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Hey everyone! I know your all probably thinking 'why isn't she updating her other stories?' but I have a reason for not updating. My computer. It's going insane and I have to get a new one (YAY!). But because I've done so much on this computer like first discovering fanfics and finding out how great anime is, I've decided to write one last fanfic in celebration of this computer. Currently my obsession is Beauty Pop but this is my first story in this category so sorry if I make some mistakes. Anyway, on with the story!

Drabble 1
Narumi's POV

SHE'S SO NOT CUTE!! How dare she ignore me and call me Naru-Naru?! I am her sempai! Not only that! But I'm also a far more superior hair stylist then her! Mussy-head is really starting to bug me! How come I don't break into hives every time I touch her? Kazuhiko said it's because I love her, as if!

Why does she have to be so damn lazy?! Maybe if she wasn't so lazy and careless then I could accept that's she's better then me but…wait a minute! Did I just think that Mussy-head was more talented then me?! NO! Not possible! I'm a genius! But the way she cuts hair, you can tell that she loves it a lot no matter what she says and she is sort of good. I mean, honestly, only she could make a hair style as odd, puffy and ordinary as a bob cut, so perfect.

Nothing messes it up and it falls so delicately on her face and the color brings out the color of her eyes. Her eyes, they're so big and kinda puppy like. HOLD ON! NO! SHE'S NOT CUTE!!

Well, maybe just a little.