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Pokemon Legends: Sidestories

Chapter One

Moving Forward

Date: 3 Days after Sanctuary's completion

Sanctuary Island. The existance of the island could be considered as much a legend as the pokemon who reside there. Inaccessible to any trainer who isn't accompanied by a legendary pokemon themselves, the island is home to most known legendary pokemon existing in the regions of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn.

In addition, it is also home to four girls and their own pokemon and a single wooden building stood on the island for the girls to live in, in addition to housing the necessary equipment and supplies to keep the island running. One of the girls, a twelve year old brunette wearing a khaki vest over a white shirt and matching shorts, sat against the wall of the building with a pen and notepad in hand.

"Let's see...total on this island we have...78 pokemon...I think?" Melany tapped her pen against her chin as she thought it over, furrowing her eyebrows. "That's ridiculous...that'd mean an average of twenty pokemon per trainer. That's way too many pokemon." Melany sighed. "I blame May for this..." Melany held up the notepad and wrote the number down.

"What are you blaming me for exactly?" A voice behind Melany asked. Melany gulped nervously and slowly turned around, knowing full well she likely wasn't going to get away easily. A brunette two years younger than Melany and wearing an orange sleeveless outfit over a pair of black spandex shorts. The girl was holding something behind her back.

"May! Where'd you come from all of a sudden?"

"Where do you think? I was inside the headquarters." May replied, then sighed. "It feels really silly to call it that for some reason."

"Probably because it was built on a budget and doesn't look very fitting of being called a 'headquarters' because its barely large enough to house four girls and the necessary equipment for storing pokemon here." Melany said, smiling sheepishly. "By the way, what's that you've got behind your back?" She then asked, trying to peer around her.

May grinned widely and suddenly Melany felt a foreboding feeling come over her. "Oh...you mean this?" May pulled out a hat from behind her back and held it out for Melany to see. It was the signature green and white hat she always wore when she was disguised as Alex.

"My old hat?" Melany blinked. "What are you doing with that?"

"What am I doing? You didn't forget, did you?"

"Forget...?" Melany thought for a moment. She remembered the promise she made to May and cringed. "Yeah, sorry, guess I did..."

"Hmph." May folded her arms and shrugged. "Well I guess I can forgive that since so much had happened since then."

The promise in question was a raincheck for a date Melany was supposed to take May on during their stay at the Battle Frontier. During the time, Melany was disguised as a boy named Alex. That same guise had caused May to previously fall for Melany's male persona and May had decided she would torment Melany for it by forcing her to go out on a date with her as Alex.

However, before they could go on their date, old rivals Vito and Jessica showed up to cause trouble. This was followed by a final showdown with Drake, the mastermind behind the pokemon kidnappings in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Drake himself was a frighteningly powerful trainer who had intended to use the wish-granting power of Jirachi to remove all humans from the world, believing their existance to cause nothing but harm for pokemon everywhere.

Their date was inevitably called off, but Melany agreed to take a raincheck believing that May would forgive her for the deception if she went along with it. After dealing with Drake, and with Jirachi in their hands, they used the power of the legendary pokemon to create Sanctuary Island, a safe haven where such pokemon could retreat to so their powers could not be abused by people like Drake. The past few days had been spent getting things organized on the island.

"In any case..." May continued. "You'll be taking me out on that date today, in two hours."

"Wait, what?!" Melany yelled, falling back. "That's too little notice! Can't we do it tomorrow?"

May shook her head. "Nope! I've already made reservations at that restaurant in Fortree."

"Isn't the guy supposed to handle things like that?"

"Probably, but you're not technically a guy in the first place." May countered. "Anyway, the date's in two hours in Fortree. So you better be ready to take me there before then because I don't want to be late!"

"I wouldn't even think about being late!" Melany replied nervously.

"Good!" May reached out and placed the hat on Melany's head. "Well, I'm going to go get ready. See you then!" May then turned and walked back into the headquarters to get ready for her date.

"Two hours huh..." Melany repeated under her breath. "Well, with Alakazam's help, I suppose I could get something ready by then..."

Meanwhile, the other two girls were nearby and had watched the scene unfold. One was the same age as Melany with long, blonde hair that could be more accurately described as yellow and had it tied back in a ponytail. She wore a yellow tunic over dark purple pants and long sleeved shirt. The other girl was another brunette with her hair worn very long in the back. She wore a red skirt and a blue tank top. The two girls were accompanied by a Flareon. The younger girl was brushing the pokemon's fur until she saw the scene between Melany and May.

