Hey guys my first Misc. Cartoons fic, it is a fic on Samurai Pizza Cats and this story is also dedicated to the king of pop Michael Jackson, this story is called The Smooth Criminal of Tokyo,


If you see mention of any Michael Jackson songs in this fic, I don't own them Michael does and they're all amazing R.I.P Michael you will always be the King Of Pop

It was a fine sunny day in little Tokyo, and the Samurai Pizza Cats Pizza Parlor was booming as ever, but then he walked in a black and white cat named Jackson, he wore a shirt which

sparkled and his hair all curly. "Hey bud, what's with the sparkles on the shirt, kinda bright?" asked Speedy who was squinting his eyes at the brightness of the shirt, "I see no problem with

it, now can I just have a slice of pepperoni and a diet cola? To stay please" asked Jackson, "No problem buddy just take a seat and I'll be there in a sec" replied Speedy. So Jackson paid for

his meal and was looking for a seat and he couldn't get through the crowd and then Jackson turned his back to the crowd and began sliding his feet forwards but he was moving backwards,

everyone stared in amazement at this manuver and when he sat down he saw everyone looking at him and said; "What, you guys have never seen a moonwalk before?" but the crowd

was hushed and then Speedy brought Jackson his pizza and while he was going back to the counter he tried to moonwalk but fell down, Jackson got a good chuckle out of it and picked

Speedy up, "Hey I'll show you how to do that later alright?" said Jackson to which Speedy agreed. While Jackson was eating he couldn't help but notice behind the counter was Francine

just staring at him with hearts in her eyes [as a symbol for love] so he just flashed her a little smile. "Isn't he sexy?" said Francine to Polly, "I'm sure he's all steak and no sizzle, I mean

look at him, sure he looks sexy but what if he's some kinda sicko or something?" replied Polly but Francine didn't listen as she just stared at him whilst he ate. So Jackson was done with

his food and all so he walked to the door when all of a sudden he was stopped by Francine, "Uhhhhhhh... I didn't happen to catch your name" she said nervously, Jackson smiled and he

said "I'm Jackson, what might your name be?" he asked, "Oh, I'm F-F-Francine!" she yelled out of nervousness. Jackson smiled "That's a cute name" he replied as he could tell Francine

wanted to strike up a conversation, so he invited her to sit with him. "Man why the hell would Francine go ga ga over some skinny cat with a sparkling shirt?" wondered Guido. So Jackson

and Francine started to talk but Francine didn't even utter a word, all she did was stare into Jackson's eyes, she thought they were the prettiest sight in the world. "Uhhhh... Francine, hey

what's the matter cat got your tongue?" Jackson joked, "I'm sorry it's just those eyes, and that voice" she replied, "Yeah I actually sing, I'm going to be at the theater tonight if you and

the others care to come, I'm working on this song about some chick who claimed I fathered her kittens it's called "Billie Jean" replied Jackson. "Oh my I can't wait to see it!" Francine said

excitedly, "Sure it's on the 25th ok?" replied Jackson and Francine couldn't wait.