Authors note is a life or death situation for this story please read at bottom!

"I came here, to share some exciting news with you do you want to find out or should I just leave?" he questioned getting huffy now.

"Who's definition of exciting, yours or ours?" I asked.

"Both if you must know Max." He looked a little smug, not good.

"Ha, that is most certainly impossible." I snorted.

"We shall soon see." Jeb commented turning round and leaving the room for a moment before returning.

"I do believe you five are short one flock member if I am correct?" Jeb looked around at all of us, taking his time lingering on me.

"Why do you care?" I spat, seeing red.

"I do care Max, a lot, that is why I have given him back to you." Jeb smiled at me.

"Given him back to me! You took him away from me in the first place, and as much as I love Fang it's as if he's dead anyway, he isn't the same person I grew up with, for god's sake he can't even remember me!" I exploded angrily. I was extremely happy that Fang was alive but to me, it was as if he was still dead, I would never get to spend time with him like I used to or understand him either (Not that I ever could understand him, even on the best of days but I did pretty well with guessing.). This Fang wasn't my Fang; my Fang was gone and wasn't coming back.

"Glad you think so highly of me Max." Came a gruff voice from behind Jeb, I hadn't even realised the other two people that entered the room while I was venting out my anger on Jeb.
"Fang!" Nudge gasped happily.

"What are you doing here, you're supposed to be angry at us, Max said you were and Max wouldn't lie about something like that I mean we moved because she said it would be better for you but then we got caught and brought here and I haven't eaten proper food in who knows how long, the food here sucks, you really should get a proper cook Jeb, I don't know how you can eat this stuff, When we went to France the food was soo good! And Total loved it there, I still can't believe you could let the dogs eat in restaurants, do you think they would let you bring any pet? It would be really funny to walk in with a fish bowl or a monkey, but if it was a small cute monkey that would be totally different, they're just so fuzzy and tiny, like lady bugs, lady bugs are cute too, with their little black spots-" Nudge rambled and all I had to do was growl and she shut her mouth. "Sorry Max." She mumbled.

I turned my attention to Fang who was still staring at me. "What are you doing here?" I hissed, glaring at him.

"I honestly didn't know a few hours ago, turns out Jeb here decided my memory was worth restoring." Fang whispered. His eyes were overflowing with emotion, happiness, regret, sorrow and some other emotion I never was able to place.

"Y-You remember me?" I stuttered. He nodded slowly. "When we were ten what did you get me for my birthday?" I questioned.

"A Fang pendant, I engraved your name on the front and mine on the back." He answered smiling slightly.

"Let me out, now." I ordered Jeb and surprisingly he obliged, opening the cage. I was out of there in a flash and in Fang's arms in a matter of seconds, did I ever mention, super speed effects me when I aint flying? I hugged him close my arms locked around him neck as his wound around my waist, lifting me off the ground. Stupid taller bird-boy.

"I missed you." I couldn't believe it, I was crying, again. Well there goes my vow. My voice was thick and tears streamed down my face, onto Fang's black shirt, soaking it in a matter of minutes. I was mumbling random things not even I could understand, just so happy I had him back, for real.

"Sssh." He soothed stroking my dirty hair, resting his chin on my shoulder. "It's ok Max, it's ok." He whispered to me only causing more tears to flow. Of coarse it was ok! I had my best friend back and he actually remembered me!

I pulled back suddenly, a realisation hitting.


"One small problem though Max, I don't have wings."

"What?" I couldn't form a sentence in my head so I just sat there with my mouth hanging open.

*End Flashback*

"Y-You're w-wings." I sniffed rubbing my tears out of my eyes.

"Turns out I always had them." He murmured. The confusion on my face made him smirk. He pulled off his shirt and turned around. His back was bare. My brow furrowed as I touched his shoulder blades where his beautiful black wings used to be. I gasped as his olive skin began to darken where my fingers were slowly the grey turned to black. His skin rose under my fingers and I stared in amazement as his wings grew out of his back, the same colour they had been the last time I had seen them, slightly purple in the light and even bigger than they had been, touching either wall of the 18 foot room.

I stood there speechless, not even noticing the flock behind me mouth agape and eyes wide.

"Awsome!" Gazzy broke the silence fisting the air with a grin plastered on his twelve year old face. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Then they surrounded Fang, wings still spread.

After ten minutes they finally dispersed, allowing me enough room to get to Fang.

"I always loved your wings." I murmured against his chest as he hugged me again.

"Not as much as I loved to watch you fly." He whispered back. I sighed contently, my life was back to normal, I had my best friend back, the kids were getting good grades, and Gazzy and Iggy hadn't blown anything up recently.

"I am sorry to disturb the two of you but I have a proposition to make. I turned so I could look at Jeb, not letting go of Fang.

"What?" I asked, too happy right now to be angry at the idiot that did this in the first place.

"I need you to save the world."

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