"Ashley...what were those two doing?" Rina, the blonde haired girl, asked the older girl.

"I don't know." Ashley replied with a shrug, lying back and relaxing in the grassy field. "Whatever it was, it doesn't involve us anyway." She was lying, of course. Ashley knew full well what was going on, being the one to give May the idea in the first place. Of course, she had no intention of telling Rina.

"But I'm confused though! I didn't think they got along that well at all!" Rina said, looking at Ashley as if expecting an answer.

"Why not ask them yourself then?" Ashley suggested.

"Ok then, I'll..."


"...keep brushing Felicia's fur." Rina smiled sheepishly and returned to brushing the pokemon's fur. Ashley watched her, stifling a giggle. Though Rina didn't have the reputation as a strong trainer like Ashley or May, or an influential background like Melany, Rina was born with a rare ability to understand the speech of any pokemon. It was an ability which, naturally, had its ups and downs.

"Seems like May's managed to coerce Melany, or rather Alex, into a date." Ashley thought, smiling to herself as she laid back in the grass and stared up at the sky. "I wonder how things will turn out from here?"

May spent the better part of an hour getting ready, more than she really needed. Especially since she wasn't even planning to wear a fancy outfit or dress. Rather, she settled for her other travelling outfit. It was similar, though shorter and thus lacking the skirt portion that made up her one-piece outfit. Instead, she wore a white mini-skirt over her noticeably longer shorts. She only took as long as she did to get ready because she decided to take her time.

Melany, meanwhile, tracked down Alakazam to make a few plans. She also met up with Latias to speak with her briefly as either May or Melany would need to take a legendary pokemon with them so they could return to the island later. After making the arrangements and taking Alakazam and Latias with her, Melany changed into the clothing she typically wore as Alex. A green shirt, brown jacket worn open, and blue jeans. She took the usual steps to conceal her real gender as well, including tucking her hair under her hat to make it appear even shorter. Once she was ready, she met May outside at the designated time, close to 4:30 in the afternoon.

"You're going dressed like that?" Melany asked May when she saw her.

"Well I don't see you dressing fancy!" May shot back, quickly looking Melany over. "Unless that jacket is supposed to count."

Melany looked down at her jacket. "This? I just figured it might be for the best if I covered my arms, even if it'd be warmer in Hoenn than it is here."

"Ohhhh? That's the only reason?" May asked, eying her suspiciously.

"Eh?" Melany blinked. "What other reason would there be?"

May shrugged. "Nevermind then. Let's just go, we don't want to be late." May pointed a finger at her. "And don't think for a second that I intend to take it easy on you!"

"Oh don't worry, I've already planned a surprise of my own." Melany replied with a smirk.

"Hmph! Well I'll be ready for it!" May shot back, folding her arms over her chest.

"I doubt that." Melany said. She then reached to her belt and took a pokeball from it. The pokeball contained Latias, put inside briefly after meeting up with her. Melany turned and held out the pokeball and then pressed the button, releasing the legendary pokemon Latias without saying a word. "Ok, Latias, you ready?" Melany asked her.

"Yep!" Latias replied telepathically, giving an enthusiastic nod. She positioned her body to hover horizontally and lowered herself to the ground. "Just hop on and...umm...point me in the right direction!"

Melany nodded to her and then sat down on Latias' back. She wavered briefly but was easily able to manage Melany's weight. Melany then turned and held out a hand to May. "Your ride, Milady." She said, trying her best to sound like a gentleman.

"Please, you look way too fake saying that." May said to her, then got onto Latias back on her own. Even with two girls riding her, Latias was able to manage the weight.

"Well you can't blame me for trying." Melany replied with a shrug. "Ok, Latias, let's go! And, uh..." Melany smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of her head. "Fly as high over the water as you can, please..."

Latias giggled, her laughter echoing through Melany and May's mind. "Ok! Whatever you say!" She replied telepathically, then took off into the air. Slowly, at first, but picking up speed as she moved out over the water.

"They could have at least stayed long enough to help feed the pokemon." Rina muttered bitterly, having stopped to watch them again. This time she was alone and in the process of wheeling out a cart of pokemon feed. She let out a sigh and smiled lightly as she watched them disappear into the distance.

"Well, I suppose I can just get a few of the pokemon to help anyway. Wonder what Pippi's doing right now?"

