AU COE Gwen goes to the 456 with Jack instead of Ianto, what will happen?

Jack and Gwen walked into the building with their guns.

"Captian Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Torchwood."

They walked up the stairs and to the 456.

They both stood in front of it trying ti keep themselves calm.

"Who are you?" asked the 456.

"Captain Jack Harkness." said Jack.


"Gwen Cooper." replied Gwen.

"We're here to stop you taking our children." said Jack.

"We need them."

"What for?"

"We need them."

"Look ten percent of the children is a huge number, a number that can't be collected unless everyone knows!"

"You've yielded in the past. Yes?"

"Yes but the numbers weren't as big. It could be done in secret but now... that can't be done!"

"You will yeild again!"


"You will yield again!"

"If you don't stop this now, you'll have millions of angry people that will go to war!"

"Than we will go to war!"

"Do you really think you can win?"


Jack was stuck for words so Gwen decided to say something."There are six billion people on this planet that would do anything to protect the children of Earth!"

"But they would be wasting their life!"

Jack shouted."This is a war you won't win!"

"Then i demonstrate what we can do!"

Alarms started going off and doors started shutting down.

Jack was fuming."What have you done?"

"A virus has been spread throughout the building, everyone who breaths it dies!"

Jack ran out the room and told the guards to get gas masks and shut down the air vents whilst gwen got out her gun.

"If there's a virus, there's got to be an anti-virus."

Jack came in and got out his gun as well.

"Everyone will die!" said the 456.

Jack held Gwen." I can't die but you can, you need to get out."

Gwen looked into his eyes."It's too late Jack."

Gwen fell doen but Jack caught her."No! Gwen! Stop it, stop the virus please!"

"You will die!"

Jack slowly slid to the floor holding Gwen.

"Stay with me Gwen!"

Gwen slowly closed her eyes but Jack shook her waking her up again.

"Don't leave me Gwen!"

Gwen let out a sob."I can't stop it!"

"Fight it Gwen please!"

"Jack... tell Rhys i love him."

Jack held back the hurt he felt."I will."

"But don't tell him that i love you!"

Jack smiled,tears pouring down his cheeks." I love you too."

"Luck after Ianto for me."

"I will."

"Will you remember me?"

"Forever! I promise!"

Gwen smiled and slid into darkness.

"Gwen?" whispered Jack lowering his face to kiss her." I love you."

Jack fell down and was plunged into darkness hoping he would never come back but knowing he always will.