Chapter two re-done! Now less crappy and better!
I personally like the beginning.

Chapter Two: Expected to Expect the Unexpected


Doctor Elizabeth Weir knew to expect the unexpected.

After all, she was living on the formally lost city of Atlantis in another galaxy, billions of light years from earth.

And that was just the start of it.

But, sitting in her office with Sheppard, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon and a eleven inch tall Beckett all bickering with one another was something she never expected to unexpected.

"It's not my fault-"

"Shut up Rodney!"

"You are all honestly angering me right now."

"You were the only one with the ATA gene closest to whatever the bloody hell that thing was at the time!""I agree with Barbie.""Don't call me that-""EVERYBODY QUIET!"

The three human and two aliens stopped and stared at the obviously frustrated Elizabeth.

She stood behind her desk with fists clutched in frustration, an odd act for her. Her eyes were now dark and terrifying.

The five immediately straitened up in their spots. Ronon and Sheppard leaning against the doorway, Rodney and Teyla sitting in two chairs and Beckett on the armrest of Teyla's chair.

The expedition head sat back down in her seat, looking less tense and annoyed.

"Now," She started, keeping her voice as calm as possible. "I just asks if you could all explain to me what happened when you were off-world. So can we try this again?"

The five nodded.

"Okay then, and no fighting this time."

"Or I'll leave you all on a Wraith hive ship."

She kept that last thought to herself.