Fortree City was built in an area with tall, thick trees with many buildings being constructed up in the trees with rope bridges between them as a result. The large amount of rain received in the area was partially the reason they grew so big. The city was nestled between two routes where it rained nearly everyday, and even when it didn't rain it usually remained cloudy. Fortree itself often saw quite a bit of rain as a result.

Melany and May arrived in Fortree on Latias with only minutes to spare, a fact that wasn't helped by being forced to land outside the city. Being seen with Latias could potentially stir up trouble or draw unwanted attention, so they stayed out of sight by landing in the forest surrounding the nearby route and dismounted there.

"You sure you don't mind waiting here?" Melany asked Latias.

"Not at all!" Latias replied cheerfully.

"Alright. Stay out of trouble then." Melany said to her. Latias pouted, an expression that looked a bit off in her pokemon form. "Of course, I expected that response." Melany thought to herself. "Afterall, its part of the plan."

"Let's go already!" May slammed her foot into the ground. "We don't have time for this, we're going to be late!"

"Relax. Its not like the buffet is going to be closed by the time we get there." Melany replied. She then walked out in front of May and held out her hand to her. "In any case, shall we get moving?"

May slapped her hand away. "Idiot! Stop trying to act so mature already!" She then pushed past Melany, heading toward the city.

"She tells me to treat this like an actual date, but it's clear she's just using this as an excuse to get to the Early Swellow's all-you-can-eat buffet." Melany shrugged and followed along behind her.

"Melany never did explain what a date was." Latias thought, blinking. "Then again, she didn't explain what a 'firework' was." Latias smiled to herself. "But Alakazam will know! She knows everything and she'll help me get them anyway!"

"Two passes to the all-you-can-eat buffet, please."

"S-sir, surely you wouldn't prefer one of our daily specials?" The waiter asked Melany while nervously eying May.

"'Sir', huh? Been a while since I was called that..." Melany thought, then smirked to herself and glanced over at May. "Still...seems they remember her at any rate."

"No way! I'm not passing up all-you-can-eat pasta!" May replied.

"I see..." The waiter sighed. "Right this way, please..." The waiter motioned for them to follow and lead them to their seats, purposely picking a spot near the wall so May would be as far away from the buffet at the center of the restaurant as possible. After leading them to their seats, the waiter returned to the reception area.

The two girls stood by the table while May looked around at the rest of the restaurants patrons.

"I forgot how out of place I felt here..." May mumbled quietly. "Everyone else is wearing fancy dresses and suits and then there's us, dressed in the exact same outfits we wore everyday while travelling across Hoenn..."

"Kinda brings back memories though, doesn't it?" Melany said to her. "Last time we were here, we were here with Wynaut and had to make a separate order just for him." Melany moved around to May's side of the table and pulled out her chair, then gestured for her to sit down. Without thinking, May did just that, only realizing after what Melany did.

"I told you to stop that!" May said indignantly.

"Oh?" Melany grinned widely. "But you told me to treat this like an actual date."

"No one our age acts like that on a date unless they're joking around!"

"I do that a lot, don't I?" Melany replied, taking her own seat across from May. She couldn't help but smile to herself. "This date is supposed to be tormenting me, but I think I've been tormenting May more..."

"Way too much." May said, nodding. She then stood up, even though she had just sat down. "Well, I'm heading over to the buffet..."

"Ah, right! What are we even sitting down for?" Melany said, getting up as well. The two of them then headed over to the buffet table in the middle of the restaurant and grabbed a plate. May, expectedly, started piling the various pastas set out on the table onto her plate.

"Come to think of it, it's kinda funny that a place called the Early Swellow seems to specialize in pastas. And when you consider the typical noodle..." Melany looked at a nearby pot of spaghetti and shuddered. "Any further along that train of thought and I'll lose my appetite!" May came by while she was looking, piling the spaghetti on top of an already heaping plate of pasta. The plate looked like it could spill at any moment.

"And May is as focused on her favorite food as always. Which is good, because I've already planned for that." Melany smirked to herself. "That is, when she's filling up her third and final plate, I will feign going to the bathroom and put my plan into motion! Heh heh heh! May, your predictable pasta obsession will be your downfall!"

"Are you going to take anything or just here to watch me?" May asked sarcastically, snapping Melany out of her thoughts.

"Err...well...you see...that's an interesting variety of pasta you have there and I was wondering what might be a good one to try!"

