Warriors Parody

Into The Wild

Authors Note= Ok so I will actually write a parody of Into the Wild chapter by chapter, so when I'm done there might be like, 30 chapters. Just to tell you. Disclaimer= I own warriors, I own Warriors! (Reality sinks in) I don't own Warriors. No copy write intended.


" Oakheart, how dare you hunt on out territory!?" Redtail shouted at Oakheart.

" Because Bluestar is my lover and I'm jealous and too sexy for my shirt!" Oakheart yowled back.

Every cat stares at him.

" I mean, we came to steal back sunning rocks!"

Riverclan cats yowl their agreements.

" Well, you can have Bluestar, but Sunning rocks is Thunderclan's! Thunderclan attack!"

" Riverclan attack!" Realized that they are already fighting, he gives up and watches intently.

" Owwwwwww, LOOK AT MY BLOOD!!!!!!!" Mousefur screamed. She then looks more closely at the ground.

" Oh never mind, that's not my blood."

But then a Riverclan she-cat jumped on her and she disappeared under her body. Tigerclaw pounces on the she-cat, while Mousefur stands up and dusts herself off.

" Mousefur, you broke a nail! Go back to the medicine den now, or you could have a blood clot!" Tigerclaw yelled at her.

She turns around and bounds away, screaming bloody murder.

Tigerclaw continues fighting until Redtail tells him " Tigerclaw, there are too many Riverclan cats, we must retreat!"

" No, Thunderclan will never be beaten, except in the later books maybe."

" Thunderclan honors your nose Tigerclaw, but can't afford to lose any more money. Bluestar doesn't want all her money to be gone!"

Tigerclaw looks at him and nods, but when Redtail turns around Tigerclaw makes funny faces at him.

" Thunderclan, RETREAT! Oh and Tigerclaw I can see you through that mirror over there *Points to random mirror.

" Darn"

Thunderclan camp

Bluestar stared up at the sky. Spottedleaf emerged from the medicine den.

" Bluestar, Mousefur's nail is almost all gone. I gave her poppy seeds for the shock, so see is stable."

" STABLE. That's where I gave birth to my kits with Oakheart, and then pretended that they were stolen when they really grew up with Riverclan. AHHHHHHH"

Runs out of camp. Spottedleaf looks confusedly towards the entrance, shaking her head slowly.

Bluestar runs back into camp.

" Sorry, let's just forget this whole thing. Now you tell me about a new prophecy right?"

" Oh yes. We just have to wait until Starclan give it to us."

~Waits for an hour~

" Any day now." Spottedleaf says.

~In Starclan~

Pinestar- My God, Redtail, for a deputy I thought you were smarter than this.

Redtail- I just now joined Starclan, what do you expect. Now how do I send a prophecy again?

Pinestar- Grab a star, whisper the prophecy in it, then toss it lightly towards the cat you want to receive it. If you toss it hard, the prophecy will get screwed up.

Redtail- Ok, got it.

Whispers- Fire alone will save our clan.

Tosses it a little bit too hard at Spottedleaf.

~Thunderclan Camp~

Something comes flying out of the sky and hits Spottedleaf in the eye.

" Ouch! Oh, what is this, a star? It's the prophecy! Here's what it says:"

Bluestar leans in closer.

" Hey, don't get that close, it's awkward. Anyway it says: A mysterious cat will become a threat?"

Rusty- DARN!!

~ Starclan~

Pinestar- You did it wrong! Her just let me do it.

Whispers- Fire alone will save our clan.

Tosses very lightly to Spottedleaf

~ Thunderclan Camp~

" Oh look, there's another one coming! Let's see what it says!" Spottedleaf reads it to herself.

" Well, do be a wild hog, let me hear it too!" Bluestar whines.

" It says, Fire alone will save our clan"

Rusty- YES!!!!

Author's note- Please tell me what you think of it. Should I continue?