A/N: I do not own Bleach and make no money/profit from it.


Quantum Mechanics is a compilation of one-shots brought about by my previous one-shot called Qualifying Exam. That fic found its genesis from the fantabulous story Match Me by x nihilo in which Isane and Kurotsuchi were paired together on a date. Due to the wonderful reviews from x nihilo, SevenSamCham, Renji's Girl, and Konoha's Story Teller I have decided to throw together some drabbles regarding my take on the pairing.

Oh, let's hope that the cajones I am borrowing right now the true owner doesn't want them back anytime soon...

As a note on rating: some but not all will be around the T+ rating (even though the rating is posted as M). I usually rate things M just in case, but be warned now that I love to write lemons. Though that probably shouldn't be in the very near future with this couple. But when the time comes? Check your coats and hats at the doorway, and hold onto your purses... That pair just screams smex.

Happy trails.