OK! And here's Kiri's POV!

Drabble 2
Kiri's POV

He's so loud! And useless! Doesn't he understand that people need sleep? At least ten hours at night at home and 2 hours at school. Well I won't be getting any sleep here in the S.P. clubroom. Maybe I should go to the library? It should be quiet there.

Ugh! What is he rambling on about now? Knowing Naru-Naru, he's probably yelling at me for sleeping during school, calling him Naru-Naru or saying how much of a better hairstylist he is, maybe all three.

Good, now he's going to practice. At least now he'll be focused on cutting and styling hair instead of yelling at me. It might actually be quiet. I don't know why he get's so angry if anyone is even slightly better then him? I know he wants to be top hair stylist in all of Japan but I think he's taken his jealousy and aggravation a little too far.

He's talented. He doesn't need to prove that. He looks so peaceful yet concentrated right now. Bugging me about trying harder is useless. It makes no impact on me if he's saying it…no, screaming it while I'm annoyed that he interrupted me doing whatever I had been doing at the time. Well, maybe all his ramblings about how I should be less lazy and focus more on improving myself make sense now that I think about it. What has the world come too? Me actually listening to what Naru-Naru has to say.

I still think he's loud but at least he's not useless.

I seriously think that Naru-Naru's POV was a lot better then Kiri's. In fact I really hate Kiri's but no matter how hard I try it always sounds odd or completely OOC. Anyway, I hope it was at least ok.