"I don't know." May replied with a shrug, then turned away. "I won't know until after I've tried all of these myself." May then went back to her seat, somehow making it there without spilling anything.

"You already tried them a couple months back, didn't you?" Melany thought. "Though, at this rate, I'll definitely catch her off guard. Its like she only wanted to do this so she'd get a free meal out of it." Melany blinked and narrowed her eyes at May. "Wait! Or is that what she wants me to think so my guard will be down? I better be careful, Ashley was the one that gave her this idea afterall."

Melany quickly piled a bit of food onto her plate, choosing a bit of pasta covered in cheese sauce along with a bit of salad and then returned to her seat. By that time, May was more than halfway through the plate of pasta she had grabbed.

"I forgot how quickly May eats when its pasta, does she even taste any of it?" Melany wondered as she sat down and placed her plate on the table.

May stopped eating for a moment and looked at Melany. "Hey...Me-Alex?"


"What exactly do couples do on a date?"

"Err..." Melany blushed slightly. "That's...that's a good question actually...I guess this is the first time for either of us." Melany thought for a moment and then shrugged. "Talk I guess?"

"Oh." May quickly shoveled down another forkful of pasta. "Didn't we do that last time anyway? And we had a baby with us then, that seems kinda awkward now that I think back on it..."

"That's right, last time we were here we had Wynaut with us." Melany thought. "And come to think of it..." Melany thought back, recalling what went through her mind that night.

"Even if something happens, I doubt I'll come here again. Or at least, I won't come here looking like this..."

Melany's left eye twitched slightly. "Somehow I'm both back here again, and dressed as Alex...when this is over, I'm burning this stupid hat."

"A-anyway, a baby pokemon hardly counts." Melany said to May. "And all I remember talking about that time was the mirage pokemon..."

"Hmm..." May stopped again, with her fork hanging out of her mouth. "That's funny though when you think about it...back then we talked about whether or not they actually exist, and by now we've seen almost all of them in person. I wonder if there's even more pokemon like that in other regions?"

"We'll have to find out someday." Melany said, nodding. "Our mission is to protect legendary pokemon from humans who try to abuse their power. If there's legendary pokemon in other regions too, then we should work to find them and give them the option of hiding at the sanctuary."

"Well, the four of us seem to have a natural affinity for them, don't we?" May said to her. "If we even set foot in another region I'm sure we'll run into them all over the place."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. We'll just have to do what we can and then pick our target. For us, it shouldn't be too hard." Melany took her fork in hand and finally dug into her own pasta, taking a small forkful and stuffing it into her mouth. "Hmm...not bad..."

May watched Melany eat for a moment before quickly finishing off what little was left on her plate. "That was good! I'm definitely ready for seconds now!" May thought, then a malicious grin spread across her face. "But first!"

"By the way, Alex, there's something I wanted to ask you..." May said to her, smiling sweetly.

"Hmm? What is it?" Melany replied while taking another mouthful of pasta.

"W-well...I was wondering...what kind of girls do you like?" Melany nearly choked, barely able to swallow down her last bite.

"W-w-w-what kind of girls? Well that...that is...umm..." Melany blushed. "H-how do I...I...I'm not sure how I should respond to that..."

"Oh?" May tilted her head to the side. "What is it then? Could it be something perverted? Are you one of those boys who judge a girl by their breasts?"

"N-NO! That's definitely not the only reason! I-I mean that's not the reason at all!" Melany waved her hands frantically, May's line of questioning had left her completely flustered.

"B-but...I guess that can't be helped..." May said quietly, suddenly acting quite shy as she looked off to the side. "A-afterall...I'm quite big for my age aren't I? And I've still got a lot of growing to do to...so if that's what you're into..."

"Wh-what?! I said it wasn't!" Melany said frantically. For once, it was her being loud that was getting the attention of the rest of the restaurant patrons.

May then suddenly got up and grabbed her plate. "Well! Time to get more pasta!" She announced, heading straight for the buffet. Melany collapsed, her face hitting the table.

"What kind of question was that...?" Melany whimpered. "I left my guard down and she went straight for the kill... Ashley must have told her to say something like that, there's no way she could come up with such a cute act on her own..."

"Oh? Cute was it?" Melany bolted up. May was already back from piling food on her plate, setting another mountain of pasta down on the table. She then sat down and leaned in close to Melany. "So, seems like I've stumbled onto Melany's interests then, hmm?"

