Chapter 6

~Two moons later~

Today was the day Firepaw would begin his solo hunting task (oh great). Even though all he had to do was bring the clan back as much prey as he could, this is a parody, therefore hilarity must be enforced. So anyway Firepaw is already out in the woods, chasing a mouse through the bracken.

Firepaw- Now I must pause and reflect. *pauses and reflects* Oh ya this is where I first met Graypaw! And *Sobness* the talking tree. Talking tree? Are you still there?

Silence. Only the sound of the wind.

Graypaw was near. He was hiding in a pile of Death berries (Dumbass) stalking Firepaw, waiting for a good moment to attack. But then he heard him talking about a "talking tree". A plan formed in his mind.

Graypaw- It is I, the talking tree. What do you want today, my good sir.

Firepaw- Oh my Goth! Its actually you! I found you! You don't hate me! Where are you?

Graypaw- Uh, that shall remain unknown.

Firepaw- Oh look! A Death berry! They told me not to eat them but I am a rebel. *eats death berry*

Graypaw- T'was a shame.

~Back at camp~

Runningwind- Okay everybody!!! The new bar is done being built!

Wait, a bar????!!!!

Its Warriors, for gods sake. Warriors don't drink alcohol. Do they?

The cats rush over to where Runningwind was. He was behind the counter cleaning glasses.

Spottedleaf- Frozen Margarita please!

Runningwind- Oh, I'm sorry. Read the sign. *points to sign*

~Cats who are prohibited from drinking~

Medicine cats







Pretty much everybody else

Longtail- Aww, come' on! This isn't fair!

Bluestar- Sorry guys.

Whitestorm- Then whose allowed to drink?

Bluestar- That man right over there * points to KOOL-AID MAN!!!!*

Kool aid man- Oh ya.

The cats moan and walk away.

Willowpelt walked up to him.

Willowpelt- So, how are we supposed to do this?

Kool aid man- *looks worried* Do what?

Willowpelt- You know……..*starts moving paw "down there" *

Kool aid man- OH NO!

He runs out of the camp.

Willowpelt- DAMMIT! So close

~Longtail and Runningwind~

Longtail- Why is my book sitting on top of your hat?

Runningwind- Its my new hat-weight

Longtail-There's no wind in here!

He takes his book from the hat and starts to read.

The hat blows away in the wind.

Runningwind- You sir, owe me one new hat.

~Bluestar's den~

A card flies into her den. It was from Redtail!!! It said:

Dear Bluestar,

Pardon me for taking so long to reply. But burn in hell.



p.s. Remember your kit that died? Well she (he) says HI!

Bluestar- T'was a shame.

~back to Firepaw and "the talking tree"~

Firepaw- Hey, I'm not dead yet! OMG!!!! BACON

Graypaw- I fckd ur gf