closed bathroom door. Carlisle had advised her to just relax, which was exactly what Bella intended to do. She had a rolled up towel supporting the back of her head, allowing her to lean against the edge of the tub.

That had been just amazing. This entire weekend was just… wow. Carlisle didn't just make love to her; he'd shown her what sex was. It had been all about her, it had been more about him, and then… then it had been about fucking. There was no other term for it. Bella remembered just how it had felt, to need him inside her, to feel the length of him pushing in and pulling out again. Bella closed her eyes, quickly knocking the towel to the side, and slid under the water. Oh, yes, they had fucked.

The tub wasn't large, but Bella rolled under the water as best she could, enjoying the liquid heat sloshing over her skin. The bruise on her left hip was nothing. The water soothed the soreness of her muscles and the flesh between her legs. She felt good. Her body had been very pleasantly exercised and it needed a break, as much as she had enjoyed every millisecond of the sex. Bella rose above of the water. Bracing her arms on either side of her, she stretched her legs and lower back out of the confines she'd just had them in. She let go with a moan, more of release than of pain.

"Bella?" Carlisle called from the other side of the bathroom door, causing Bella's legs and butt to fall back down abruptly, sloshing the water. "Are you alright? Do you need me?" The doorknob turned slightly.

"Carlisle, do not come in here. I mean it." More water splashed as Bella lifted her hands in emphasis. "I don't know what I'll want to do if you do, so just don't, please."

There were a couple seconds of silence as Carlisle considered her words. "I can't guarantee that I wouldn't immediately want to fuck you again, either."

Bella's eyes grew large. "Okay, it is so not fair that I didn't get to see your face when you said that."

"Shall I come in?" Carlisle taunted.

"No!" Yes. "Uh-uh, definitely not. I couldn't take another marathon session like that."

"That was something else, wasn't it?" Bella could picture the smile on Carlisle's face as he said that. "Bella, please let me come in."

"Wait, I'm getting out. I'm done anyway." Bella stood and carefully stepped out of the tub. She covered herself with a towel before calling to Carlisle. "Alright."

Carlisle stepped in, fully dressed and smiling. "It's much easier talking with you without having a wall between us."

Bella grinned, remembering her thoughts when Carlisle had been trying to close her out earlier. "I agree. I much prefer if there isn't a wall between us." She used a second towel to dry her hair. "How are we on time?"

"We should be getting on the road soon." Bella didn't miss Carlisle's gaze looking her over.

"Time to stop doing that, you know." Bella cautioned. "Do you have yourself under control?"

Mischievously, Carlisle stepped closer to Bella. "I believe that I am known for my control."

"Is that right, Dr. Cullen?" Bella put a hand on his chest and looked up at him, giving one sultry blink of her eyelashes. "Well, we've had enough demonstrations of that for one weekend." She gave him a push and stepped away.

"I do think that you need some time to recover," Carlisle agreed, and he, too, stepped back. Then he changed his mind, and stepped forward, putting his arms around Bella in an embrace. He said nothing, just held her. Bella turned her head and rested her cheek against his chest.

"Your skin's not as warm anymore," she said after a minute.

"It doesn't last very long."


Carlisle leaned his head back to look down at her. "Are you ready to head home?"

Bella nodded. "Yes." She pulled back and Carlisle dropped his arms. "Just one thing."


Bella didn't know what made her do it, what made her think that she could get away with it, but she did. "This." Moving her right leg, Bella swept Carlisle's left foot out from under him and with a push sent him into the tub. Carlisle let out a brief exclamation of surprise as he hit the water, sending it splashing all about the bathroom.

Bella only made it one step toward the door before wet arms were around her waist and pulling her backward. "You lost your towel."

"Well, I'm not very graceful!" Bella shouted the last word as her body made contact with the water, Carlisle pulling her into the tub with him.

A merry war that Bella couldn't possibly win then ensued, with her and Carlisle's laughter filling the cabin.

It was a fun couple of minutes, squealing and trying her damnedest to one-up on Carlisle. Her only advantage is that she wasn't wearing clothes. Seeing Carlisle's shirt and pants get increasingly soaked through while he just kept on laughing set something off in Bella. She stopped moving, and sensing her change in mood, Carlisle did, too.

"Carlisle, I think we need to draw a line," she said, untwining herself from him.

"I understand." Carlisle nodded and helped her climb out of the tub. Picking up her towel, her back towards Carlisle as he stepped out of the water, Bella covered herself.

"Sorry to be so abrupt," she said, still not facing him.

"It's alright."

"It's just-" Bella turned around. "I don't laugh with Edward. I know I amused him a lot in the beginning, but we don't laugh like that. Do you laugh with Esme?"

"Yes," Carlisle said. "More often than you'd think."

"I've never noticed." Bella's tone was confused.

"You do tend to be a little wrapped up in Edward," Carlisle said very gently.

Bella looked down at the floor and up again. "I love him."

"I know." Carlisle stepped in and framed her face with his hand. "What you and Edward have, feeling so intently for one another, is not a bad thing. Just remember to look up once in awhile. We'll all be there to make you laugh, especially me."

"Well… and Emmett."

"Smart ass."

Cleaning the bathroom and packing up didn't take very long. Soon they were getting into Carlisle's Mercedes. As they pulled away from the cabin, Bella did not turn to look. She was ready to leave Marion, Montana.

Truthfully, she missed Edward. She wanted to get back home to him. She needed to see his face and just be with him. How to reconcile her new relationship with Carlisle next to all that could be tricky. Bella didn't know how Edward was going to act once she got home, even if it was all his idea to begin with. All the same, she knew that they would figure it out. Bella stared out her window at the passing Montana countryside.

After about half an hour, Carlisle reached over and took her hand. "Everything is going to turn out alright, Bella."

Bella turned her head and looked at him. Carlisle smiled at her. It was the same compassionate smile she was used to seeing, only now there was just a bit more there than had been before.

"Trust me," he said.

Giving his hand a squeeze, Bella grinned at him.

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