"You...you have quite a capacity for deviousness, but you haven't won yet!" Melany replied, quickly getting up from the table. "Excuse me a moment, I have to go to the bathroom..."

"Seems I've forced her to retreat for now!" May thought, grinning to herself while she watched Melany walking to the bathrooms. Melany almost walked into the girl's bathroom at first, realizing her mistake at the last second and going into the boy's bathroom instead.

"Ah...she almost made that mistake again." May thought, recalling when Melany almost walked into the girls public bathroom at the Safari Zone. "Then again...she actually is in the wrong bathroom. All just to keep up her disguise." May looked down at her plate, idly toying with a few noodles with her fork.

"She only agreed to this because she hopes I'll forgive her for when I thought she was Alex. I haven't even been thinking about that lately, I've been so distracted." May frowned. "Stupid Melany...we're still friends anyway. What difference does whether or not I tell her I forgive her make? What...what is there to even forgive her for?"

May sighed. "I was the one that fell for her...or fell for Alex anyway. She was just being nice to me. I never thought for a second that Alex had a romantic bone in his entire body. Someone as stupid as her couldn't have realized doing things like that as a guy would make a girl like her, if it was on purpose she would have taken advantage of it...but she didn't. It's...it's wrong for me to punish her for something like this, isn't it?" May pondered it for a moment longer and then shook her head.

"Forget it! I'm not letting thoughts like that get between me and my pasta!" She declared loudly, driving a fork forcefully into the pile of pasta on her plate and taking a large mouthful of it.

"I should have known May would do something like that since she got the idea for the date from Ashley, but I still let my guard down..." Melany sighed and hit her head against the far wall of the bathroom. "I'm an idiot...but that won't deter me." Melany straightened up and nodded to herself, clenching a fist determinedly.

"Right! She might be out to embarass me on this date, so I'll fight back by doing something unexpected! I'll make sure she has a good time!" Melany took a pokeball from her belt and released Alakazam. "Ok, Alakazam, remember the plan?" Alakazam nodded.

"Ok, good." Melany smiled. "We're a little earlier than I intended, but that shouldn't matter. As long as you and Latias are ready to set them off when we're leaving. We'll give May a show she won't forget!"

"Human courtship rituals are strange indeed, but I will go along with this." Alakazam thought to herself. "I still believe it is unhealthy for a human female to chase after another human female though. It is impossible for a species to reproduce that way, at least one not capable of reproducing through parthenogenesis." Alakazam shrugged. "I suppose in Melany's case she's not likely to be reproducing anytime soon as it is. She's far too young, for one..."

"Ah...I wonder what goes through that head of your's sometimes, Alakazam?" Melany said to her. "It hardly seems fair that you can read my mind but I can't read your's."

"There is nothing you can do about that except get someone to translate my speech for you." Alakazam thought. "But you know this already."

"Anyway, you should get going already. Tell Latias to buy as much as she can with the money I gave her, I'll leave what she buys up to you." Alakazam nodded and then vanished, using Teleport to leave the room. "Well now that thats done, I should get back to May..." Melany then turned and left the bathroom, managing to do what she had intended without anyone seeing her.

By the time Melany had returned to her seat, May seemed as though she was already going through her third plate of pasta. Even though she had gone for seconds before Melany left, her plate looked like it was filled again.

"Do I dare ask how many helpings you had when I was in there?" Melany asked as she sat back down.

"Like I had that long!" May replied between mouthfuls of pasta.

"I don't know. You DO inhale that stuff like you're a vacuum cleaner. How do you even have time to taste it?"

"Well for your information this is only my third, so there!" May shot back. "Anyway! Are you even going to finish your's?!"

"Of course, I got distracted for some reason afterall." Melany said, then hurriedly took a few mouthfuls of food to try to catch up to May.

"By the way...about that...what DO you look for in a girl?" May asked her.

"Huh?" Melany stopped and narrowed her eyes at her. "May, you're not going to get me with that a second time."

"I'm serious though!" May said furiously. "You...you like me, right? I don't agree with it, but I really want to know! Why me?!"

"Why you? Hrm..." Melany set her fork down and thought for a moment. "She does seem sincere this time though, she's not putting an act on. But...I've never given it much thought. Why DID I start liking May? Or for that matter, when? Hmm..." Melany looked at May for a moment, resting her hand against her chin and continuing to think it over.

"Well...now that I think about it, you're really cute."

May blushed and looked away. "W-well I know that, I don't need you telling me!"

"You have a nice figure, you're energetic, and its even kinda cute the way you used to hit me whenever you got flustered." Melany thought back. "Except that one time, when I saw you nearly topless. Instead you just got eerily calm and I thought for sure you were going to kill me in my sleep instead."

"I think I let that slide because up until then I was thinking you were gay because you only seemed to think of me as a friend." May replied, remembering the moment in particular when they were forced to share a hotel room in Lilycove. "That's right...she showed so little interest as Alex that I actually started to think he was gay. Only he was a she. And is." May scratched the sides of her head. "Why does our relationship have to be so weird?! This is entirely her fault!"

"Though, now that I think about it, I suppose its just how much we've been through together and how much time we've spent with each other." Melany smiled slightly. "Even that time at the hotel brought us closer in a way, didn't it?"

"Huh?" May blinked and looked back at May. "Yeah I guess we...have been through a lot, huh? I mean, we've saved the world how many times now?"

"Once, technically." Melany replied, grinning slightly. "The time in Sootopolis. Against Drake it wasn't the world we saved, just the humans who live here. The world and everything else living in it aside from humans would have been fine."

"The more I think about this the more I realize Melany was just doing what she thought was the right thing, even if her idea of 'right' is a bit skewed and she's too stubborn to admit it." May thought. "I can't really hold a grudge against her for this..."

"Hey, let's just finish what we have left here and leave, ok?" May said to Melany.

"Huh?" Melany blinked and looked at May in confusion. "But...are you really satisfied with just this?" May nodded. "If you say so, but we'll still have to wait for the bill after we're..."

"Your bill, sir." One of the waiters seemingly came out of nowhere and placed it on the table. "I hope you enjoyed your meal."

"Ah...thank you..." Melany replied, taking the bill in her hand and forcing a grin. "You can at least TRY not to look so eager for us to leave!"

"Guess that's it then, let's just finish eating!" May said, then dug into what remained of her pasta. Melany sighed and quickly finished her meal off as well. Melany paid the bill on the way out, which was relatively cheap for the amount of food they had eaten courtesy of the buffet. Once the meal was paid for, they stepped outside and were immediately assaulted by a series of flashing lights.

"What the?!" Melany said in surprise.

"It's so bright!" May quickly shielded her eyes. All around them, they could see people and hear voices.

"It's true! She really was here on a date!"

"Miss Maple! Tell us who the lucky guy is!"

"Sir! Could we get your opinion? What's it like to date a celebrity at such a young age?"

"WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" May shrieked.

"Paparazzi...I had a feeling they'd show up." Melany muttered under her breath. "Seems like they're all using digital cameras too." She slowly reached for a pokeball while the reporters continued to barrage them with questions. "May, get ready to run when I say now..."

"What? What are you doing?"

"Magneton, go!" Melany called out, holding out the pokeball and releasing the trio of magnet pokemon. "Magneton, use your Magnet Pull ability!" Magneton activated its magnets, generating a strong magnetic field that pulled all of the reporters' cameras toward it, forcing them to let go.

"Hey! Give those back!"

"That's stealing!"

"Want them back?" Melany smirked. "Then grab them. Magneton, release!" Magneton shut down its magnets, releasing the cameras. Melany then quickly recalled Magneton. "May! Now!"

May and Melany bolted past the reporters while they were scrambling for their cameras, jumping over the railing to quickly get from the tree platform the Early Swellow was mounted on to the ground below. They kept running and were out of sight, hidden in the trees, by the time the reporters got their cameras back. Even so, they kept going, fleeing into the darkness of the evening.

"Damn it, they got away. But at least we still have pictures." One of the reporters said as he picked up his camera. When he tried to cycle through the pictures he took he discovered, to his horror, that the camera's memory had been erased. "That...that brat erased our pictures!"

"Ok...I think we can stop here..." Melany said, leaning into a nearby tree to catch her breath.

"I can't go any further...I ate too much..." May muttered, plopping straight down onto the ground. "Melany...what was that all about? Why were they after me like I was some kind of celebrity...?"

"Heh...that's because you are." Melany replied, looking back at her with a grin. "Not only are you the regional champion of Hoenn, but you're the youngest in the region's history. You can already buy t-shirts with your face on them."

"Wh-what?!" May said in shock. "Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this?!"

"Well, you haven't been in Hoenn much since you became champion." Melany replied. "Though, come to think of it, I'd be surprised if you weren't popular in Johto too since that's your home region."

"This...this is way too much..." May whined.

"Yeah, I guess she wouldn't be used to this." Melany thought to herself. "I had to deal with them a few times, whenever I was lucky enough to dig something up. I don't like the media though, so I became pretty good at evading them. This might not be the first time she had reporters interviewing her, but its the first time she's had them breathing down her neck."

"Melany...can you get Latias and drop me off home...please?" May asked her, looking up at her pleadingly.

"Huh? Home?" Melany shook her head. "That's the first place they'd look for you."

"I know but...I just really want to go home right now. I want to get this all sorted out and see my parents again."

"Now that I think about it, it's been a while since she's been home too, hasn't it?" Melany thought, then nodded to her. "Ok, I'll take you home. But there's something I want to show you first." Melany nodded. She took May by the hand and helped her back onto her feet, then lead her out into a clearing on route 119.

"Ok. Alakazam? If you can hear me, start now." Melany thought, hoping Alakazam was able to read her mind from where she was.

"Melany...? What was it you wanted to..." May stopped and fell silent as a series of loud bangs drowned out her voice. Straight ahead of her, coming from further south, she could see several bright, colorful explosions lighting up the sky.

"Fireworks...?" May mumbled under her breath.

"Well, you told me to treat this like a date, so I figured I'd try to impress you." Melany said, grinning sheepishly. "What do you think?"

"They're amazing..." May smiled and turned to her. "Thank you, Melany."

"Hey now, you could at least say 'thank you, Alex' since this was part of the date." Melany replied, earning herself a sharp jab in the chest. "Ow! Hey!"

"Idiot. There's no 'Alex' here and there never was." May said to her. "This fireworks display was set up by my close but stupid friend Melany, and that's that!"

"...I can live with that response I guess." Melany replied, smiling. The two of them watched the rest of the display until the final firework was lit off, sending a yellow ball of light streaking into the darkened sky. It exploded into a giant star-shaped figure, then faded away.

"Melany, thank you, really!" May said, smiling brightly. "Somehow this felt like a real date in the end..."

"So you're saying you're satisfied with this then?" Melany asked her. May nodded.

"All that's left is for you to take the girl home." May said to her.

"Right, guess I should make this quick." Melany replied with a nod. "It'll be really late by the time I get back to the island now."

Melany called out mentally to Alakazam, asking her to take Latias and meet up with them. Flying on Latias, Melany took May home, then headed back to Sanctuary Island. As predicted, it was late by the time she got back, so she went straight to bed.

The next day...

"WHAT?! You two are leaving too?!"

"Well you can't expect us to spend every day here." Ashley replied.

"We haven't been home in a while either. And its not like any of us will be gone for good, right?"

Early the next morning, Ashley and Rina had their travel bag and backpack packed and were ready to head out. Rina had Deoxys ready to carry her off, whom she was getting along well with, and Ashley had Zapdos waiting for her.

"Eh...I guess that's true...sorry..." Melany sighed. "Well, have a safe trip you too. I'll see if I can have some pokenavs ready for you by the time you get back."

"Thanks! Don't worry too much about the pokemon, most of them are actually pretty responsible on their own anyway." Rina said, then waved and hopped on Deoxys back and held on tightly. "See you two later!" She called out, then took off with Deoxys.

"See you around, Mel." Ashley waved to her and hopped on Zapdos back.

"Ashley...just one thing before you go."

"Hmm?" Ashley looked back at her curiously.

"I WILL get you back for that."

"Ohhh? Whatever could you be talking about I wonder?" Ashley replied, smiling sweetly. "Ok, Zapdos, let's go already." Zapdos nodded and flapped its wings, taking off into the air and flying across the island until it reached the ocean.

"Heh...oh don't try to play dumb." Melany muttered to herself while she watched Ashley disappear into the distance. "Last night...and the embarassment at the Battle Frontier...someday, somehow, I'll pay you back for both in one fell swoop! Mark my words!"

Author's Notes: And there you have it, the first sidestory chapter. It's been a while since I referred back to some of my Legends in Hoenn chapters this much, but I wanted to make a few references to things May and Melany did together in the past. Especially the time they were in Fortree. Chapter 28 was the main chapter I referred to.

I have some odd ideas for future chapters to come, the first oddball one probably being the next time Melany meets up with May. I plan to cover Ashley and Rina's stories before then, though.

On a side note, Melany might have triggered a 'flag' this chapter.